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    Check Out the Cybertruck Promo Photos

    I don't care for the design of trucks today anyways I think this looks alot more futuristic. The performance though is crazy and pretty much destroys anything on the market.
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    Poll on 40KW battery actual rated range vs age(miles) of car

    70,000 miles I saw 132 rated yesterday.
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    My Thoughts After 2 Years of Ownership

    Totally agree I can't imagine buying a different vehicle now that we have a Tesla. Next vehicle will be a Tesla Model X.
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    How much has your Model S cost you out of warranty?

    Just tires so far at 68000 miles.
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    Had my First Test Drive Today.. Hmmmmmm...

    I ordered our car after seeing the engineering that went into the vehicle online. Actually rode in one prior to delivery but never had a chance to drive a Tesla. We have the slowest model and it is faster than any other car I have owned Audi A4 etc. The silence speaks volumes so I don't miss the...
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    My Tesla Story - and why a Model S is less expensive than a Honda Odyssey

    I have these vehicles also. I find it amazing how it is difficult for people to grasp how much they spend in fuel. Someone I know said it best they are just used to buying fuel. This is called a paradigm something we are used to doing even if it costs more. Anyone with basic business skills...
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    End of my Mercedes Era

    First I have to tell what happened yesterday I was in front of a Jaguar that looks almost like a Model S. A guy pulls up next to me in traffic and starts asking questions about the car it was priceless. We already want to buy the X when it drops and as much as we drive with two electric cars may...
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    So, why did you buy a Tesla?

    I own the base model nothing extra except the pano roof and it is better than almost every luxury car out there. It is fast and just an engineering marvel. There is no doubt after owning for a year this is the best car my family has ever owned.
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    Firmware 5.9

    5.9 is great My 40KWH Ideal miles varied between 140-147 Rated miles was 121-128. It seems this depended on the weather.
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    Firmware 5.9

    5.9 looks great I got the prompt this morning and installed my ideal range is at 160 rated is a 138 I have a 40KWH so there is a change in the range calculation.
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    Folks who stretched: Will you do it again given another chance or regret buying Tesla

    I would not have bought a car this expensive previous cars VW Jetta and Honda Van. Typically I would agree that buying a car in this price range is a waste of money. But the more research I did prior to purchase the more the obvious answer was staring me in the face I could not avoid. I was...
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    So just how reliable is the Model S?

    I have had the inverter replaced and windshield motor. Tesla fixed it under warranty. I would concur the car just gets better the more you drive. We have over 16000 miles and what is interesting my wife said just the other day the other cars feel cheap compared to the Tesla. Funny thing is she...
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    Ugh. Another Model S fire - 2013-11-06

    I think it is pretty comical people believe we are defending the Model S because we own them. This whole fire issue is in my mind ridiculous. If the Model S were catching on fire spontenously I would think differently. However, in all of these cases the car struck objects on the road. Gas...
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    Firmware 5.6

    I called prior and just went in to the St. Louis center and they updated the car to 5.6
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    Model S Accident/Fire

    The video just confirms more why I bought the car it is really safe. There are many people who would not have walked away from a fire like that happening to their vehicles. The car detected a problem itself and told the driver to pull over how many other vehicles do this?

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