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  1. sodaboy581

    Repeat Functionality in Spotify

    The Lord Elon giveth and the Lord Elon taketh away. Seriously, though, I also dislike how there isn't an option to make Spotify not play similar artists after your playlist has ended, too. I never used that feature and just looped my playlist. Now I have to always use my hands to open up my...
  2. sodaboy581

    Repeat Functionality in Spotify

    There isn't a way to do it with the car, no. :( If you have the Spotify app on your phone and it realizes your car is playing the song, you can toggle repeat that way, I've heard. But, yeah, this is something they took away on V11 for some stupid reason. I hope it returns soon.
  3. sodaboy581

    Vendor TeslaShields update #10

    Guys, I escalated my case to PayPal and Tesla Shields is demanding I pay for return shipping on the bad mats shipped for my Model Y. What’s worse is that I am shipping from California to an address in Floria and it costs $117 for USPS and $118.95 from UPS to ship the mats using their cheapest...
  4. sodaboy581

    Vendor TeslaShields update #10

    But you're shipping a different product than is on your web page. You're shipping a product that also doesn't fit well. Cut the crap, man.
  5. sodaboy581

    Vendor TeslaShields update #10

    At this point, I've started a resolution center case with PayPal.
  6. sodaboy581

    Vendor TeslaShields update #10

    So, like, just an update to my situation. Jason offered to send me replacement mats free of charge, but he couldn't guarantee they'd be any different. He told me the mats that were sent were a revision they were working on that was in beta and that if I didn't like the replacement mats, I...
  7. sodaboy581

    No Sonic with my update

    But you don't need to use the USB-C for this, you can use the working USB in the glovebox to connect a controller and it'll work.
  8. sodaboy581

    Logitech F310 Gamepad Not Working in 2022 Tesla Model Y LR

    Oh, you poor soul. :( You've been duped like a lot of us. See here: 2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only You'll have to use the glove box with a HUB.
  9. sodaboy581

    AMD Ryzen & 12v Batteries now shipping in US Y & 3!!

    This is pretty much my stance too, this car is probably getting dumped in 2-3 years and I will see what the new MY looks like (and other EVs, since the landscape should have changed considerably by then)
  10. sodaboy581

    What are the stock tires on 2022 19” Gemini?

    I just got a 2022 and it's still the Continental ProContact RX
  11. sodaboy581

    No Sonic with my update

    I got my first Tesla last month. A 2022 Model Y and I was blind sided by the central USB ports being charge only. I also ended up with an Atom, although Ryzen is being installed and/or is coming to 2022 Model Ys. Tesla seems to take away things at random from future versions of the same car...
  12. sodaboy581

    Unlock at Home geofence

    I don't know the size, but why not just turn on walk away lock? I use that both at work and at home, because I want my car to lock itself when I'm not in it.
  13. sodaboy581

    Range on road trip much lower than expected (<200 miles on full charge)

    I’m also not getting good range, but it’s whatever. Lol! Went from 90% to 17% and only drove 138 miles. Super gangsta. Average Wh/mi is 425. 2022 MYLR. To be fair, though, I have been using my climate control every morning ‘cuz I commute to work at 6am and it’s cold and rainy. Without at...
  14. sodaboy581

    Missing Games in Arcade?

    If this is true, that'd make me happy, 'cuz I don't have them either. I'm willing to put a hub in the glovebox to play some games via controller. JUST LET ME DO IT, TESLA.

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