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    Parts availability? Car has been in for service for 5 weeks.

    This too is becoming my opinion of Tesla. I still love my '13 P85, quirks and all, and used to happily tell anymore who would listen that everyone should buy a Tesla. My experience with the company stretches back to 2010 when I was actively considering a Roadster, until the S announcement...
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    Parts availability? Car has been in for service for 5 weeks.

    I have a 2013 P85 that I took in for service at the end of May, I got the 12V warning again so I took my car into the nearest service centre. It was time for new tires as well so I asked for those to be replaced, plus there was a dangling piece of plastic on the underbody I wanted looked at. I...
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    Service manual and wiring diagrams

    Gah! Access to Toolbox is bloody expensive... Toolbox Welcome | Tesla Service I wonder if Tesla would consider an 'entry-level' version, much like a cheapo OBD2 reader for an ICE vehicle. A shadetree mechanic would only want/need basic diagnostic information.
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    HPWC will not latch into charger

    I've had this same problem with my 2013 S albeit with my UMC as well as several Supercharger cables. I had my warranty service back in December and Tesla replaced both my charge port and my UMC - the problem is worse than ever now. It's definitely much more prevalent as it gets colder, we've...
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    Canadian LTE upgrade

    Ahh, I hadn't thought of hotspotting the car to my phone. I was concerned about the Tesla LTE hardware connecting to the AT&T network, wasn't sure how that'd work up here in my situation.
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    Canadian LTE upgrade

    My car goes in for its 4 year service in December, I'm considering paying the $650 to get the LTE upgrade added while it's in the shop. I'm in Edmonton but do a fair bit of rural driving out to north-eastern Alberta as well as into Saskatchewan. The city Tesla owners here seem to be happy with...
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    Proof of tire wear benefits of accurate alignment and rear camber

    What toe settings do you use for the fronts as well as the rears?
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    Tesla Owners Club of Alberta

    +1. Can't help but wonder if the pack is (currently) difficult to build and thus they want to limit the number of orders they get for it.
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Vancouver has been saying "end of this year" for an Alberta service center since they started delivering Model S' 3 years ago. I put zero faith in anything they have to say about that anymore.
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    That noise happens only when getting rolling after being parked (the parking pad has lightly fused to the caliper), this won't happen once the car's already rolling. Could the noise be the traction control kicking in? You say it only happens when you "accelerate hard", next time it happens make...
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    Inside brake pads seized

    I thought Tesla at least pulled the pads out during the annual service to inspect them, with the open-back calipers it's pretty easy unless the pad is stuck which should then indicate to Tesla there's a problem. :) Did you try getting the pads out through the back, or were they so stuck in...
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    Carbon Fiber Rims

    It's an imperfect system though, even at speed the car has to provide a small bit of energy to maintain that speed due to various losses. I notice a small range decrease when I switch from my 19" winter rims+tires to my heavier 21" summers, admittedly a tricky comparison due to the different...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Awesome, thank you! The trip will either be in May or in July depending how So, the output voltage is driven by the battery voltage? Is that the same for Supercharging? Electricity is weird...:eek:
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    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    Yup - look in the bottom left corner of each post where it normally says "Report". Your posts will also have "Edit" and "Delete" options.
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Weird, I didn't know that. Anyone know why that is? I've been holding off getting a CHAdeMO adapter because I never thought I'd use it (none yet in Alberta) but this thread, plus some future planned trips to BC and Oregon are making me reconsider.

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