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    Nagging issues

    For the first issue, some people have found that the rear hatch if it is not tight against the bumpers can flutter when driving. It causes a big change in pressure in the cabin just like you describe. The way to fix it is to extend the rubber bumpers the hatch closes against by unscrewing them a...
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    Too Late to order a Sales Tax Exempt Model X?

    Just to follow up on this for anyone reading this thread in the future (I know this part of the discussion is old...) You can see the penalties for trying to avoid the sales tax (technically use tax) on vehicles here in RCW 46.16A.030(6). This includes leaving the car registered in another...
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    Wired - What Tesla Needs to Fix Before It Gives Us a New Model S

    This just tells us that you haven't been using it for very long. Like any car or device, it takes a while to get familiar with things. I can do the three or four most common things I do with barely a glance at the screen: set the headlights to off (so they don't turn on in the garage), open and...
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    About time to unveil the D and something else

    If we're throwing out speculations, what about a whole new model - the Tesla Model D, say a pickup? It doesn't make sense to me that they would use a whole new model number for the S with a second motor.
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    NEMA 6-50 adapter "engineering"

    A mutilated 14-50 plug won't fit in a 6-50 receptacle. I believe you're thinking of a 14-30, which fits if you cut off the center (neutral) pin. The 6-50 has a narrower blade on one side that won't fit the 14-50 blade. You can see below: 14-50 (left), 14-30 (center), and 6-50 (right) plugs. It...
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    Have you been ICEd?

    How about PWOC'd (pronounced "pwocked") - Parked With-Out Charging. "I showed up at the hotel's chargers and couldn't charge because two were ICE'd and one was PWOC'd."
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    How to plan out a Supercharger only route

    PlugShare (www.plugshare.com) also has a trip planner, but it's relatively simple. You enter in your start and endpoints, and it will show you all the chargers along the route within a certain radius. You have to do your own planning w/r/t charge times, etc.
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    Tesla no longer selling NEMA 6-50 Adapter

    I think this adapter is the opposite of what you want. The "P" in 14-50P means "plug", which is the part with the blades sticking out, while the "R" in 6-50R means "receptacle", which means it has the holes. If your friend has a 6-50 outlet in his shop, then you need a 6-50P to 14-50R, which you...
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    NADA getting desperate

    True, but what about every other new manufacturer that starts selling cars from now on? None of them will use dealerships either, and after a couple of decades it's feasible that the majority of cars will be sold direct to consumer. At that point it's painfully obvious you're just overhead, and...
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    FYI Update: Puget Sound Energy Green Power Energy Mix

    PSE gives a couple of different options, but if you choose the 100% Usage option, then PSE will purchase the same number of kWh from purely green sources (the list the OP gave) as you use each month. So while you're still connected to the grid which is largely hydro, you are offsetting your...
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    Reboot on 5.9 changed?

    However, I think with 5.9 they made it so you can no longer reboot while driving. I tried once while in drive to do the reboot sequence (on the scroll wheels) but it seemed to be ignored. Later, I did it after getting in the car while it was still "off". It rebooted as expected after 5-7...
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    Firmware 5.9

    I don't know about High or Very High to Normal (that seems to be not very fast - 5 or 10 mph), but I watched today for the transition from Low back to Normal after slowing down. I set mine to go "low" at 60 mph and drove on the highway for ~30min with the Controls/Driving screen open to see...
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    Designing new franchise agreement laws

    (Mods: I could not find a better forum for this topic, so please move if appropriate). Let's say that through some large effort a bunch of people were able to come up with a plan that by November, 2015, groups in all 50 states would put voter initiatives on the ballots of each state. These...
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    Alloy Gators and alignment problems

    My service center had a spare set of 21's in their shop which they put on to do the alignment, and then put my wheels with the Alloy Gators back on. That technique seemed to work fine.
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    Firmware 5.8

    I'm not following why this is a problem. The red part of the compass arrow will always point towards North, just like on a real compass.

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