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  1. spokey

    Premium Connectivity for new MYLR

    So you bring up teslawaze on the screen? Not your phone? Do you / can you log in to your waze account and get favorites and such? If so, I'll have to give that a try.
  2. spokey

    1st MY just Ordered. Have some Question/will take some advice.

    I had the SC I wanted to use place the order, but that's after the fact now for you. And I would have just waited until you had to take the plunge or the tax credit was for certain (whichever occurred first) I'm in central NJ and my 240V/50A run almost 2K (including permits). I used a local...
  3. spokey

    Auto high beam behavior

    No. As above, I'll sometimes turn it off but that is local traffic and it seems to be acting the same as I would if I were trying to keep the highs on all the time. Without oncoming traffic, it doesn't flip due to street lights or anything.
  4. spokey

    Anyone regret buying the Acceleration Boost for their Model Y?

    if we don't hear from you in a couple months, we'll bring flowers to the graveside
  5. spokey

    Anyone regret buying the Acceleration Boost for their Model Y?

    No such luck. Might be OK. Put in a 2K entry into quicken in Jan so the overall 'net worth' reported by quicken won't be changing much (~132 tax). And am lining up my rationale (excuse?). Didn't ask/tell because I know you wouldn't like it but would say OK and feel bad. So I spared the angst.
  6. spokey

    Anyone regret buying the Acceleration Boost for their Model Y?

    sssshhhhh bit the bullet and am in hiding
  7. spokey

    Charging near Glacier NP?

    Go slow on Going-To-The-Sun? I wouldn't even do the drive. I left my fate in the hands of someone else and took one of those '34(?) red busses.
  8. spokey

    Charging near Glacier NP?

    It's been almost 20 years since I was there but I think we stopped at McDonald lodge and had a great lunch. So if you can charge there, sounds like a good place to stop.
  9. spokey

    Yakima Full Tilt 5

    @yourhero is right. It is a safety issue to prevent it (or a trailer) from sliding out). My ridgeback has two holes and a pin instead of that spring pin. It also has a shorter 'depth' spec. On the second hole my 2" adapter is just a bit further in than your first photo. I think the other...
  10. spokey

    Anyone regret buying the Acceleration Boost for their Model Y?

    I would never hide something like this from my wife. But hey if she doesn't look at quicken, it's not my fault.
  11. spokey

    Yakima Ridgeback 2 Bike Rack

    I've had the 4-bike version of that for years on my Subaru and now on my MY. Works OK and you can actually get the pin in. I had a wheel based rack on my 2003 camry roof. Subaru was too tall and I wasn't about to stick a roof rack on the MY Hanging by the frame doesn't bother me. Got...
  12. spokey

    Tesla app activation?

    not sure if it was when I signed the acceptance but I know I had it on the drive home paired with the phone. I've never actually driven with the key card.
  13. spokey

    Anyone regret buying the Acceleration Boost for their Model Y?

    you guys are starting to convince me to risk all and try to sneak it in.
  14. spokey

    New tow hitch cover

    I here I just cut off most of the clips (not sure if down to 4) and stashed it in one of the wheel well areas. That pop hitch looks nice but too ambitious for my lazy butt.
  15. spokey

    Any after market for Hitch Cover Plate?

    I'd buy one in a heartbeat if it was truly easy to use. But I'll admit I've just sat back and waited for someone to do the log work. One interesting thing about Tesla is that with all this tech, their communications are truly I think the whole hitch design was kind of poor. I can get the pin...

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