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Both forgiveness and accountability cannot be 100%; they oppose each other. We need accountability, but we also need a level of forgiveness in order to improve. Paired with The Enlightenment which says that individuals must have the liberty to live is USA's founding principles.

About myself:

I value peace and quiet.

When I take delivery of my X, you will most likely see me reading all of artsci's posts about how to make the thing less noisy, and doing half the ideas. I will love that it does not spew out toxic smoke. I will be very happy.

More about me. I just put in two reservations for a Model 3. I might need one for my spouse by the time it is ready to order, thus the two. Or I might only need one. Or, I might love my Model X so much I get 0 Model 3's. Or, I won't be able to buy the Model X and all I will be able to get are used Model S's or a new Model 3. Time will tell!!!

Even more about me. I just downgraded my expectations and first ordered a Model S, due to financial constraints. Post explaining this at Model S order "confirmed"

I've taken delivery of the Model S. Immediately, I regretted not getting the X: no auto presenting doors, no towing, and a confined sitting experience. I also regret not getting Blue. But, I'll wait for Captain's Chair Folding Chair configuration, for maximum flexibility, and hopefully animal detecting AP hardware (infrared, ambient radiation back scatter bone signature detection, whatever).

I'm now in a situation where I must sell my car. Please buy it. It's listed at 2016 White S 60D: AP2 hardware, 23k miles, $56,000. In Monterey Bay Area near SF South Bay Area.

It has been sold.

It sometimes seems like my value to humanity is understanding the future, and edge cases of the present and future.

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