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    Generator support

    A Generator cannot sink any current, so having it exposed to the solar power at any time is a recipe for spectacular failure. The solar and battery are always connected, so the generator cannot charge the battery even without solar. So what's left is the Generator being able to feed the load...
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    Upgrading to 400 Amp service after Solar already installed

    Life is much simpler at 200Amp. Even with 2 EV chargers, you really don't want them both going full tilt at the same time, you'd time shift them.
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    Anyone regret switching to electric heating?

    1-1.5KW, will sip less than that if you get a nice one that modulates output. Cooling-only units are certainly cheaper than full heat pump,. DIY Mr Cool units are more expensive, they charge more for their refrigerant-shipped-in-the-pipes patent, and the units themselves aren't the best...
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    Anyone regret switching to electric heating?

    Socal Gas changes their base tier of therms every month. Even after I switched to Heat pump, our gas water heater + clothes dryer + cooking usage was still at or above the base. The charges for over baseline therms are more expensive than the equivalent heat pump KWh, and are likely to go up...
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    How is solar energy prioritized in your system?

    Did your gateway get the new firmware update in the last couple of days? I'm guessing that it lost all memory of normal usage, so it needs a week to learn again. Also check that the peak times / costs haven't got reset. What you describe is what it does if it doesn't know / doesn't think...
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    Too big of a system?

    Once you have Powerwalls, it becomes a game of "how much money can I avoid paying to the energy company, and how much money can I get them to pay me for my exports" To that end, the first and most important number is not the overall export, but the peak time (e.g. 4pm-9pm) exports. My 1...
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    Too big of a system?

    Seeing an average below 3 kWh/day, family of 4, actually <2.5 this last month as the incoming water is warmer. Resistive heating will 4x that though.
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    Powerwall 22.18 Firmware

    What does this show? Settings -> My Home Info -> Release Notes I have gateway 22.18.3 but the release notes only mention 22.9 from April
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    PowerWall / Gateway Trip Settings for Off Grid?

    Relevant: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/powerwall-2-transfer-time.153496/
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    Tesla Virtual Power Plant in CA

    SCE is different. There is a demand response program that pays $2/kWh, but you have to be in a CCA. https://powersaver.sce.com
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    10kW solar with single Powerwall setup question

    Yes, get the quote for the system with 2 batteries. My timeframe for hoping battery prices go down is 5-10 years, not 1-2.
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    10kW solar with single Powerwall setup question

    It also leaves it open for you to add another battery in the future without having to invasively reconfigure the existing wiring.
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    10kW solar with single Powerwall setup question

    You may need to sign a waiver for the design, but having both inverters on the load side (backed up) is possible, but is not recommended by Tesla. There's only one frequency when you're island-ed, so worst case is that both inverters are putting out too much power for the powerwall, and the...
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    Need help with CA NEM 2.0.

    Also on my SCE bill I have · Net Surplus Compensation option: Exclusion Which I am not clear on, I'm thinking it means I won't get any payment of the wholesale rate for any surplus at year-end. I think this line changed when I added extra solar which pushed me over some tier.
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    Need help with CA NEM 2.0.

    This is not true for SCE. Minimum Daily does not offset anything, it is a constant. The only reduction there is the twice yearly Climate Adjustment, about $40-$50

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