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Recent content by Whisky

  1. Whisky

    Low ceiling sensor briefly doesn't detect low ceiling

    My underground parking has some big pipes running above. I've been parking here for two years and haven't had an issue. A few days ago, it seems the 'low ceiling' sensor didn't work and the FWDs opened in their full glory, thus hitting one of the pipes. It's a small dent, not a huge deal, but...
  2. Whisky

    Model 3 Canada - Confirmed Orders Only thread

    Can you explain the reasoning? Do you think the crash will cause people to cancel their orders, because they've lost money? My initial thought is short term losses won't affect a market like Canada. Might be a different story in China where it's been physically more difficult to purchase a car...
  3. Whisky

    User experience with mode 3 that stay in the garage during winter?

    The bad news; my garage rarely gets too cold, (rarely under 16 degrees) and I still face a cold battery pack if I don’t prep the battery before driving by charging it. If you drive regularly, the scheduled end time makes this way way way more painless today than it was years ago. The good...
  4. Whisky

    Underground Overnight Parking

    I have between one to two LTE bars. That's enough to get a download when tethering. Sometimes I hit 3G, and that's definitely not enough. Otherwise, yeah, I just tether whenever I'm at a restaurant or go to the mall. I do often have an issue (I have a MX, so this might work differently in a TM3)...
  5. Whisky

    I'm an idiot...advice needed!

    Don't worry about range with an SR+. I have a X75D that basically has the same range as a SR+, but charges slower. If you take long road trips, it'll cost you a little extra time, but it'll be fine. Having chargers next door, but not in your condo, is unfortunate but liveable. Re: 96 month...
  6. Whisky

    Condo in GTA - Charger experience

    I have one at my condo (Toronto), and I’ve spoken to other people that have gone through the process. 1. Be prepared for it to take six month to a year for installation to be approved, and another two months to six months for installation 2. Be prepared to pay anywhere between $600 (unlike)...
  7. Whisky

    Are Canadians still getting Model 3s right now?

    So sounds like you do have 'Autopilot' included in the price, but not full-self driving. Assuming you did not pay an extra $4000 for autopilot, this looks like they delivered the car they promised.
  8. Whisky

    So many mixed answers - Electrical requirements for installation

    Whether it's a 48A or 24A charge, we all wake-up with a car that's 90% charged (or 80%, or whatever you set it at). Even driving 300km/day in my MX, that's 12 hours of charging (closer to 9 hours, my guess, with a TM3). A person with lower amperage might start charging sooner in the evening, or...
  9. Whisky

    So many mixed answers - Electrical requirements for installation

    I'll just add another 24A service to the car is more than enough. At my condo building, that's all we could install, and it's fine. If there's ever a time that I arrive near empty and need to go out in a few hours, there's always supercharging. In my MX75D that gives me about 5% of charge per...
  10. Whisky

    Awesome iOS App called Stats

    You have an engaged developer. You can pay for the app.
  11. Whisky

    Shorter range MX and MS not appearing on Canada's website

    While the US has an $8K discount for shorter range vehicles (the software locked 100D batteries), there's no such option in Canada. Anyone hear about the reason why?
  12. Whisky

    Awesome iOS App called Stats

    Sorry to hear it was tough, but thank you! I’ll be using this feature often, especially in the winter time. It’s a huge convenience!
  13. Whisky

    Awesome iOS App called Stats

    Possible to get Siri commands for battery charging, like “Hey Siri, charge car to 90%” similar to what you have with HVAC? That be terrific for days when I want to preheat the battery!
  14. Whisky

    Awesome iOS App called Stats

    Yes, this would be terrific. I manually do this in the winter time, but my charger is only 30A so I’m charging to 80%, and then topping of to 90% an hour before I leave. So if we can play with the timing? That be great. And yes, in extreme cold weather, 10% is a good gauge for me and still with...
  15. Whisky

    Super charging at -10F

    When doing a road trip, it's better to charge the night before when coming into your destination, or finding a destination with a charger. Those speeds are normal, and it might take a while before they improve. Fastest way to heat up your battery is driving, accelerating, etc.. do everything...

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