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    How are you liking update 2021.44.25.2?

    Voice command: “1 strip of bacon” will put on low and “2 strips of bacon” for medium.
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    Question about stereo system in Model Y

    Not an F1 fan, but would love to hear this experience. Do you have a good link to share? Not sure what YT video would be most authentic. Thanks!
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    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    Or what about how Tesla did it in Canada. Make the car cheap enough to qualify for rebate and limit the battery capacity. Make it a software unlock you have to pay for after purchase to open up full battery capacity. Net-net the price stays the same for Tesla and the consumer, but now the...
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    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    If you really want to get detailed, don’t forget about the increase in order fee from $100 to $250. And the removal of 11 months of free premium connectivity ($9.99 + tax per month). With your 6% tax, that’s another $275.48. Total of $8,755.48 in savings!
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    Price Increase

    In addition to the general MSPR price increases, Tesla seems to be slowly increasing peripheral costs. Order Cost increased from $100 to $250 Changed from 1 year free Premium Connectivity to 30 days. So basically increase in price of $110 + tax for the same product. Also looks like Tesla is...
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    R.I.P. Tesla Referral Program

    Looks like Tesla is still honoring people who submitted a referral code prior to the program expiring. I just received another 1,000 miles from someone who had their car delivered on Oct. 9th. I still have 1 more outstanding referral; I hope he doesn't change his mind and still wants his Tesla!
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    How to maximize delivery hold?

    If you want to continue your hold you should probably contact your SA to extend. On Nov. 1st your hold will be lifted and the VIN matching process will begin. I did click the I’m ready button early but this is what my SA told me. Said I didn’t need to do anything and my profile would begin...
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    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    For Pennsylvania the total price had to be less than $50,000 to qualify. And that included Destination, Doc, and Order Fees along with the options. So basically the total car price. So even when the MY was base $49,990 when I ordered, it was already over the PA min.
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    Full screen gaming

    I'll bite. I have an xbox controller that I use to play the Tesla games. However, I am unaware of how to play other games.
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    Will I get the car into my garage?

    I used summon (not smart summon) to move the car in and out of my garage and it still turned the wheels to ensure it went in straight without hitting anything. Pretty cool. And made it easy when I just didn’t feel like lining it up after having stopped to take out my daughter. She liked to watch...
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    Will I get the car into my garage?

    I will give you my experience as I thought I had a tight garage too. First off, I had the Tesla Sales Advisor drive a MY to my house before I placed an order and did a garage test fit. Fit no problem, but was tight. I just measured my garage opening and converted from in to cm to help you...
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    R.I.P. Tesla Referral Program

    At least Tesla admitted fault by agreeing to settle and pay each of those owners $625. Hopefully Tesla learned their lesson and will communicate better in the future, because I'm sure a 2nd time will be costlier.
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    R.I.P. Tesla Referral Program

    Don’t expect 2,000 anyway. It has been confirmed a while ago they don’t let you double dip with your own code. They would only give 1,000. Not sure with the program ending if you may still possibly get the 1,000 though.
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    Pictures of all of your MY accessories while waiting for delivery

    I keep a Tesla card in my wallet, but I keep the card holder in my glovebox. Used it for the shop that did my tint and I know for a wedding coming up it will hopefully help the valet. Unless of course there are multiple Model Ys there.
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    Pictures of all of your MY accessories while waiting for delivery

    I've used the soft cooler now for two 13 hour each way summer road trips (so 4 legs). It fits 2 Hello Fresh ice packs in it nicely and they still were partially frozen after 13 hours. However, I read that the frunk gets really hot so we opted to just put the cooler in the trunk. We had plenty...

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