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  1. Yang_H

    Charge Port Wouldn't Open

    Funny that for the first few days with my brand new Model 3 I didn't know that the charge port could be tapped to open automatically. I always manually pulled it open and endured that loud clicking noise, thinking what a terrible design Tesla did to the port. My port survived and is still...
  2. Yang_H

    SR and SR+ displayed range at 100%

    Damn, reading you guys' posts makes me feel quite a bit better. My SR+ (12/2019) @ 15k miles and I'm getting 237 miles at 100% charge, a solid 5% drop from 250 miles. Seems to be the norm for SR+?
  3. Yang_H

    New green light chimes shed light on FSD lane awareness

    Is this feature only available to FSD? I haven't been able to found in my non-FSD SR+.
  4. Yang_H

    Waymo is now exclusive L4 partner for Volvo!

    Volvo is now owned by a Chinese car company whose owner is directly connected to Mr. Xi in China. and frankly I'd be concerned of the IP safety for Waymo.
  5. Yang_H

    Germany will require electric vehicle charging at every gas station

    Germany will require electric vehicle charging at every gas station "As part of a 130 billion euro stimulus plan, Germany will require every gas station in the country to install electric vehicle charging stations. " Would be so nice to see US to do the same soon.
  6. Yang_H

    If there was a 100 mile range upgrade what would you be willing to pay?

    up to $5k to getting my SR+ to 350 miles range would be nice. In real world driving that'll translate into sth like 250 miles.
  7. Yang_H

    Tesla 3 crashes into overturned truck on highway

    I remember that it has been discussed many times here, that all current autopilot or kind likes ignore stationary objects once moving above the speed of ~50mph, due to some kind of tech limitations. So unfortunate.
  8. Yang_H

    Autopilot steering gets much smoother with recent updates

    Don't know about everyone else, but after recent couple updates I found that the AP becomes noticeably smoother when steering the curves. When I first got SR+ six months ago it was very obvious that AP steering on curve was controlled in a step-wise/bit by bit/jittery kind of fashion. Now the AP...
  9. Yang_H

    Will Tesla be able to deliver FSD with HW3.0 and current Model 3 sensor suite, ever?

    The very fact that Tesla couldn't even solve phantom braking for so many years shows that its FSD team are either seriously incompetent or has bumped into some unforeseen technical hurdles that are impossible to be solved with the current sensors/techs on the car.
  10. Yang_H

    Brake vs. Break - grammar lesson

    The most absurd case I saw was from a lawsuit filed by a guy because his Tesla was damaged due to autopilot or sth. His page long description of the accident was filled with "break" all over the place, not a single word of "brake" as far as I could remember.
  11. Yang_H

    Tesla to Raise FSD Price by $1,000

    Yes. If Elon can promise a definitive date of the full release of FSD or I get my money back (I can forgive the interest), I'll be happy to pay the $7k.
  12. Yang_H

    Tesla to Raise FSD Price by $1,000

    The way I'm confident that there is no way Elon can charge $100k for future FSD is that other car manufactures are catching up fast. Tesla probably will stay ahead of other cars for a short future, but there won't be a Tesla monopoly on self-driving cars. The choices for us will only become more...
  13. Yang_H

    Tesla to Raise FSD Price by $1,000

    It's a pity that Tesla is so slow on delivering FSD. I really love and enjoy the autopilot. It reduced the burden of my daily commute driving by like 80%. Couple consistent phantom brakes each way but I can live with that. If Tesla can make the FSD truly useful I'd seriously considering shelling...
  14. Yang_H

    Got $7K: Buy FSD or TSLA Stock? What Would You Do?

    I skipped the FSD when getting the SR+ six months ago and indeed spent the $7k on buying 25 shares of TSLA. As of today TSLA is at $800. Pure lucky decision, I'd say.
  15. Yang_H

    Tesla to Raise FSD Price by $1,000

    Absolutely. I think this feature should be mandatory on all new cars, just like airbags.

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