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Recent content by Steve2498

  1. S

    Powerwall/System Misbehaving Today

    You might get some insight here: New Charging Behavior
  2. S

    New Charging Behavior

    For the last 2 days I too am seeing this new behavior. I liked it better the way it was so I’ve switch to self powered mode.
  3. S

    How much has your solar production varied year to year?

    My production has been pretty consistent over the years. 1st set of panels installed 3/09, second set installed 11/19. Attached is the graph...
  4. S

    Connecting new Heat Pump system to PowerWall 2

    What is the model # of that Rheem heat pump water heater?
  5. S

    System gradually producing less and less since installation?

    54kWh —> 30 in one month this time of the year? Something is wrong…sure dirty panels will have an impact but there would have to be a thick layer of dirt to have that impact. I too am in Nor Cal. My production a month ago was 63 kWh. Yesterday it was 54.8. And that is with 110 degree temps...
  6. S

    Solar Charging Behavior

    that’s not quite the behavior I’ve been seeing. in TOU, behavior seems to change sometimes for no obvious reason but generally I’m seeing the house pulling from the grid during off peak, during partial peak solar powers the house with excess going to the battery until full then during peak...
  7. S

    Grid outage - PowerWall not allowing solar production

    Yes. I had to get the installer involved to speak directly to Tesla support. Tesla made some kind of a change on their end to fix it, but the installer doesn’t know what exactly they changed.
  8. S

    So where are the ELRP events and why is my system acting like Self Consumption since signing up?

    I also am Al’s enrolled but don’t see the behavior you describe. In fact it behaves more to my liking now than it did before. I don’t attribute it to VPP but for the past week or so in TOU, solar or PowerWall cover all usage in partial peak and peak and grid covers all off-peak. the behavior...
  9. S

    How to see outage start time during on ongoing grid failure?

    Not sure how well that would work, depends if power was going to / from the grid at the time the outage happened. If powerwall (or solar) was powering the house when power went out, it wouldn’t be obvious looking at that graph would it?
  10. S

    Very Long wait times for PWs?

    For me It has been worth the wait and I am enjoying having the system installed. I can’t speak to going with Enphase instead, I would at least look into it. In my case Enphase was not compatible with the panels / inverter that had been installed in 2009.
  11. S

    Very Long wait times for PWs?

    The only thing I can offer is this has been going on for a long time. I entered into a contract with a 3rd party installer in June 2020. The system was finally installed in December of 2021 - a painful wait all because Tesla was very slow to fill their orders for PowerWall.
  12. S

    Tesla Virtual Power Plant in CA

    I was planning to but ended up not needing to. My 1st application was denied-though they didn’t say why. I think it may have been because although I referenced my physical address, I gave my mailing address (a PO Box). Before calling them, I tried applying a second time using only my physical...
  13. S

    Editing Peak Time period

    Yes, once you pick a rate plan you should be able to modify it
  14. S

    Disappointing Power Generation, and I need help with analysis of pypowerwall output please!

    Perhaps you are correct but that is far below what I get on a 9.5kW system. Granted, all my panels are facing South / Southeast but last Friday I produced 70+ kWh and I regularly get into the high 60s this time of the year (Northern Calif.)
  15. S

    Is Powerwall necessary in Bay Area?

    Is it necessary? no. Does it pencil out, not likely in a reasonable timeframe. what value do you place on peace of mind and satisfaction of being able to combat PG&E rates and tactics. Our power went out at 6PM last night, it is still out. Currently estimated to come back on at 10, we’ll...

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