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    2020 Model S Raven/Perf for sale - FSD, Lifetime Free SC, full PPF wrap, more - $92,000

    Potential deal pending. Please note: I will always defer to selling to first comers/offers first even at a lower price. Its not right to throw a legit buyer under the bus for a little different price. That said - if interested please PM with your offer. If anything falls thru I will go to the...
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    2020 Model S Raven/Perf for sale - FSD, Lifetime Free SC, full PPF wrap, more - $92,000

    Ugh - did not know that! Not a huge deal - happy to make consideration for that.
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    2020 Model S Raven/Perf for sale - FSD, Lifetime Free SC, full PPF wrap, more - $92,000

    2020 Model S Raven/Performance in Red, near PERFECT condition - ZERO scratches, dents, or damage to the paint and exterior. 21 inch wheels, PS4S Michelin tires FSD Unlimited lifetime free supercharging! Full Suntek Ultra self-healing PPF wrap, including ALL painted surfaces, headlights, fog...
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    Vendor The Ultimate Carbon Ceramic Brake System for Model S Plaid

    Great info. One last question - are there any deletions of OEM functionality such as brake temp sensors or other characteristics that are altered or changed with your system? Thanks in advance for the quick clarifications! It is much appreciated.
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    Vendor The Ultimate Carbon Ceramic Brake System for Model S Plaid

    Thank you - I'm wanting to run very specific tires and the ONLY diameter tire that is a good match for the Plaid's 28 inch overall diameter is a 20 inch size, so this means I can run a larger, stickier tire with your kit. Thank you very much for the assist. I will ask Forgeline to confirm the...
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    Vendor The Ultimate Carbon Ceramic Brake System for Model S Plaid

    How about a 20 inch wheel? Maybe specifically a custom offset made Forgeline CF201?
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    Heads up for Houston owners getting a wrap or detail

    Hey guys - sorry this is a first post from a non-owner...but a Tesla is our next car and after seeing a lot of Teslas at a local detail shop that did a terrible job on my car, I felt a heads-up was in order. The shop is Dynamic Autoworks off Stuebner-Airline road in the north Houston area. They...
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    Blog Tesla Shareholder Meeting: Musk Remains Chairman, Promises a $35K Model 3 By End of Year

    I was really pleased. Musk was patient and gracious with all questions, even those from a younger girl who said she owned just one share. Overall, the information was good - but as always I long for more depth. But I do understand Musk's reluctance to provide much, given how Tesla is...
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    New vs Old Rear Seats

    Hitting stationary objects in a Tesla - bad for your pocketbook, reputation, etc... Hitting stationary objects in any other car - might kill you, your wife/husband, children. etc I'll take the car that has the lower risk of injury or loss of life.
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    New vs Old Rear Seats

    I know CR didn't seem to like the rolling improvements, but why? I know some early buyers might not get the "latest and greatest", but this is actually ALWAYS the case. The main difference between Tesla and other carmakers is that with other carmakers, and entire model year of people don't get...
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    Blog Tesla Releases Info on Dual-Motor Model 3; Performance Version to Cost $78K

    Looking forward to the various head-to-head comparisons by various organizations like Road&Track, C&D, etc that prove or disprove that the Model 3 is in fact better on a track than the BMW M3 (let's throw Merc's AMG C-series in for good measure!). But I think the Alfa Guilia is probably the...
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    Sudden Unexpected Acceleration today

    Not sure I agree with this. I have a car with nearly 1000hp (yes, it's a highly modified one...) and regardless of speed, the brakes can slow the car from pretty much ANY speed, regardless of whether the throttle is closed or 100% open. Brake fade CAN happen, but only if the brakes have...
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    Jim Keller leaves the autopilot team

    I think you may be thinking about this wrong - the kind of people who will change the landscape aren't ones you "need to get up to speed" - they are the ones that come in and shake things up (in a good way). They are the ones getting the rest of your company up to speed. FWIW - Netflix is...
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    Jim Keller leaves the autopilot team

    I'm with you - and I think for exactly this reason Tesla (i.e. Elon) will do whatever it takes to retain him, within reason.
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    Blog With Lifted Restrictions in China, Tesla Can Own Its Own Factory

    Well - the story doesn't note this, but I thought there was a "by 2022, perhaps" timeline attached to this. So no - Tesla, nor anyone else can't own their own factory at this point or any time in the foreseeable future. Four years is a L O N G wait. And that doesn't count the time it takes to...

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