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    OTA updates nothing to get excited about, sb a purchase deterrent…

    Agreed. Since I got my car among a long list of things: 1. Voice command button removed from the screen so, as a passenger, I have to ask permission to use this feature to open the glove box. Or risk a divorce by hitting the button on the steering wheel myself. (Note: in a divorce, he can...
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    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    Good to know. I'm lucky my area FM dial is crammed with stations (it is hard to find any spot for our Chromecast FM transmitter to broadcast at.) So the unwanted stations were broadcasting, weakly or in 2 cases, strongly, local stations.
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    Atlantic Canada Superchargers

    Thank you for the thought.
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    Atlantic Canada Superchargers

    1. Its 220km from my Halifax location to Antigonish, so I need ~7 hours of charging at L2. Are you suggesting parking my car at the Arena, leaving it there overnight and walking back to the hotel? It's only 1.2km so doable but inconvenient and I don't know if I can park overnight on municipal...
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    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    On a road trip in June I added the local radio stations with news/weather/traffic to the favourites. Then promptly forgot how I did it and with the poor radio station changing UI I was suffering from a long list of stations to cycle through when trying to switch between my two local...
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    Atlantic Canada Superchargers

    Exciting news about the New Minus charger! Unfortunately, I need Westville!!! My drive, in a MY, will be Halifax to Antigonish, overnight in order to charge to 100%, to Charlos Cove (100km), L1 charge overnight, then the 310km back to Aulac (taking secondary roads, which TBH, I'm looking...
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    Phone Voice Commands

    Yeah, I created a separate entry for my husband called "my love" which is just his mobile number. When he calls me it says ICE because he's one of my ICE contacts, along with my son (who also appears as ICE when he calls so I never know who to expect when I pick up the phone or the listen to the...
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    Front Passenger Air Vent - Can you turn it off?

    Thanks for sharing the link. It is an elegant after-market solution. My solution is still a blanket that I keep under the armrest in the back seat, but this works too!
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    Advice for new FSD Beta drivers?

    F. My husband is a one-handed driver (he's also why our safety score was not the 99 I was achieving.) I won't have to worry about missing the screen telling me to adjust the wheel. He'll get us booted out of the program before I get even one strike for that.
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    FSD Beta Experience - Be Careful What You Wish For

    MY owner here, just got FSDb last night. Haven't driven with it (was co-pilot hitting the camera button to report issues multiple times over a 2KM drive.) Will probably be dumped out of the program fairly quickly based on my AP experience. I drive with my hands in 9&3 and eyes on the road when...
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    Advice for new FSD Beta drivers?

    Thanks for that. I've only done 2km with FSD. I was the passenger so it was my job to hit the camera icon, which I did, FOUR TIMES. Interesting unprotected left turns, a T-intersection with lights that the car was to turn left at but, at the red light kept switching between left and right turn...
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    Refreshed S Trip Odometer Reset

    Thankfully this was the top Google reply when I did my search with my husband on the other end of the phone line! You are not alone!
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    S3XY buttons at Abstract Ocean

    As the passenger, the ability to access Voice Command (which is indicated in their latest ad) helps offset a whole lot of the V11 crap. But it also has the option to mute the speakers, something the passenger doesn't have as one or even 2 touches on the screen. So immediately there are two...
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    Front License Plate for Model Y

    Got my car in September 2020. Plate fell off today. Thankfully I was visiting someone and they looked out the window and said, "Your license plate is falling off". When I left, I put my hand on it to see if was just askew and it came off in my hand, which, since it is a custom plate, is better...
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    V11 model Y - how to do display the odometer ?

    Why in the world do you need that information? It isn't as if you are driving an EV that's range is affected by terrain, wind, heavy rain, deep snow, or cold. Or speed. Or the amount of heat I'm attempting to pump into the cabin. My Model Y has 505 km of range all the time. It must or else...

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