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  1. Troglodytes

    Duke Energy Florida EV Off-Peak Charging Program - $10/monthly credit

    tl;dr- DEF Off-Peak Charging Program is not good for Tesla's. Risk of long-term damage to HV relays. Cancelled out of the program and don't recommend it to others at this time. I hadn't logged in to TMC for a while and missed the notifications about replies to my original post. @solodogg...
  2. Troglodytes

    Duke Energy Florida EV Off-Peak Charging Program - $10/monthly credit

    I am not a fan of sharing the token either. Especially, not happy that location data (Location permission) is being shared. But, given the assumed need for geofencing within the DEF territory I can see why they might do it. (Driving outside of DEF territory and charging on-peak shouldn't...
  3. Troglodytes

    Duke Energy Florida EV Off-Peak Charging Program - $10/monthly credit

    tl;dr- Duke Energy Florida has a EV Off-peak charging monthly bill credit of $10. I was disappointed to see that my Duke Energy Florida monthly bill that I had gotten used to being about ~$14/month had jumped to ~$35/month in January. That 2.5x increase I eventually learned is DEF's new...
  4. Troglodytes

    Battery management or CT clamp issue?

    Last night (no solar production) I left the system in backup mode at 100% SoC. I observed the app showing grid-to-house usage only. Later in the night (no solar production) I switched to self-powered. App showed batteries-to-house usage only. Still at night (no solar production) I...
  5. Troglodytes

    Battery management or CT clamp issue?

    Thanks for the link. My install happened just before the Gateway 2's started to be used in the US. So, I actually have the original Gateway, but its good to see what the install guide says for a compare/contrast purpose. Based on the link and my pictures from install I would expect if it is...
  6. Troglodytes

    Battery management or CT clamp issue?

    Sun was down. No frequency shifting issues that I am aware of. Nighttime experience with the issue only so far. (Will be monitoring more closely now to see what happens during PV production times.) Have not tried switching main breaker related to this issue. Last time I did so was months...
  7. Troglodytes

    Battery management or CT clamp issue?

    Hello Tesla Energy forum... I have the system listed in the signature installed for a bit less than a year. Tonight I noticed the lights flickering a bit and checked the Tesla app to see power draw and if we had switched to backup. At first the app showed standby, then flickered to...
  8. Troglodytes

    Unknown red light indicator under battery icon, over-laying speed limit sign graphic

    While driving a short distance tonight I had a small red dot show up on the touch screen display under the battery SoC icon and over-laying all speed limit sign icons. Earlier in the trip before seeing this I went through an emergency services intersection with a flashing yellow light in it...
  9. Troglodytes

    First Powerwall functionality outage; easily resolved with good Tesla Energy phone support

    tl-dr; system outage noticed this morning, initial issues with phone support, but good end result, support stated its okay for end users to push the backup gateway's reset button at their own discretion to attempt to fix issues. Had my first (and hopefully only) failure of system experience for...
  10. Troglodytes

    Vendor Want to remove the Model Y emblems?...Think again.

    I have been waiting on frunk and trunk emblems since re-paint back in July. They simply aren't being received by the service center.
  11. Troglodytes

    Wrap now or wrap later when the SC/body shop needs to do rectification

    They ended up having the car for three weeks. I had the ppf and the tint put on shortly afterwards. Generally the repairs were acceptable. But.... The repairs by the Tesla sub'd body shop on the driver's side door left the driver's side mirror loose. It rattles at highway speeds. I think...
  12. Troglodytes

    No grid, Powerwalls drained, what happens to solar?

    Very interesting... thanks for the link and the excerpt!
  13. Troglodytes

    Powerwall - Partial Back Up/Gateway Question

    Agree with @arnolddeleon 's short answer. @acalbear no such thing as an "elementary question" - everyone has different experiences and knowledge. (I am impressed by this forum's willingness to share both experience and knowledge which makes me happy to do the same.) I have 2 ACs with a...
  14. Troglodytes

    No grid, Powerwalls drained, what happens to solar?

    Anyone know from experience what happens in a prolonged outage when the grid is out and powerwall 2s are drained of charge? [Defined as 0% available per the app.] Will solar production/inverters be able to start back up using residual sub-zero-percent charge in the idled powerwalls? Can...
  15. Troglodytes

    Realistic expectations

    My system was only partially configured by Tesla at installation in SolarEdge's monitoring system. I have two SE inverters. Only one was listed for my SolarEdge monitoring site. Further, it wasn't until I plugged in the Ethernet that the monitoring received any data from even the single...

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