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    Service Center Charge Concern

    Sorry you've had this experience, very normal with Tesla sadly. I'd suggest driving down there and biting the bullet. Awful situation but they will likely NOT make it right if the battery rots. Have you tried contacting other Tesla numbers? I heard something off hand about the roadside being...
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    V2 or V3?

    150kw is v2. 120kw is earlier v2 or v1 (I'm not 100% sure on this), but there are very few v1s out there 72kw are urban superchargers that do not split the charge, more info: Tesla unveils new 'urban' Supercharger with a slower dedicated charge rate - Electrek "Though the capacity of current...
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    V2 or V3?

    If you're near v3 will have a thinner cable. Tesla nav will say "Up to 250kw" if it is v3 when you click on the location. You can also go to supercharge.info and click on one and see if power is 250kw.
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    How does the car connect for data?

    The Tesla is similar to a phone where it will use LTE (ATT) or wifi if you connect to an open network. Updates are only done over Wifi unless it's a critical update, even if you have premium connectivity. Navigation comes standard over LTE that Tesla pays for. But if you want detailed maps...
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    Is the insane lack of email responses/customer service I am experiencing common?

    The customer service is a joke and it's a joke how it is continued to be handled. Elon said many moons that it was his top priority, obviously not. Companies of all sizes handle are able to remedy these scaling issues within a reasonable amount of time. I personally have not done it but I've...
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    X free charging , will it return.

    No problem, you'll love the X! Fyi the wall connector is rated to be outside so you'll have no problem with it. I currently have mine outside and highly suggest it over a slower charge: Wall Connector
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    X free charging , will it return.

    It is worth pennies when you compare it to the Model X price. Unless you're doing 300+ miles a day everyday forever then it's simply something to just not care about. I've had my Tesla for 1.5 years and I've only supercharged 54 times for ~$200.
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    With so many quality issues after delivery - how many people are actually happy with their car?

    Tesla is selling thousands of cars, the silent majority love their cars. You only see a very, very small percentage of people with outstanding problems. If at delivery you find things you can refuse the car or get the problems fixed.
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    Tesla Model Y delivered.

    Welcome!! My tips: always pay attention to the road, even when on AP and to only charge to 80% unless you need 100% for a road trip.
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    How to take safe delivery with cv-19

    It is totally up to you and what you think is safe. Personally I think the Lysol will ruin the new car smell, and I'm not sure if Tesla would appreciate it sitting in their lot for a long period of time. *If* I was going to pick up a car during this time I would drive it home, not touch my...
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    Camera Fogging Up

    The front camera fogging is not normal, get that fixed. I'd suggest grabbing a few pictures from the outside to show service. For the rear my 3 has a bit of limited view (from the top similar to yours) but it's not as covered as yours.
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    Emergency Road Service Charging

    Welcome! You will not run out of charge if you follow directions and charge when told to. If you do happen to run out you'd have to get towed to the nearest charger. I'd suggest using abetterrouteplanner.com to figure your route out.
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    Model 3 Delivery Position Transfer

    There is no Model 3 delivery positions. If there were some sort of back log any reservation or order is non-transferable.
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    Premium Connectivity...?

    Try a different card or make a service appointment through the app. They should be able to fix it remotely or text you details.
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    Are your side and rear view mirrors too dark at night?

    I wish it were more dim, and that it could be enabled on demand. I know I could get a tint to "fix" this, but I prefer sunglasses.

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