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    Using a Credit Card or Paypal to pay for TESLA Solar

    We passed the city inspection on Wednesday of last week, and the Invoice was there the following morning. It was pretty fast. Have not yet received PTO. As I understand it, you must pay your invoice before they ask for PTO. But I have not yet received PTO. Tesla agent said it's coming, but...
  2. seenhear

    Using a Credit Card or Paypal to pay for TESLA Solar

    Just thought I'd add my experience here for the group: I ordered a 8.16kW system, with 2x powerwalls, on 2SEP2020. I live in the SF bay area in CA. My final invoice was delivered last night. I logged on and found the ACH-only (plaid - ironic) option only. I emailed my solar adviser asking if I...
  3. seenhear

    Battery Upgrade Possible?

    Well, a new X would not only have a better battery, better range, etc., but also the new MCU, and AutoPilot Hardware3, which is way, WAY better than the gen1 AP in your 2016 X. You could also get almost all of that with a used or inventory late 2019 model, and a much lower price.
  4. seenhear

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    Who are "they" in this instance, these "other manufacturers" who are way more conservative with their battery estimates, placing software limits on range and charging speed preemptively to make the battery last longer? Just Porsche? You couldn't be referring to Nissan, that's for sure! LOL...
  5. seenhear

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    I keep seeing people mention stuff like this range/degradation check. Is there a wiki or primer or something on how to DIY these battery tests?
  6. seenhear

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    So, I'm curious, if you were given a new battery right now, knowing what you now know about SC limitations and battery life limitations, would you be happy with that? If so, why is a new Tesla not an option for you? If not, then I think probably EVs are out altogether, right? I mean, isn't...
  7. seenhear

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Look, yes it sucks, I'm one of the MS owners that don't get Theater mode. But hey - consider the plight of the person who bought a snazzy new, nose-refreshed Model S in September of 2016... stuck with AP1. No Summon, let alone smart summon No nav on autopilot No auto lane change (signal...
  8. seenhear

    Caraoke Not Working

    If you have an older MX you probably will not get Theater. MS and MX with MCU1 won't get it. I'm in that boat with my 2017 MS75. :( But I also have not seen Caraoke in the update on my car so I'm also wondering about that. Can anyone confirm Caraoke in an MCU1 model S or X?
  9. seenhear

    Extended Service Agreement No longer charging $500 more?

    I'd jump on that. Seems like an error. Mine still says $4750 for the 4 yr extension, which I'm really close to buying (car purchased in Oct2017 is at 40,000mi).
  10. seenhear

    Forum For Supercharging?

    I don't see a forum that's appropriate to post topics about supercharging, which is a topic common to all tesla vehicles, not just one vehicle type. Maybe we could have a forum for questions that are common to all vehicles (not just supercharging?) Then again, there's a forum for autopilot...
  11. seenhear

    Supercharger Kw speed

    Highest rate I've ever seen: 99kW & 334mi/hr, just now. Rate dropped a tad just before I snapped this image. I have a late 2017 s75, with 36.3kmi on the odometer.
  12. seenhear

    Upgrading to a larger capacity battery, is it possible?

    I wonder if those 75kwh software limited to 60kwh batteries show artificially less degression than a "real" 60kwh battery would, since any decrease in range could be hidden in the untapped capacity of the battery? I mean you could charge to 100% every time and Be really only charging it to 80%.
  13. seenhear

    Used 2017 Model X with Free Super Charging for Life, AP2, 7 Seater

    Not sure what you mean. You have a double negative in your statement which contradicts what the image you posted shows. Regardless, unlimited super charging is not transferable any more, and looks like your car is the same.
  14. seenhear

    Good body shops in So SF bay area?

    One more thing, which Pan American did you go to?
  15. seenhear

    Good body shops in So SF bay area?

    BTW, was your 'Vette at the Mt. View street fair Thursday night? There was a Corvette rally of sorts and one that looked a lot like yours was there.

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