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    Really bugs the hell out me when I'm travelling down the Pacific Motorway at 110km/h and it does that. I've found coming south on the bridge at taree is where it always brakes. I end up turning off cruise control
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    Real life range figures?

    When you get the CCS2 upgrade do a local check on NRMA chargers before you head off. When mine was installed I could charge at Chargefox 350kW (and subsequently evie 350kW) but I kept getting errors when attempting to charge on the NRMA network. Took it back to Tesla service who said it was all...
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    Real life range figures?

    I find on road trips the % remaining is pretty accurate when I put the destination in nav. Almost always I get 1-2% higher battery remaining than what was estimated. In my S 100D I usually get around 500km from a full charge when driving at 100-110km/h I agree on the non-Tesla chargers. Use the...
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    Powerwall 2 Install by ******* - Not happy!

    That is correct as you have a 3-phase inverter. The 3-phase inverter needs to "see" the grid (or a source like the PW2) on each phase in order to operate. In a blackout it only sees one phase (the PW2). With a single phase inverter connected to a PW2 during a blackout the inverter is "seeing"...
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    Powerwall 2 Install by ******* - Not happy!

    Definitely a CT clamp issue...easy fix. Hope someone gets out to fix very soon
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    Powerwall 2 Install by ******* - Not happy!

    Sounds to me like they haven't installed the CT clamps correctly. Readings will be really weird if they aren't connected correctly (they need to be on the correct wire, orientated correctly and then configured correctly in the tesla installation app). I had this happen years ago when my PW2 was...
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    Time for a new Model S

    What sort of highway range are you getting out of your raven? My 2018 S 100D gets about 500km, so I'm interested to know just how much extra I could get if I pulled the trigger on a raven. 500 works, but an extra 100 would be even better
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    Front Suspension

    I've had this since I got my S 100D in aug 2018. They have replaced the front struts 3 times. Noise goes away for a while and then comes back. There is a topic in the main S thread. I've resigned myself to this never being fixed properly and the doink doink doink noise over bumps at low speed...
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    cruise control unavailable

    Check that all your cameras and sensors are clean. I've found in the past that when the car is dirty, or a camera or multiple sensors have insect remains on them I get the warning that autopilot is disabled. As soon as I go around and wipe all the cameras and sensors with a damp cloth it works...
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    NRMA Nabiac Charger

    Thanks, I'll follow up with Tesla as there must be some issue with mine
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    CCS charge on Model S with the adapter

    I know I'm from the other side of the world, but I'm experiencing the same issue on 50kW chargers. I too have a 2018 model S retrofitted for CCS2. Works fine on 350kW CCS2 chargers (and CCS2 on Tesla SC), but when I plug it into 50kW CCS2 chargers it starts to charge then 2 seconds later throws...
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    CCS2 for M3, adaptor for X and S

    Does your CCS2 conversion work fine on NRMA's chargers?
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    NRMA Nabiac Charger

    Update: taken a while for to get around to it, but I went over to the zetland (east village) chargefox chargers and tried charging using my model S CCS2 adaptor. The 350kW chargefox charger worked fine, but the 50kW charger (which is the same as the NRMA Nabiac one) started charging but then...
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    I'm not a violent person, but when I see acts like that I just want to pick up a baseball bat. Hopefully she will be recognised and charged
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    Powerwall Gateway

    My understanding is this won't work, as the PW2s would need to be talking to each other such that each phase is 120 degrees apart (required for appliances that use 3-phase power like ducted AC, which will be damaged if the phases aren't corrected synced). AFAIK this isn't possible with PW2s yet...

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