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    Tesla banned me from purchasing another Tesla after vehicle buyback

    When you go into buyback or arbitration territory you automatically start dealing with their lawyers. Nothing more, nothing less. Sorry all - I wasn't getting the email notifications on this thread (my fault). Anyway, we ended up getting the etron which turns out to have significantly higher...
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    Yellow Screen border, poor quality & workmanship, and poor customer service -- Arbitration

    I was the one referenced a little earlier in the thread blacklisted by Tesla(incidentally, I was apparently not getting notices on that thread and it's now 9 pages). Note that the thread I had previously on the model s yellow screen was over 85 pages! That is quite a lot of people with issues...
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    Tesla banned me from purchasing another Tesla after vehicle buyback

    I don't think they w(c)ould deny access. I still have a Model 3 and they have not blocked my app access. Not 100% sure on supercharger network, but as I'm still getting updates on my 3 and my app still works, I doubt that would be a problem.
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    Tesla banned me from purchasing another Tesla after vehicle buyback

    Thanks for the catch. New images are on this post Yep, we ended up opting for a Porsche. Just waiting on it to be built. Its fascinating going from the Tesla to the Porsche. The only thing we are going to miss is Autopilot, but to be honest, most manufacturers have come a LONG way in their...
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    Tesla banned me from purchasing another Tesla after vehicle buyback

    Many of you know me from this thread: Yellow screen? Force Tesla to Replace it!. In the thread I state very clearly and factually the process I went though to get Tesla to replace my yellowing Model S screen. Nothing I posted was covered under any NDAs. I simply wanted to make sure everyone was...
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    Battery drain 10-20 miles every 24 hours

    We have the same problem in our s. Friday night had 170 when we parked in garage. Have just driven the 3 all weekend, and it's now down to 133
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    Yellow screen? Force Tesla to Replace it!

    Yea, Several have commented getting them done in bay area. Mine was Burlingame.
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    Yellow screen? Force Tesla to Replace it!

    Mine was done in Burlingame.
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    Reduced service center hours effective Sept 1

    Hey all, I was at Burlingame Service today and noticed a sign stating no more weekend hours as of Sept 1. So I went and looked up Santa Clara, Fremont, and several others and they all show the same. Have all your local service centers dropped weekend coverage? This seems like a...
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    Yellow screen? Force Tesla to Replace it!

    Hi! So they finally replaced my damaged bezels. Looks great now. That said: Two things I noticed at the Burlingame service center on pickup: While I was waiting for pickup, there were maybe 4 employees standing around the counter not actively helping customers totally ignoring the phone...
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    Yellow screen? Force Tesla to Replace it!

    I'm an idiot, that is incredibly obvious in retrospect and makes much more sense. That said, we managed to more than double their volume this year in one month!
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    Yellow screen? Force Tesla to Replace it!

    They have to pay for it regardless when its the NCDS arbitration. Interesting note I've just discovered: AFAIK we have added quite a bit to the total volume of NCDS arbitration cases Tesla has had: My first case was 19004X, my second case (for the scratched chrome) was 1910X. I reached out to...
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    MCU Yellow Border - Fixed!

    Check my thread in the S section. You can force it to be available in your region with arbitration. It also does NOT have a 100% fix rate. As far as I know, the only way to ensure a fix is arbitration, as that is the only way they will replace if(when) UV doesn't work.
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    Yellow screen? Force Tesla to Replace it!

    The process is NOT binding on you. Only on Tesla. In fact, if you don't like the verdict (which you shouldn't in this case), you can refile. The only requirement is new "evidence". So more context from other users, more details from calls to Tesla service centers, etc, would all count as new...
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    Yellow screen? Force Tesla to Replace it!

    Look closely at your IC, as a lot seem to have that also. If the IC is impacted make sure he agrees to that as well.

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