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Recent content by sethinGR

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    Heated steering wheel on app?

    Like others, my android app lost the steering wheel icon around a month ago, but it came back right around Xmas, Android app version 4.4.2 has it.
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    How’s my strategy for pushing order to 2022

    I'm not so sure it is dead. Democrats really want to pass something, so it depends on if Manchin can propose some alternative that the rest of the Democrats will decide is better than nothing and that something has the EV credits in it still. I think it is still possible (and I took delivery in...
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    Heated steering wheel on app?

    Same for me, on android, just upgraded to 4.3 and lost the steering wheel heat control. Not using any widgets.
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    Phantom Braking - Has it gotten better?

    I got me M3P a few months ago, and have had a few odd phantom braking events here and there but Saturday i drove from MI to OH, and part of the way was on a two lane stretch of rural road that was 55mph. Traffic was light in my direction (no one behind me) but in the other direction was frequent...
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    Poll - Are you waiting for the infrastructure bill before ordering?

    I would love for some retroactivity, but I doubt that will happen. The idea behind the credit is to incentivize new buyers, so why give a carrot to people who proved they don't need it?
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    Ordered BLE TPMS, delivered by Mobile Service, I think I am missing some parts.

    i called the local service center and got to the parts department. I talked to the rep and ordered the sensors. He offered to have Mobile Service bring them to me, and I said sure.
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    Ordered BLE TPMS, delivered by Mobile Service, I think I am missing some parts.

    thanks, I'll call tomorrow see if I can figure what happened to the sleeves / nuts.
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    Ordered BLE TPMS, delivered by Mobile Service, I think I am missing some parts.

    the Tesla Mobile Service guy came by yesterday and handed me 4 TPMS sensors, not in any boxes or with any packaging or instructions, just "hold out your hand and here you go" Pic of sensors. I think I am missing some mounting hardware, the nut and washers / gaskets that thread onto the valve...
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    I put the Juicebox on the ceiling

    I decided to mount the Enelx Juicebox 48 I put up a few weeks ago on the ceiling to give some flexibility to where I actually need to have the charging cable.This way I figure if I change cars or parking spots I can just move the cable rather than doing a bunch of re-wiring. Not the prettiest...
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    "Loading Error" while streaming music

    i've been getting this periodically with Spotify. Listen to a podcast then try to play an album and "Loading Error." it will play another podcast episode, but not music. Rebooting the UI seems to be the only fix, or switch to streaming from my phone instead.
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    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    yep. The OP has a some valid points with some of the UI gripes, but the operation of the charge port with an adapter is fine. I push the button on the J1772, the port unlocks, and then I "un-push" the button to lock the the adapter and J1772 together and at the same time pull them out of the...
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    Wall Connector - max run for 6/2 Romex on 50A breaker

    I finally got my back-ordered since May JuiceBox 48A, and hooked it up and configured it and lo-and-behold I can set it to 44A. I set it that way on the Device Configuration screen, so I think it is as permanent as it can be for a piece of electronics. I will drop a message here if for some...
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    1st Track Day. Strategy for no Supercharger closeby, and track has L2s.

    Nice driving! I suspect having better tires leads to better braking and that means you can be on the throttle longer and have less time to regen, and getting through turns faster means less time off the throttle, so the percentage of time per lap you were hard on the throttle vs me with my 2:xx...
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    1st Track Day. Strategy for no Supercharger closeby, and track has L2s.

    I was surprised too. But again, I was stuck in a lot of slow traffic. My closest to clean lap was 1:58, the C8 I rode along with who wasn't running perfect lines was doing 1:48, but most of my times were like 2:15-2:2:20 due to traffic or wet track. It had been a long time since the STi, I got...
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    1st Track Day. Strategy for no Supercharger closeby, and track has L2s.

    Sorry, just the Performance increase over the LR. I debated a lot over LR + accel boost + BBK vs. Performance and the idea of "track mode" was a factor in getting the P rather than LR + some reverse-engineered 3rd party software that can give more control over the car.

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