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    FS: Complete set of Continental VikingContact 7 snow tires for Model 3

    Sucks to say but summer is over so snow season is not that far away. I'm selling my set of 18" Continental VikingContact7 snow tires and wheel package from my 2018 dual motor Model 3. Used for 2 seasons (2019 & 2020) and the tires have less than 9000 miles on them and the wheels are in great...
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    Is 1'000 USD too much for a 2 year service ?

    Brake caliper lube for $74 is reasonable for all four corners, if you don't also have to pay for the "general inspection" charge. I DIY'ed it myself couple of times. If where you live is snowy and uses salt or other chemicals on the road, I'd definitely have it done at least every other year.
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    Rich Rebuilds Electrified Garage repairs Model 3 at $15K+ discount

    The area where the road debris hit is covered (skip to 13:50). How did whatever debris get through it? Think we should be thankful here that his insurance didn't have pay a $16K claim, could've jacked up the premium for everyone. Also, Tesla should've verified that his policy meets minimum...
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    Auto Park in my garage [parking via summon]

    Since I bought my car in 2018, summon has worked ONCE early on in my ownership. I've tried it once each time there's an update to the car and it never improved. The car would back up a few inches and stop when it sees where my concrete floor meets the asphalt driveway, AND it would proceed to...
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    Tesla firmware update notifications - no wifi

    I disabled wifi when I learned about the messed up UI with "holiday update". I don't remember how long exactly, but within a month of release it downloaded itself over LTE. After a week I caved and pressed the install button. I wish I hadn't like some of the guys here that are still holding...
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    Probably a good thing since you bought your car with the current UI. It used to look like this picture. Speed display front and center, and with a lot more symmetry than the jumbled mess that it is now. The map display shrunk to make the driving visualization portion larger. On cars with...
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    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    Finally crossed 2000 miles on my PS4 A/S thought I'd post an update. Efficiency is pretty much back to what it was with the stock MXM4. It took a while to get there. Extremely pleased with the smoothness and quietness, and the car is definitely more responsive with its handling. I can...
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    Tesla Service Billing to swap to summer tires even when tires are already off the car

    That is just plain dirty. I'm very thankful that I have never had to bring my car in for any kind of service or repairs. I'll be lubing my brakes and putting back the all season tires back on in couple of weeks after this brutal winter with the constant salting on the roads. The rear brake...
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    Costco Michelin Wiper Blades

    I tried these wipers from Costco last year. I had to dremel off a piece of the decorative cover for it to close. A couple of months later, the passenger's side broke off. The funny thing was that the car decided to turn on the wipers while I was in the garage when it happened, which is much...
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    I have to find where the LTE antenna is and wrap tin foil over it on my car :p
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    I can confirm. Same thing happened to my car. I'm still on 48.5, been avoiding the "holiday update". This morning got the app notification to install 48.35.5, which means the car has actually download the update :mad::mad::mad: That's what I thought too. I came in here just to confirm this...
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    @murphsmurf this is part of the reason why I leave wifi disconnected at all times, wanting to avoid some updates. I'm still on 48.5, and it's been prompting me to connect to wifi and update to 48.12. Do you guys know if I continue to ignore 48.12, will it eventually take me straight to 48.26...
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    I'm definitely skipping this one, for as long as possible. I'm still on 48.5 and it's been prompting me to update to 48.12 for couple of weeks now which I've been ignoring.
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    I definitely want to sit this one out if possible. I don't like the driving visualization taking up so much of the screen with much dead space, and don't like the speedometer being off centered in addition to it being smaller. And really don't want any more "stuff" in there that I never use...
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    NJ EV Vehicle Rebate Budget Cut

    Successful conclusion huh? With just one day's notice to the public. And the reply I received on 12/14 they were still sticking by the program being for 10yrs "signed by law". There's just absolutely no transparency with these programs, another example being the SREC cutoff of the state...

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