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    Possible Supercharger - Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, QC

    I wondered how it has evolved in the last 2 months.... I checked this weekend and it hasn't change at all :( it is exactly like the pictures took by Marco on october...
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    Why is the charge port in the back?

    The current Tesla wall connector has 24' cable which should be enough for different parking configurations. There are also other chargers available with long cable. I think it is the charger setup that should accommodate your needs and not the car. The car doesn't know about your specific...
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    When will Model 3 be upgraded to giga casting?

    I'm speculating here but here are some "facts" that I read here and there. Giga Texas will begin production of the Model Y in October potentially with 2170 batteries. 2170 batteries production is at full capacity (or mostly) at giga Nevada 4680 batteries will be produced at giga Texas probably...
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    Maintenance costs

    I live in Quebec and we use a lot of salt in the winter. It is generally recommended to clean/lube your brakes (every year or 2 depending on who you ask) whatever it is an ICE of EV. We have a model 3 for over a year now and there is no problem yet. Unless you never press the brake pedal on...
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    Bio Hazard Now Standard on Model Y

    It can be useful for some part of the world like California. But I don't think air quality is that bad for the majority of us. So making it mandatory to help a minority is a bad design decision. Making it optional would satisfy those who wants it and those who don't want it.
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    Bio Hazard Now Standard on Model Y

    Every Tesla can activate the climate control from the phone app... I am not sure how the filter would make this quicker. It filters particules, not heat...
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    Bio Hazard Now Standard on Model Y

    I personnally don't understand the hype about this kind of filter... I would strongly prefer it to be an option and I would choose to keep the 500-1000$ in my pocket. I don't get why this is mandatory.
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Also a weird thing... The madrid is near there and it has 14 level 3 charging space (6 circuit electric and 8 Tesla) Nothing against "Halte route de l'érable" but it is a smaller stop and it would have more chargers. Definitely not against that :) but worth noticing
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    We see in one of pictures that every conduit goes to a different spot and get out of the ground and it looks like it would fit perfectly chargers in a parking lane. There is one conduit per parking space. I am not a pro, but I really think it is for electric car chargers. It is suspiciously...
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    ID.4 Canadian pricing announced, undercuts MY LR AWD by $20k CAD :(

    In Canada, the situation is very different than in the USA. There is the currency conversion that is not the same depending on the make of the vehicule. The supercharger network is incredible in comparison to others in the US but, in Québec, the network from the utility company is actually...
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    ID.4 Canadian pricing announced, undercuts MY LR AWD by $20k CAD :(

    Also, Sandy is now a Tesla fan and you have to take that into account when you look at its videos. He says he isn't but he clearly is. He even asked for Tesla's money on one of its video. It doesn't make its videos bad, but I see some bias here and there from time to time.
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    ID.4 Canadian pricing announced, undercuts MY LR AWD by $20k CAD :(

    That being said, ID4 UI doesn't look impressive... but you can use android auto or apple car play which are nice and could do most of what Sandy wanted to do.
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    ID.4 Canadian pricing announced, undercuts MY LR AWD by $20k CAD :(

    Sandy is good at disassembling car and giving it's opinion on that. It is less so for riding evaluation... it shows that he's old. If I put my father in a Tesla, he won't be able to put it in drive or park or whatever... That's probably the worst video Sandy put out to date.
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    ID.4 Canadian pricing announced, undercuts MY LR AWD by $20k CAD :(

    An important note is that at this price, it is admissible for the canadian incentive (5000 CAD) and also the quebec incentive(8000 CAD) which make it a lot more tempting than the MY that is not admissible for any of those at the current price. (incentives are applied after taxes so it end up...
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    Mach-E review from Model 3 SR+ owner...

    It will be available this summer... but you can take it out of my comparison and the result is the same: 4.8s for MME vs 5.0s for the Model Y, so mostly the same and the MME has an edge

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