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  1. Wahbash

    Valet pushed my car

    That reminds me, I just got new insurance for my model 3. For some reason, Travellers Insurance insists that my Tesla doesn't have any anti theft system, but my wife was given an anti theft system discount for her Subaru....? I didn't have the energy to argue with them.
  2. Wahbash

    Transplanting the key card RFID to my phone Case

    Neat idea, but personally I like to keep them separated. If I lose my phone I still have emergency key in wallet, and vice versa. That is also why I keep a credit card in my phone case...if I lose either one I can still pay for things and drive my car. I like redundancy. Going to get an RFID...
  3. Wahbash

    Can't Enable Scheduled Charging

    I just noticed it too the other day. It kinda is a bug...you need to actually switch off scheduled charging first then tell it to switch to scheduled departure. Ideally it should do the first automatically when you do the second, otherwise you might not realize it doesn't switch.
  4. Wahbash

    Scheduled Departure no longer working

    Oh wow. I just checked it and you are correct. That is WAY confusing. Unfortunately I have to lie and tell it my utility "off peak" hours end at like 9am so it will keep charging right up until I want to leave, but at least it is something. Thank you guys! I never would have guessed that. Tesla...
  5. Wahbash

    Scheduled Departure no longer working

    Hi medphys3, Yes, I am seeing that...are you saying I need to select "off peak charging" in order for it to start charging when it needs to? That doesn't make sense to me. I don't think I have ever used that because I don't have on/off peak rates....and I wouldn't want to limit it to only...
  6. Wahbash

    Valet pushed my car

    Good observation...yes valets probably have ways to move cars if they can't find the keys or battery dies, etc, but would you be able to get a tesla up on those dollies while it is in Park? Not sure how they work... I think you have to jack up each wheel to use them, if so, I would bet they...
  7. Wahbash

    2 small puddles of water on driver side mats after sitting overnight

    I know this riddle. A very small man hung himself to death under your steering wheel, standing on a melting block of ice.
  8. Wahbash

    Valet pushed my car

    I did not think it was possible to push the car while it is in Park. I am guessing the parking attendants aren't telling you the real story?
  9. Wahbash

    Scheduled Departure no longer working

    2018 M3 - Before the pandemic I used to use scheduled departure every day to have the car warmed up and ready for when I left for work, but stopped using it over the past year while working from home. The last few weeks I have been trying to use it again, and either something has changed or my...
  10. Wahbash

    Tesla Solar on a "fake roof" + Powerwall Alternatives?

    Ok thank you. Maybe if we start the process now, when we are ready for install next Spring/Summer they can get their hands on one with advance notice.
  11. Wahbash

    Tesla Solar on a "fake roof" + Powerwall Alternatives?

    Ok that's what I thought...I can't cheat the system...but it sounds like I might not need to. If we can get a third party install and still get Powerwall, then we should be ok. Though I was secretly looking forward to building my ground mounted roof.
  12. Wahbash

    Tesla Solar on a "fake roof" + Powerwall Alternatives?

    Oh? Wow ok did not know that...when did you have this done? One of the installers I called is Tesla certified, because I was looking for someone to install our home charger, and they said they did solar too....but mentioned they didn't know if they could get a Powerwall.
  13. Wahbash

    Tesla Solar on a "fake roof" + Powerwall Alternatives?

    Hello 2 Questions here, Wife and I are buying a new house and have money saved up for a solar install. Solar panels won't work on the existing roof, so I am left with only a ground mount solution. I understand that Tesla will only sell you a Powerwall as part of a new Tesla solar panel system...
  14. Wahbash

    2021 Performance vibration

    It is more likely a wheel balance issue than alignment I would think. If there is a tire shop nearby I would ask them to check the tire balance first, but let's see what others say.
  15. Wahbash

    TeslaCam stopped working

    That worked! Thank you! I had assumed the in car format was better method, but apparently not. Buy yourself a beer on me.

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