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  1. Whiskeypapa

    Just curious if anyone has personalized license plates?

    Since I’ve had solar on the roof since 2000, I’ve had the same personalization on my 2007 ZENN NEV (Google it), 2014 Leaf, and 2022 MYP; SOLR RUN. It’s been a couple of years since someone looked at the plate, then the car, then asked where the panels are.
  2. Whiskeypapa

    Software update = lockout of AP?

    I’ve been on 2022.36.20 (FSD) for about a week, and the cameras have been solid , although I did have a couple instances of AP disengaging, but no message about cameras. It seemed to me that on a curvy mountain highway (US 50 to Tahoe) AP did better staying in the center of the lane on curves...
  3. Whiskeypapa

    Software update = lockout of AP?

    After update to 2022.20.19, I started having intermittent disabling AP and inop side cameras. Sounds like similar problems. Are you on the same version?
  4. Whiskeypapa

    Just curious if anyone has personalized license plates?

    In 2010 I bought my first EV, a used 2007 ZENN (Google it). The first owner had personalized plates, which she transferred to me, since we both had PV on our roofs to charge the car. When I bought my Leaf in 2017, I moved the plates to the Leaf. I currently have the 15-year-old plates (standard...
  5. Whiskeypapa

    Blind Spot how to move position after latest update?

    Just push on the turn stalk opposite of the direction you’re turning to turn off the signal. You don’t really need your blinker on while you’re stopped on the turn lane. I think most people know where you want to go. After you answer/hang up, you can turn the signal back on if you wish.
  6. Whiskeypapa

    Black car in texas heat

    I went two weeks from delivery to my window tint appointment, with 100+ degree days both before and after tint. The MYP is MSM (almost as dark as black) with black interior. I avoided black interiors on all my vehicles for the last 35 years because I hate roasting my thighs on hot seats, but I’m...
  7. Whiskeypapa

    Clock 12 minutes behind after 2022.20.6 update

    A day or two after the 2022.20.6 update, I noticed that the time displayed is 12 minutes and several seconds behind my iPhone. I tried resetting the screen, but it’s still behind. Maybe my full-throttle 0-60 eastbound accelerations caused a time warp? Do I need to do an equal number westbound to...
  8. Whiskeypapa

    Does anyone regret installing Light Harmonic speakers?

    Hey @Vicj ! Did you do the pink noise test? I’m thinking about doing a speaker upgrade, but I don’t want to get lower efficiency speakers if I’m going to stay with the factory amplifiers. Thanks!
  9. Whiskeypapa

    Best audio setup

    Has anyone seen subwoofers that would fit under the front seats? Seems like an easy way for an “earth” shaking experience. 🙃
  10. Whiskeypapa

    Model Y Spare Tire problem solved

    What was old is new again!
  11. Whiskeypapa

    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    Before and After Xpel stealth wrap and tint
  12. Whiskeypapa

    Alert for leaving phone (key) in car

    I’m only a year behind you, and in the three weeks I’ve had the MYP, I’ve walked away a few times, at least several steps, before turning around to grab my phone. In my last car, the phone was in an air vent holder and in my direct view. With the MYP, I switched from Apple Music to Tidal, which...
  13. Whiskeypapa

    Model y long rang verses performance model y

    FWIW, I switched my order from MYLR to MYP so I could get it delivered for this summer. My test drive before ordering was in A MYLR, and it was a firm, but acceptable, ride. I was concerned that the MYP wouldn’t pass the spousal approval test, so I bought a set of Geminis to swap if needed. So...
  14. Whiskeypapa

    I'm trying to add an SSD so I can listen to audio books, but I'm having trouble

    FWIW, if you’re a MacOS user, back in 2019, @supertvo posted an executable script for partitioning and creating the TeslaCam folder. Used it to erase and repartition a 256 GB WD SSD. Easy peasy! From Supertvo: To contribute back to community, I wrote this tool to help others: mtrung/tesla-usb-drive
  15. Whiskeypapa

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Well, I got Pirelli summers on the MYP I picked up Friday, so it’s not all California cars! I live about 20 miles from the snow line, and I don’t think it has snowed in Carlsbad since the Ice Age! Just goes to prove, either Tesla has some 3-D chess-like strategy for tire selection, or it’s...

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