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  1. tander

    If you can't sleep in it, it is not self-driving

    To me, or rather my Grandparents, it's really not semantics. The difference between what Tesla has now which is pretty cool, and sleep in your car self driving is my legally blind Grandpa could get in, tell it where to go and arrive like magic. This would be a huge thing for our elders that tend...
  2. tander

    Do New Model 3s have UV/IR Blocking?

    This seems like a good question for all cars, surprised consumer reports or someone doesn't include this, or better yet why dermatologists (subtle hint:) don't ask auto manufacturers to just take care of it from the factory, almost as many people die of skin cancer as car accidents right?
  3. tander

    Information about UV Blocking for Tinted Windows

    This was a great post, thanks, would love to hear more about those upper ranges. I would like to know why it's not mandated for auto manufacturers to make sure all auto glass offers the most protection, especially considering for many if not most people driving is where they get the bulk of sun...
  4. tander

    Information about UV Blocking for Tinted Windows

    I had an experience that kind of relates to this. I did a two day bike ride that was like 8+ hours outside each day. I wore a short sleeve jersey, maybe applied sunscreen once a day but don't remember so probably not, especially on my arms. After the 2nd day, taking off my jersey I noticed a...
  5. tander

    MASTER THREAD: Powering house or other things with Model 3

    Seems like a real waste of an opportunity, almost negligent, for Tesla not to allow this during emergencies. If you could run your gas furnace fan with a Tesla that could make a huge difference for some people. Most Tesla's have like 10x the energy as that Ford.
  6. tander

    Powering house with a Tesla during blackout?

    All good points but imo it seems like like would be pretty easy for Tesla to software allow it for any car that is in a county that has a declared emergency or extreme weather or something like that. Also I wasn't talking about running an entire home from it, I just want to be able to basically...
  7. tander

    Powering house with a Tesla during blackout?

    That's understandable but for for emergency type things like in Texas it seems like a no brainer and really almost negligent for Tesla not to open it up for that, I mean it's kinda crazy to have this giant battery on wheels parked at a house with no power or heat, my back of the napkin math is a...
  8. tander

    Powering house with a Tesla during blackout?

    Thanks for the link, seems like it would be great to be able to do, although I'm guessing it would eat into power wall sales
  9. tander

    Powering house with a Tesla during blackout?

    Looking at options to power house during power outages, of course there is a power wall but we already have a model y with a big battery, is there a way to rig that up?
  10. tander

    Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Discussion Thread

    That's kinda crazy to think about, if crypto by nature can't be devalued it might end up being better than fiat because it would make it basically impossible to corrupt or manipulate with money printing, so in the very long term it would be more stable as a currency. It would be like all the...
  11. tander

    Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Discussion Thread

    If companies are putting all or parts of their balance sheets into bitcoin or cryptocurrency I could see that being pretty profound. If Tesla were to do that it wouldn't be surprising to see all car companies, and then just all companies and individuals follow suit. And with the limited nature...
  12. tander

    Consumers disdain for “Self Driving”

    I still have 2 Grandparents, one that can't drive, another that barely does. Really hoping FSD gets here sooner rather than later, the implications for their ability to visit friends, make doctors appointments, and just stay independent longer are huge. For the one that can't drive it was a huge...
  13. tander

    Head rests - so narrow and far forward

    Did you ever do this? I have no idea where to take it?
  14. tander

    Nokian WRG3 tires

    Thx for reply. Hope Tesla continues to improve on sound deadening. I compare everything to my Grandparent's old Lexus LS and have yet to sit in a car that quiet, one of those things I never cared about until I realized how high the bar can be.
  15. tander

    Summer Report On Winter Tires: Nokian WRG3

    Thx, just meant noise with regard to wrg3 versus humm of a proper snow tire.

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