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    Wall connector handle issue with exposed internal cables

    My almost 4 years old Wall Connector’ handle is starting to separate from the cable, exposing the internal cables (see photo). I tried to push it back in but it doesn’t stay there. Any ideas/suggestions how to fix? Is this repairable?
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    Sentry mode mechanics

    HW 3.0. Report back if service center finds anything interesting.
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    Latest SW Update: Charging Port Not Opening / Sentry Mode Hyperactive

    My experience with Sentry mode 5 days ago (2019.40.50.5): Sentry mode mechanics
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    Sentry mode mechanics

    Hello, I had multiple (23) sentry false positive events last night. There was no alert on the phone. A neighbor informed me that the car lights were flashing multiple times last night. Looking at the footage, the recorded events were between 2.00a and 5.00a but I didn’t see anything suspicious...
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    Automated wash service and Aero wheels

    Any good, quick automated wash services in the Natick, Wellesley, Framingham area for the Model 3? Personally, I don’t really worry about touch vs touch-less systems for the paint etc. My biggest worry is the rails of these systems damaging the Aero caps. I don’t want to be in the business of...
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    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    Obviously there are tons of discussions on these forums and the internet in general about Model 3 Performance Stealth that answer all your questions but in general, and based on my understanding: You can not order a Model 3 Performance Stealth your self. A Tesla Sales Advisor needs to find...
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    Driving position, steering wheel adjustment for tall people

    Got delivery of a Model 3 four days ago. This car replaced my Model S 75D. One thing I noticed (that I probably missed during test drive) is how limited the movement of the steering wheel is when is adjusted. I am 6’ 2” tall and in general I have to move the driver seat almost all the way back...
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    MA - EV license plates

    I got delivery of a new leased Model 3 yesterday at the Dedham store and I just realized the registration/license plates they gave me are not EV plates. Did they stop giving EV plates or this is a mistake? Should I call and fight this or there is really no benefit of having EV this plates...
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    What is a Pre-Prodution car and why my VIN is older?

    I am bit confused so I am hoping for some help here. 4 days ago my Tesla advisor sent me a link to a Model 3 Performance stealth. The car had a VIN serial in the 602xxx range and for location it was saying "Pre-Production". I posted the $100 and ordered it. My assumption was that the car is not...
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    Do Referral Supercharger Miles expire?

    For what is worth, I asked my SA specifically this question. His answer was NO. Q: Do miles have any expiration date? A: The miles do not expire. Maybe he has no idea or maybe miles do not expire....
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    What is the max $ amount you can pay Tesla with a Credit Card?

    Either for a lease down payment or a loan down payment what is the maximum amount I can put on a credit card to pay the amount due on delivery to Tesla? This is about convenience, as in my case I always pay the full balance of the Credit Card at the end of every month so there is no hit with...
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    What Trim Level is a Sleeper?

    I thought that the reason Model 3 Performance gets 310 miles range (instead of 322 that the Long Range All Wheel Drive gets) was the size and type of the wheels (20 inch non-Aero vs 18 inch Aero). But I did see the specs of a couple of those Stealth Performance models, with the 18 inch Aero...
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    Leasing Model 3 in the US outside Tesla

    Anyone leasing a Model 3 using a different company than Tesla in the US? What good options (based on company/financial institution/terms) are out there? Any good experiences? How was the process? (Note: this is not a debate about if lease is a good option or not)
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    Dedham, MA Tesla woes... "Hugh"

    For what is worth, got delivery of my Model S at Dedham the last few days of 2016 year. End of a quarter but way before the Model 3 craziness. In general I had very positive experience with the Tesla Dedham people. Everything was on time, as promised. Also I have extremely positive experience...
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    Comfort and noice levels on LR AWD vs Performance

    Can someone that test-drove (or maybe owns ? ) both, comment on the difference in comfort and noise levels on the two cars? I understand that Performance has lowered suspension and 20" wheels but how much of a difference does it fell during normal driving? And is there any difference on...

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