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    Tesla Wall Charger vs Charge Point vs Juice Box

    The wage/apprenticeship requirement may effectively prevent most consumers from claiming this credit. How many electricians installing residential NEMA 14-50 plugs or EVSEs would provide suitable proof of meeting this requirement?
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    Tesla Wall Charger vs Charge Point vs Juice Box

    That would be great news if true.
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    Tesla Wall Charger vs Charge Point vs Juice Box

    The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit (form 8911) is not applicable to equipment installed after 12/31/2021.
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    2018-2020 vs 2022 Wireless charging pad

    Tesla introduced the "new" console to the Model Y in early 2021. Ys made prior to that date had the earlier version of the center console with a flip-up wireless phone charging pad, and two USB ports at the front.
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    He's 51 years old - that change may already be relatively far along. The Tesla software team is probably much younger but I wonder how many of them own/drive Tesla vehicles.
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    CCS1 Adapter

    I'm in Utah. I believe the next-closest SC is 350 miles away in Boise. That's an easy "nah... I'll wait a bit longer" decision. Even a CCS-enabled ECU and some beer leaves it a hard sell! For those with multiple SCs near(ish)by, definitely 'shop around' if needed.
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    CCS1 Adapter

    I tried this with a service request via the Tesla app. The local service center (I think) called me later to state that they can't do it. They even claimed that a new firmware update is needed to enable the adapter - and that the update isn't available yet. I believe that's incorrect.
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    The last few updates do appear to pause or be delayed at the 50% point. But all have resumed and completed the download within an hour or so iirc. Progress bars do have a tendency to be woefully inaccurate - so I wouldn't be surprised to find that "50%" isn't 50%. Or that "50%" is the point...
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    I opened another Tesla by mistake!

    Just a quick note... unfolded side mirrors doesn't necessarily indicate an unlocked vehicle. There is a setting to disable the auto-folding. I think it's intended to be used during cold winters when the mechanism might freeze up - but the setting can be enabled at any time.
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    Update 2022.20.x — Tesla Release Notes

    In the USA it does. And has done so for quite a while - about 2 years iirc. But I believe this is new to the UK and some other areas.
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    Anyone hearing "SEGA" when the car boots up?

    This actually isn't the first time I've seen this very question. But I don't remember where I saw the prior discussions and can't find any links to them. IIRC there was a guess that it might happen because the owner had played Sonic recently (prior to the reboot), and the system remembered...
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    Battery Charging Conflict - Owners Manual vs. Service Tech

    This could also be luck 'o the draw - one battery manufactured with slightly better components than the other. All batteries are not made equal. And the sample size is too small to assume anything from the results.
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    Best Model Y Cup Holder Accessory?

    I've used a spring-loaded insert and also a silicone insert. The latter is a much better solution for my usage. It might lead to fit issues with some large cups or bottles - but I haven't encountered that. Less shaking of the cups/bottles in the holder; also a bit less noise. Easy to clean...
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    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    They stated a few months back that they'll add support for Bluetooth game controllers. But haven't stated when. It might be another month or two. Or might be another year or two.
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    Fix for rear seat belt buckles rattling against the side of the car

    Yes - that's where I've had buckle rattle in my 2021 MYLR. I'm usually alone in the vehicle. I've considered leaving the passenger-side belt buckled up when not in use. But don't know if that might lead to some loosening/detensioning of the belt over time.

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