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Recent content by trader

  1. trader

    New 21" Arachnid Wheel and Tire Package

    Very interesting photos, thanks ! I guess a very limited number of people close to Tesla HQ may have them; probably not the general public at this stage...
  2. trader

    New 21" Arachnid Wheel and Tire Package

    Any news or info about these 21" Arachnid wheels? Anyone here seen them or were able to order them ? Its been six months these wheels appeared on the Tesla shop and are shown as "backordered" ....
  3. trader

    Triple Upgrade -- One Happy Camper

    From what I understand on a 2y old P85 such an upgrade is more than just the sensors, you would need a new receiver and wiring which should be quite costly. Could you confirm this ?
  4. trader

    100% drive unit failure rate??

    Yes as you mention, this is not just a noise, there is a specific "feel" to it. Initially one may imagine this is just a noise, a small "click" as you pass the 0 kW line. After some time, it becomes clear this is a mechanical issue (as others mentioned in the thread, a noise that did not exist...
  5. trader

    100% drive unit failure rate??

    Yes, there were some clunk noises from the drive unit that occurred just at the limit where you go from power output to regen. This was subtle initially but had gotten worse in the last few days. To make matters worse, I was actually at the service center one week before the incident and they...
  6. trader

    100% drive unit failure rate??

    Well, to keep with the spirit of this thread, just last week, I had a total loss of propulsion due to the drive unit failure and was left stranded. This happened as I was driving in a rotary with minimal traffic and I was able to bring the car safely to a stop on the side of the road. In a...
  7. trader

    Tire slowly losing pressure with TMPS warning ... any gueses?

    Yes a slightly bent rim can also be a possible source of slow pressure loss. I have that problem on one of my wheels and will probably need to change the rims because of that.
  8. trader

    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    Yes, I notice the small button as well, maybe it is to tilt and move forward/back the whole seat, but when you look at the different photos of these seats (especially from the side), they really look like they are "forged" in one piece and that the angle of the back cannot be adjusted (like what...
  9. trader

    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    The fact that the 2nd row don't fold is indeed a real deal breaker; I still cannot believe that they are releasing the X like that. What is even more weird is that they made 3 seats you can move forward and backward individually, but as far as I can tell from the photos and descriptions, the...
  10. trader

    Analysis: Evolution of Model X second row 2012 - 2015

    I don't see why whether or not 2nd row headsets are adjustable implies anything relative to whether the seats fold or not. You could just have the seats pushed back before folding them; I mean on the Model S, the headrests are fixed and the seats do fold. The only information actually published...
  11. trader

    New renderings of storage space and 2nd row seats! (9/15)

    I really can't imagine Tesla coming out with a Model X where second row seats are not foldable, ideally creating a flat surface, but at the minimum like what we have in the Model S. One doesn't buy such a car primarily for 3rd row seats (yes it's a practical option for many), one buys it for...
  12. trader

    70D range vs 85 dealer says they are almost the same range

    Any extra range is really worth taking. As Troy mentions, battery degradation is very important to consider. I'm simplifying but by getting an 85 you are certain to have at least the range of a new 70D still available a few years down the road.
  13. trader

    Nouvelle carte des superchargeurs

    Merci pour l'info ! :smile:
  14. trader

    Autonomie après 20 000kms

    Non, en fait je n'ai utilisé les SC qu'une dizaine de fois l'été dernier et j'ai chargé à 100% peut être une douzaine de fois. Le reste du temps je charge à 90%. Il est vrai que c'est difficile de comparer avec les histoires de températures et les différentes MAJ du logiciel. Je pense tout de...
  15. trader

    Autonomie après 20 000kms

    Oui on perd pas mal la première année. Ce serait intéressant de comparer les chiffres avec d'autres. En ce qui me concerne, la 85 kWh chargée à 100%, en "autonomie nominale" je suis passé de 504km (voiture neuve) à 485km avec 30'000km aujourd'hui. C'est une perte assez conséquente ...

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