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  1. Tronguy

    Going Solar- Need Some Help!

    Um. Speaking as a person who's had a 9.02 kW system on the roof since 2008.. Total inverter size in my system is 7.8 kW. There's actually two inverters: One at 4.8 kW, the other at 3.0 kW. As it happens, my roof happens to be aimed nearly dead south (200 degrees); angle of the roof is 25...
  2. Tronguy

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    And just to finish the story: in a circuit, current flows into the vehicle on one conductor and back out of the vehicle on on the other conductor. So, if it’s 1.6 kW on one wire in the cable, it’s another 1.6 kW on the other wire. Reminds of the three laws of thermodynamics: You can’t win, you...
  3. Tronguy

    Is Tesla Y better than other all electric SUVs?

    Look: The S.O. and I have had an M3 since 2018. We sold the Prius in the garage and went looking for another BEV in late 2021. Test rode a Ford Mustang. Small trunk, small frunk, MPGe less than MY. VW ID.4 had totally confusing NAV panel, extremely non-intuitive. You get in the MY and it Just...
  4. Tronguy

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Speaking as a local EE, the trick is that when one is moving energy from point A to B on wires, unless the wire is a superconductor, there’s energy lost in the wire. Assuming that the load resistance of the vehicle is much greater than the wire resistance (usually a pretty good bet), then the...
  5. Tronguy

    Can I install a 60 amp circuit breaker for the wall charger if I have a SR version?

    Let’s take this from the top. Teslas hooked up to L2 connectors like the Wall Connector get 208 to 240 Volts AC. The interesting question is how much current the car draws. The car talks to the Wall Connector to find out how much current it can supply. It then looks at its own navel to see...
  6. Tronguy

    Supercharger - New Haven, CT

    And just my bad luck that I plugged into the one non-functional station on the first try 😁 .
  7. Tronguy

    Elon & Twitter

    Second the notion. I was a denizen of those forums. The early days of those forums provided a place for those interested in Teslas to Ask Questions and Get Answers. Once the FUD train got well and started, various short sellers and, given the actions and contexts of those that are conveniently...
  8. Tronguy

    New Jersey commercial auto insurance $4000?!

    Odd. I'm in NJ and have NJM for an insurer; switched to them from State Farm and saved a hundred bucks or so. NJM is around 1800 or a year, personal (non-commercial). I didn't regard State Farm's rates excessive, either, for this corner of the country. Commercial.. for a business. Let me check...
  9. Tronguy

    Elon & Twitter

    Um. Thinking back about my post about brain issues.. The first time I realized that something seemed out of kilter was when Musk went over the edge when the Fremont factory was closed down because of COVID. Before then he seemed neither left nor right leaning, but just this entrepreneur worried...
  10. Tronguy

    Supercharger - New Haven, CT

    We stopped briefly to use the restrooms. When I walked out I looked at some signage in the lobby that said what was open when; I didn't see the self-serve area, but that's probably my bad. I went to the hotel; the S.O. went around the rear, got stopped by various fences and whatnot, and ended...
  11. Tronguy

    Supercharger - New Haven, CT

    Stopped there around 2 p.m. today. The first stall didn’t charge, but moved to another and that one worked fine. Note that the hotel has no restaurants open at that time of day on weekdays. And one needs to walk around the front to find a public restroom, not the rear.
  12. Tronguy

    Elon & Twitter

    Odd thought. Has the guy got a brain tumor? Or some other medical condition that causes personality changes? In a weird way, his overall performance reminds me of my father, who passed away from Lewy Body disease, a form of dementia. In 20-20 hindsight, the family realized that personality...
  13. Tronguy

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    The normal route that pulls up the single digits to a dozen interventions has about 15 turns, 16 lights, a small number of stop signs, and no interstates. An alternative route with lots more interstates can get through with roughly half that number, but has mind-numbing problems getting through...
  14. Tronguy

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I’m going to repeat the Fair Warning that I’ve been posting about the Beta in various threads, especially as they’re new-to-the-experience types galore around here. And, yeah, expectations amongst the shareholders (I’m one) should be damped a bit. First: In the release notes, Tesla states, and...
  15. Tronguy

    2022.36.20 (FSD Beta) ran the red light today

    It’s a blinkin’ beta. “It may do the worst thing at the wrong time.” YOU clicked through the text saying that. The beta IS NOT FOR PRIME TIME, and never has been. It’s for testers, period. Advantage for you: you and your car send data to Tesla so they can improve the product, with the eventual...

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