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  1. TomB985

    New tires at 8k miles? Your advice appreciated.

    FYI, the Bridgestone Driveguard in the factory size sticks out past the rim. I've had these since January and have been really impressed with them.
  2. TomB985

    New tires at 8k miles? Your advice appreciated.

    I agree with the consensus about finding an independent shop. And I would never write off any of them as being "anti-Tesla;" they don't give a crap where their income comes from. A lot of people are legitimately intimidated at the thought of working on one, and they don't want to be blamed if...
  3. TomB985

    How important is LTE?

    It's worth mentioning that Premium Connectivity only applies to streaming audio, traffic visualization, and satellite maps. The LTE connection is still active without the subscription and is used for remote lock/unlock, summon, preconditioning, and everything else you do from within the app...
  4. TomB985

    Official Tesla Model 3 Wiper Blades Online Shop

    Not sure why, but I can’t find them on Rockauto anymore. I just installed a set I received yesterday from them, but it was tough to find them on the site. This should work, though: Bosch® 3397014116 - OE Driver and Passenger Side Black Wiper Blade Set ON edit: CarID’s fitment check says they...
  5. TomB985

    What should I do with my Model 3?

    Couple of thoughts. First of all, the big mistake you made was the FSD package, which will be hardest to recoup at retail. Right now you're in a better position than you would be at virtually any point in recent history though, because used car prices are insane. If you don't want the car...
  6. TomB985

    Driveguard Runflats on a Model 3

    It is too soon to get conclusive data, but after a month and 1000 miles it looks like my efficiency is nearly identical to what I got with the OEM Michelins. OEM tires last year: Driveguards 1/29-present Factory Michelins:
  7. TomB985

    Okay to Turn Off Cabin Overheat Protection

    No it can’t. In any circumstance. The amount of energy spent to bring the cabin down to ambient will never be less with COP enabled.
  8. TomB985

    Okay to Turn Off Cabin Overheat Protection

    I’m sorry, that’s just not true. Cooling takes energy, and it will always take less to cool from a high internal temperature after sitting for a few hours then consistently removing heat as it sits. If that principle were true, programmable thermostats wouldn’t exist. You certainly save energy...
  9. TomB985

    Emergency Tyre Change need to change?

    Right conclusion, but you're still overstating the impact. The tire doesn't care about short trips or how many people are in the car. It carries the correct weight rating, so you're perfectly safe. The ONLY possible consequence is a small difference in handling at the limit, and one tire...
  10. TomB985

    Tesla Tires at Costco

    People like to lump them together and bash them as a group without realizing that each tire is different. The Driveguard is fundamentally different from the Turanza EL400 my Toyota Sienna had, which are also very different from the Potenza RE980AS mounted on the 2021 Corvette. Lots of opinions...
  11. TomB985

    Heat pump vs Resistive on Model 3

    I don’t have any objective data, but I was very impressed with the system in the Y that I test drove for a weekend back in December. If anything, it felt a bit more powerful than the PTC unit in my 3. It wasn’t extremely cold out, but December in Minnesota isn’t tropical by any stretch.
  12. TomB985

    Emergency Tyre Change need to change?

    You won’t hurt anything. The slight differences between tires could make an extremely small difference with handling, and they are unlikely to wear the same because one is much newer than the other. But they are close enough that handling should be fine, so I would only replace the other three...
  13. TomB985

    Tesla Tires at Costco

    Runflat tires are built with a freakishly strong sidewall designed to support the weight of the car without any air pressure. They been around for a couple decades, usually as OEM-designed solutions for vehicles that come without spare tires. They’ve been a long-standing requirement for BMW...
  14. TomB985

    Driveguard Runflats on a Model 3

    I appreciate your comments, but think a lot of things are exaggerated. I also have previous experience with runflats, but mine involved an AWD minivan that's about 1,100 lbs heavier than my M3. These cars aren't as heavy as people think; my SR+ weighs 3650 pounds. That's only a couple hundred...

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