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  1. Tinca

    Today I drove an ICE !

    I'm working in the US at the moment and I have a Toyota Camry as a hire car. Yesterday after I parked, I just got out and walked away. I made it about 10 yards before I remembered that I needed to turn off the ignition, remove the key and lock the door. How quaint!
  2. Tinca

    Maps Display - is it just me?

    I noticed a couple of weeks ago that some A roads seem to have been overlaid or highlighted to make them stand out more. Not every one, but some. I then reached the end of my Premium Connectivity trial and I haven't renewed it yet. Now everything on the map looks the same!
  3. Tinca

    Has audio improved in 2021 models?

    I've got a 2021 M3LR and the sound quality is good. I came from an ICE with a Bose 16 speaker system and it is at least as good. I use Tidal and the sound quality is noticeably better vs Spotify and USB. The on-board Spotify is OK, but nothing special.
  4. Tinca

    Whats your favourite and least favourite supercharger and why?

    Braintree is really something. A fully electric service station. Very impressive and a taste of things to come.
  5. Tinca

    Whats your favourite and least favourite supercharger and why?

    Least favourite - any SuC that is part of a multi-storey shopping site. I'm looking at you Dartford, Cribbs Causeway and White City! How the hell do you find them? I need a 3D sat nav to show that it is two floors below me.
  6. Tinca

    Whats your favourite and least favourite supercharger and why?

    Heathrow Hilton During lockdown it was like a set from Zombieland - grass growing everywhere and no-one around. I quite liked the post-apocalyptic vibe. After lockdown, the Hilton is open and you can grab a coffee in decent surroundings. Never failed to get on a stall and a choice of 150kWh and...
  7. Tinca

    Too Cautious with Charging?

    This is a very good point. I do mainly motorway miles and I've got to know how my M3LR generally responds. I've dropped onto SuC quite a few times with 3% or less. This is usually late in the evenings, so the chances of all the stalls being full is unlikely. It is also when the ambient temp has...
  8. Tinca

    Navigation Inconsistent

    It is very hit and miss with the instructions. I keep the voice nav off the majority of the time. I'd rather watch the map and the road and go from there. I use the voice nav when in busy city centres as I find it useful not to be watching the map all the time. Apart from that, silence....
  9. Tinca

    Frunk storage vs. Boot for cables/first aid

    Takeaways! That is definitely what it was made for. Why else would a Domino's large pizza box fit exactly? 😂
  10. Tinca

    Frunk storage vs. Boot for cables/first aid

    I'm the opposite. All cables, pumps, first aid kit, hi-vis etc all goes in the underfloor storage in the boot. Not really a hassle to get out what I need even with a boot liner. I don't usually have a lot in the main boot though. I've found that I forget about the frunk. Packing for a road trip...
  11. Tinca

    How do you listen to music in your Tesla?

    I was in that camp too, but was convinced to use playlists by one of my daughters. Having half a dozen playlist of different genres/moods is so much easier than searching for what you want to listen to for each track/album. Kind of like a big mix tape! Go on, give it a go..... ;)
  12. Tinca

    How do you listen to music in your Tesla?

    It's free for three months, so what is there to lose? It is more data heavy than Spotify, so can take a while to load tracks if the signal isn't great. Worth it for the sound difference though.
  13. Tinca

    How do you listen to music in your Tesla?

    Switched from Spotify on the car's subscription to Tidal via the three month free trial. It may be my imagination and my ears playing tricks, but I do think Tidal is a better audio quality than Spotify, Bluetooth and USB. I'm fairly sure I'll be keeping it after the trial comes to an end. I've...
  14. Tinca


    I think it is in the passenger side. I charge my car facing one way and can't pick up wifi from the house. Turn it around (so that the passenger door mirror is closer to the house) and it connects to wifi and will hold a signal strong enough to download updates.
  15. Tinca

    Sahara Desert

    Mine's looking the same in Surrey! Why is always after a wash? :rolleyes:

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