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    2015 Model S 85D - Fast charging rate at SuperCharger

    I would kind of count your blessings. I have the same model car and that's about what I get. I can charge to the original 270 but it takes too long. I would say you are in typical territory.
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    72Amp onboard charger for current models

    Wait a minute. You're charging at 197 volts? Why? Have you no Superchargers. You do indicate you're in the boonedocks. But SCs are 440 volts. It's better to have higher voltage than higher current. Is this a very special case? Why so weird a voltage..should at least be 240 at 40 amps...
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    Supercharger - St Joseph Missouri

    OMG, I'm so happy!
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    My S85D and Tesla life at 50K miles

    Very close to my experience, Bruce. The business of eating and having a drink of water on a road trip using AP1 is great. I know that people will criticize doing this but the thing is they would do it ANYWAY and that IS dangerous. You still need to be vigilant but it is a godsend. I have...
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    Blog Tesla Releases Data on Utah Autopilot Crash

    I agree. If the driver is hands on steering then autopilot is superfluous.
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    Bethany, MO Supercharger

    How'd we get from Bethany to Dubuque?
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    Bethany, MO Supercharger

    What does this have to do with Bethany?
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    Supercharger - Loveland, CO

    Does anyone know if 34 is open to Estes park from Loveland? I heard it was closed.
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    Why I sold my 1-month old Tesla Model S.

    ---------------------- Sir, spelling aside. I hope you are as picky when you work on my eyes. Don't worry about the comments. If I were Tesla I would have enlisted you as an evaluator. I'd be interested in knowing which vehicle you replaced this one with. It seems most of the complaints...
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    Want to return new Tesla

    Let's try some counseling. What is it about the car that you don't like compared to what you expected. Please be specific.
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    Is it safe to connect a large inverter to the 12V battery?

    Along the same line, I have one of those little refrigerators (Peltier). Has anyone tried running one of these off the 12 volt acc socket. Is the 12 volt socket active all the time?
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    I'm missing 14% of my battery capacity...any ideas?

    Well, the capacity of the battery is the capacity of the battery. And that's it. If it's RANGE you're talking about that's a can of worms. Speed, Up hill, downhill, wind, rain, cold, surface, changes in elevation, etc. Some computer app could factor those in but I don't know of any that are...
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    Evacuating Hurricane Irma in a Tesla

    I wonder if the energy consumed by a tesla in stopped traffic is less than a gasoline car in the same situation. Not sure how you would calculate that. What's the gas consumption of an ICE stopped in traffic and still running?
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    Supercharger - Laramie, WY

    Okay, thanks that's useful. I understand there will be a supercharger at Estes 'sometime soon'.

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