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  1. zanary

    Using EV's as emergency supplements to Powerwall?

    Those vehicles are designed to do this (ie, they have the hardware and needed software to do this). Elon had said way back in the day, that as long as there are Tesla that still get free unlimited supercharging, or those who don't but have referral supercharging perks still, he can't allow this...
  2. zanary

    Using EV's as emergency supplements to Powerwall?

    No Tesla vehicles to date can do V2G. We don't know about any future products having that feature, but we can hope. It's up to each storage energy solution provide to negotiate a "Virtual Battery" solution with the grid operators. Tesla did that in California with PG&E and the other two grid...
  3. zanary

    Figuring out if vehicle has FUSC

    Sorry, I was clear enough. The (1) and (2) were not the SC values, but more like #1 and #2. For SC values, here are the options and their definitions: SC01: The car has unlimited free supercharging enabled and this is transferable to the next owner via a private sale. If the car was ever in...
  4. zanary

    CCS1 to Tesla adapter from Hansshow — why not model S?

    The hardware to support it (ie, the Charging ECU) does not exist in the legacy Model S/X like it does on the newer Model 3/Y... If you want to sell it, let me know. I'm interested in it.
  5. zanary

    Figuring out if vehicle has FUSC

    That's my guess as well. The only way to confirm is if you can get the option code and look for the SC code. The digit next to it will represent what type of Supercharging you have. (1) Free Unlimited Not Transferable, (2) Free Unlimited Transferable to next owner. My Dec 2016 Model X is...
  6. zanary

    What caused this?

    You didn't leave the key/keycard with her, so when you walked away, the car locked. When she opened it up it's no different than an intruder trying to open the door and succeeding. The alarm went off.
  7. zanary

    Cancel ESA - Success Stories?

    The ESA is transferable to the next owner as it's owned by the VIN and not the driver, so why not increase the price of your Model S based on the prorated ESA for the next owner, as he/she won't be able to get an ESA (only original owner can acquire an ESA through a service center).
  8. zanary

    Help needed installing a Powerwall 2 Off Grid DIY

    This guy is possible the best guy for DIY. Check out what he did, and you may consider contacting him. I believe it's on twitter, and on TMC but there is some contact info in this URL but not too sure how current it is: https://057tech.com/solar
  9. zanary

    Two month old Model S refresh might be totaled, will insurance pay for a new one?

    On my policy I added the "new car replacement" which states for any reason during the 1st year if the car is totaled, they will provide money for a full on NEW replacement, regardless of the depreciation of my car within the first 12 months. Beyond that I think they will subtract depreciation...
  10. zanary

    Roadster vs Porsche GT3

    I'm sure the Next Gen #Roadster will be both a road cruiser and a track car... We just have to wait for the final final design and the specs.
  11. zanary

    Seeking advice on buying high mileage p100d

    Ohh yeah, and one last thing. On the current owners latest version of their Tesla App, at the bottom of the screen for this P100D there is a specs and warranty. Tell him to go into it and then there are two additional tabs. One called "Specs" and one called "Warranty". Tell him to screen...
  12. zanary

    Seeking advice on buying high mileage p100d

    80k miles. so I assume you have the extended warranty, otherwise it's not covered any longer under the manufactured basic warranty.
  13. zanary

    Seeking advice on buying high mileage p100d

    I have no idea. I can tell you I have a 2017 P100D and I WOULD NEVER give it up... Supercharging for life, free connectivity for live, FSD Computer + Beta Software, MCU/2 Upgrade (no radio as I don't listen to radio), Enhance Security Installed (important in the Bay Area)... It's priceless in...
  14. zanary

    Seeking advice on buying high mileage p100d

    I think it's a 2016 P100D which means it might have a SC01 option code so Supercharging should be transferable to the new owner. Couple of other things: (1) Do you know if any of the door handles have been replaced with newer generation ones? (2) Do you know if the owner has purchased the...
  15. zanary

    Do you take your Tesla to Baja California?

    If you were going much further down, there is a Supercharger in Ensenada but that's way down from Rosarito. Once day we can drive down to Cabo... One day!

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