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  1. Stranger Dings

    Auto-Pilot - I give up, it's downright lethal

    I agree. A simple, dumb cruise control would be perfect.
  2. Stranger Dings

    Auto-Pilot - I give up, it's downright lethal

    I agree. I’ve lost all faith in it and avoid using it wherever possible. The only time I use it is in nose to tail traffic on motorways.
  3. Stranger Dings

    Noise when sitting in car

    Sounds quite a deep, bassy noise. Not something that I’ve noticed in mine. Have you tried a reset? Have you tried it with all air con and fans totally off? Have you tried camp mode? If you try any of the suggestions, it may give a clue as to the cause.
  4. Stranger Dings

    My model 3 is arriving this week. What do I need to know and do to get ready?

    Get yourself up to speed with charging options around the areas where you are likely to travel most. In the UK we have ZapMap and A Better Route Planner as my go to apps for looking at charging options. They are really useful.
  5. Stranger Dings

    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    No, sorry, I wasn’t being clear. I would LIKE to be able to use and trust ACC in low visibility. A system that can see through the rain and fog when I can’t would be a great safety feature. When the weather is bad, I slow right down and hope for the best.
  6. Stranger Dings

    Sentry [mode blocked in my country - is there a work around?]

    Have you got your flash drive installed, formatted and ready to go? Is Sentry mode definitely switched on at the location you are looking to use it? (E.g. You can turn it off at home?) Sentry mode can be a bit flakey sometimes, so it doesn’t always work, but should work most of the time if...
  7. Stranger Dings

    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    Low to zero visibility is exactly the situation that I want my car to help me most. In the UK, we have plenty of rain and fog and having assistance to see through it would be useful. Relying solely on cameras may work in the bright sunshine of the California, but worries me greatly in other...
  8. Stranger Dings

    CA DMV failing Tesla car for behind the wheel drive test

    Funnily enough, that is exactly what happens in the UK. If you learn to drive in an auto, you are not licensed to drive a manual If you learn in a manual, you can later drive an auto with no additional test. As for the original post, that is crazy. I’m sure this will have to be updated as more...
  9. Stranger Dings

    Frozen Touch Screen

    Had my M3P for over a year and never had to reset it at all.
  10. Stranger Dings

    UK Model 3 Performance 2021 Waiting Room

    I’ve had my M3P for just over a year. Realistically, you can expect 200 miles from a full charge down to 10% for ‘normal’ mixed motorway and A road driving. You can get more by driving at 60-65 mph, but I didn’t get an M3P to sit in the slow lane 😁. Best to put the range indicator to % and...
  11. Stranger Dings

    Model 3 (not so!) Long range

    I also use the same assumption for my M3P. 200 miles of ‘normal’ driving at 80 mph on motorway is par for me.
  12. Stranger Dings

    First Serious Drive in M3 LR.

    Government greed is an interesting concept. Taxes pay for government spending, which is demanded by the people (more money for schools, hospitals, police etc). Ultimately, it is people who are ‘greedy’ for higher living standards and who can blame them. The balance between taxes and living...
  13. Stranger Dings

    Model 3 trip range estimates

    If I were you, I’d do the equivalent of a ‘splash and dash’. Stop at Gordano for quick top up and then head to Membury. The thought that I might not make it in one go would make me too anxious to enjoy the journey. For the sake of a ten minute stop, it would remove the stress.
  14. Stranger Dings

    Octopus Go, How to set M3 to charge 00:30 to 04:30?

    I just start changing at 00:30 and mostly that works for me. Where it does run beyond 04:30, I’m only paying 14p KWh, just 9p more than the cheap rate, and that is still way cheaper than public or super charging.
  15. Stranger Dings

    Chill mode performance

    I’m firmly in this camp. I find the M3P performance addictive. Whenever safe, I can’t resist nailing the go faster pedal to the floor. Chill mode is for sensible people and it seems I’m just not one of those at the moment. I’m plenty old enough to know better. Sorry.

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