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  1. srwx

    Electrical vehicles will be taxed in Victoria Australia from July 1, 2021

    So I decided to re-ignite my email flame war with my local state rep on this tax. She first refused to talk to me prior to the vote in parliament on the issue, then I sent her a strongly worded email to which she ignored all the points of and instead says me asking if perhaps oil/gas lobbyists...
  2. srwx

    Electrical vehicles will be taxed in Victoria Australia from July 1, 2021

    It was right at the top when I logged in, sort of like an alert box. Had wording similar to "Declare the odometer reading for your vehicle <rego>" and had a "Declare" button.
  3. srwx

    Electrical vehicles will be taxed in Victoria Australia from July 1, 2021

    also my driveway is 120m long, so if I take the car out 300 times a year (probably a massive under estimate but maybe over this year due to lockdowns... I dunno) that's what? ~70km a year? How exactly do these idiots expect me to account for this? The site seems to say I need to take photos of...
  4. srwx

    Electrical vehicles will be taxed in Victoria Australia from July 1, 2021

    I'll admit I haven't read much about this so excuse this dumb question: do we pay tax on the kms we drove prior to today?
  5. srwx

    Supercharger - Colac, Vic

    Guess I better book in that CCS upgrade.
  6. srwx

    Supercharger - Geelong, Vic

    Oooo, easy access to chicken tendies too 🤣
  7. srwx

    MCU1 upgrade

    Adding my agreement for the MCU2 upgrade. I was due for my 4 year service and added in the MCU2 upgrade with it just 2 weeks ago (service delayed a few months due to covid). The problem is my podcast backlog isn't going to go away anytime soon now that I have the option to play games and watch...
  8. srwx

    Melbourne service centre collision repairs?

    Awesome, thanks. Tesla just rang to let me know they don't do panel repairs and sent me through their approved list (I swear I read somewhere they were bringing panel repair in house, but maybe that wasn't all locations). Did you mean B&A in Clayton, they appear to be first in Tesla's list...
  9. srwx

    Melbourne service centre collision repairs?

    Had the misfortune of being hit while parked up and shopping but thankfully the person who hit me hung around and exchanged details and she has initiated a claim through her insurance. I'm wondering what the repairs through the Melbourne service centre are like and what peoples experiences have...
  10. srwx

    Abnormal consumption Model S P85D

    Even after 3 years of ownership I'm still surprised at how far behind everyone else is when I can responsibly accelerate off at a set of lights :)
  11. srwx

    Abnormal consumption Model S P85D

    I find my city Wh/km figure is directly proportional to the amount of lights where I am accidentally at the front of the queue.
  12. srwx

    Charging Model S from excess solar

    For me I already had a perfectly good HPWC and I enjoy reverse engineering things, so it was mostly me prioritising fun over cash. It also means I can do more specific implementations that suit how I want it to charge my car, e.g. I have a command I can run on my server where I simply set a SOC...
  13. srwx

    Charging Model S from excess solar

    I did a micropython version that lets me change the charge rate via MQTT which in turn is managed by my self written home automation which by default dumps all excess solar into the car. Basically the sam as the RaspberryPi solution but with fewer complications (like failing SD cards and having...
  14. srwx

    Tesla Shipping - Moving to Australia from US

    It seems like an all round bad idea to ship it but part of me is super interested what the autopilot/selfdrive features would do in this scenario :)
  15. srwx

    Supercharger - Moonee Ponds, Vic

    So basically they are me at uni (actually who am I kidding, I'm still like that).

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