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    Free app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on your Android device

    I had a report of that from 1 user by email. The app can't recognize the USB because the car formats it as exFAT, which Android devices cannot read. I don't know why the car wouldn't recognize the USB drive before doing its own formatting. Could it be because there wasn't a TeslaCam folder...
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    Wild thought about HVAC

    Seriously had to explain why this wouldn't work to my father-in-law about 5 times.
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    Sentry Mode...too much recording.

    Sentry has been out for over a year at this point (15 months?). It took them this long to get a Sentry viewer out that is unusably slow and unreliable. If you try to scrub to roughly the time of the trigger event (~1 minute before the end of the recording) it just locks up. At least that's been...
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    Yikes! Error Message: Unable to Drive/Pull Over Safely

    My rear drive unit on my AWD also needed replacement after about 10K miles, though the car was still driveable when I took it in. Haven't had any issues since replacement, the replacement was free under warranty, and I got a Model X loaner while it was in service, so I was happy with the...
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    Cat problems

    Totally off topic for a car discussion, but it's also important to keep cats inside to prevent them from killing wildlife. They are murder machines even if well fed. I grew up with an indoor/outdoor cat and we just thought her hunting was part of "nature". Makes me sad now that I'm an adult and...
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    FSD promises missed?

    This thread is totally off the rails, but just FYI the people working on Sentry and other infotainment bells and whistles are NOT the same people working on FSD. A company can do 2 things at once.
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    In Car Sentry viewer/Early access/Coming next update (pic)

    As the developer of one of the sentry mode viewer phone apps (Teslacam / Sentry reviewer for Android) I'll be interested in seeing how this stacks up against the feature set that the community has come up with on its own since Sentry's release. The release notes say the clips are "organized by...
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    Free app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on your Android device

    Yeah, there are several file managers for Android that offer SMB support, but I don't know of any that exposes the SMB files to outside apps. For that, somebody needs to write an SMB Document Provider. With a document provider, after setting up the SMB share, you would be able to read and...
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    Free app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on your Android device

    If it's a Samsung device, that's something I heard of a couple of months ago and it started happening to people after a Samsung update. It should act more reliably if you keep playback speed at 2X or below. I still have to get my hands on an affected device to see if I can figure out a...
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    Free app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on your Android device

    I had the same issue actually. Luckily the coal-roller had been behind me a few minutes earlier so I got a license plate from the rear camera. Doesn't matter, though, since I was in upstate NY and I couldn't find anywhere to report the illegal exhaust system to the state. Anyway, I read a good...
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    Tesla as only vehicle

    The roof rack on the model 3 and a nice big Yakima or Thule roof box would probably handle your golf clubs no hassle. Total cost of rack and box is around $700. We have used ours for an inflatable kayak/paddles on a 1200 mile road trip as well as more local trips and, while the range is...
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    Door Seals

    Sounds pretty suspect to me. I have not noticed that even in 20 degree weather.
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    MASTER THREAD: Winter driving advice, winter tire choices, etc.

    I'm going to be honest here and say that yes, the frameless windows and hidden door handles suck in winter. I've never had a car where I had to think about whether the doors we going to open in the winter unless there had been an ice storm. That being said, the workarounds in this thread help...
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    Drive side mirror and windows stopped working for a day

    Had a very interesting driver's-side mirror experience this weekend. I may have bumped the mirror in some way while loading a Christmas tree onto the roof rack. Driving back from the tree farm the mirror was out of whack and pressing "restore" didn't fix it so I manually adjusted it and saved...
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    Free app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on your Android device

    That's unusual. Did you keep the camera enabled while you were in Sentry mode? If you turn off the dashcam by tapping the camera icon, Sentry events will still appear in your in-car display, but no camera footage will be recorded.

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