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  1. smjones

    Does your locked in price change if you change from cash to finance after VIN assignment?

    I originally selected "cash" when I placed my order in July 2021. In November, after getting a VIN, I realized I wanted to finance with Digital Credit Union for the ~1.49% APR. Switched to that, no issues at all from Tesla. This process did require that I always call DCU to get them to confirm...
  2. smjones

    Is Elon going the way of the VW Beetle and Porsche 911?

    Nice! I've got a '95 Porsche 968 coupe and '70 914-6 (with a 3.0L SC motor) here. The MSLR is intended for commute, cargo, and all other mundane duties; the others just for fun. "Horses for courses," as they say... Seen this thread? The OP says they never took their Pcars to the track, but...
  3. smjones

    21 model S heater noise

    Reminds me of a fan with a noisy/loose bearing. Is the Octovalve such advanced alien technology that they no longer need something so crude as a fan? Elsewise, may need to upgrade that Sunon to a Noctua... [j/k]
  4. smjones

    2022 (NF VINs) build quality discussion

    I pulled mine up and saw the stand-offs, but I was trying to shuffle cars around and didn't take a picture. Maybe tomorrow. I reckon if we get measurements off one, we can find a shorter replacement on the 'Net somewhere between Ali Express and McMaster-Carr.
  5. smjones

    Caraoke No Show

    I wonder which will happen first? My colleagues from Japan are able to travel again Caraoke is released for the 2021.5+ Model S 🤔
  6. smjones

    Model S refresh mud flaps

    Got the news here first, just ordered a pair. Seems odd that they only released fronts and not rears...
  7. smjones

    2022 (NF VINs) build quality discussion

    Oh - I mentioned the underspray to the SA when I picked up my car. Again, very nice, but he basically said that if it's out of sight from outside the car, and the undercoat is intact, they won't do anything about it. TBH I didn't expect them to - they'd have to remove the door, hinges, etc to...
  8. smjones

    2022 (NF VINs) build quality discussion

    Picked the car up yesterday, ~15 minutes before closing as they notified me it was ready a day early and I didn't want to leave it there another night. Everybody I talked to was very nice, courteous, etc. No complaints on that front. I can confirm that they did open the frunk, because I...
  9. smjones

    Wiki Mega-consolidated delivery quality issues thread and checklist

    I saw those reports, that's why I waited for two software updates, wheel-rebooted the car, etc. But no joy - the control is there, it just makes no difference at all in the sound. All the other EQ sliders do. I read one report where the SC took everything apart and then it started working, the...
  10. smjones

    2022 (NF VINs) build quality discussion

    When I dropped it off today, the SA mentioned that they "have no standard for that" but they'd look into it. 🤷‍♂️ It isn't so bad as to keep the hood from closing or anything, and I could live with it as is, but it's disappointing to feel interior trim when you run your fingers over the outside...
  11. smjones

    Wiki Mega-consolidated delivery quality issues thread and checklist

    Thanks to everybody who helped put together the checklist, I used it when I picked up my car and it certainly helped me stay focused despite the overwhelming "gee whiz" factor. May I suggest that in Section C item 6 a reference to checking the subwoofer be added? I didn't think to check it...
  12. smjones

    2022 (NF VINs) build quality discussion

    Issues I've lined up for my service appointment tomorrow on an NF460: Sub-woofer not working at all, ever Edges of rubber frunk surround prutrude up into the (normal) gap between hood and quarter panel (both sides) Underspray on driver side around door hinges (not visible at all when door...
  13. smjones

    2022 MS Plaid Accessories?

    It seems like most controllers will work with a cord, and none of them will work wirelessly (BT) without some kind of third party adapter. 🤷‍♂️ I did just receive a Xbox Series X, so if I get a chance I'll try one of those controllers too but there are already reports that they work...
  14. smjones

    2022 MS Plaid Accessories?

    Oh, one other thing is in transit - a blue Playstation 4 Dualshock controller. I plugged one in and it worked without too much fiddling, so I figured I'd get one to keep in the car.
  15. smjones

    2022 MS Plaid Accessories?

    Have the TWraps screen protectors but haven't installed them yet. :rolleyes: Likewise a KENPENRI mobile charger wall mount, Autoheatshield folding sun shade for the front windshield, and "Spurtar" lifting jack pads. I have used a WIkiSmart car cover because I had to have something for parking...

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