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  1. ZappCatt

    Car drove without phone or key card!

    My car also locks before I step on the porch(about 10 feet away)....and my phone seldom unlocks my car, until the third tug at the drivers side doorhandle(but that is for another thread)
  2. ZappCatt

    Walk away lock: Is there a way to leave a person in the car?

    Yep, I am 99% sure this is expected behavior. My son has had this happen to him a couple of times when I went in to grab a coffee and he unexpectedly tried to open the door, or has been slow to leave the car after we get home(and it has already locked).
  3. ZappCatt

    Anyone else wish you could adjust lane placement?

    Yes, I wish we could have some control over lane placement. I often drive in the far left carpool lane, and typically skeyw towards the left side of the lane, since I have a much better view, and judgement of where it is located. As has been mentioned, some forms of lanes splitting is allows...
  4. ZappCatt

    Model 3 - Volume Change When Turning Wheel

    I wish that I had the option to disable the left thumb scrollwheel when turning the wheel, as I let the wheel slide through my hand, I constantly am changing the volume.
  5. ZappCatt

    AP Changing lanes into adjacent vehicle

    TL: DR If the "hump" on the San Mateo bridge caused issues with NoA, we are in trouble for any short term FSD. I am pretty sure that there have been thousands if not tens of thousands of trips over the San Mateo bridge in Tesla's so far. While not every Tesla would have been on NoA or have FSD...
  6. ZappCatt

    Disappearing Bluetooth Door Locking Radios

    I have never paid attention to the BT radios(I guess I better start) but my Android Nokia 6.1 on 9 is not automatically opening the car/waking it up nowadays. It works maybe once automatically for every 4 times I have to get my phone out of my FRONT pocket, unlock, open the app, and then click...
  7. ZappCatt

    Rumor: Model Y to start shipping to employees in two weeks

    "Typically" there are not discounts for employees. There have been several times when employees get free FSD on a new purchase. I have not heard if they have any such incentive for the Y.
  8. ZappCatt

    Driver seat sometimes not returning to saved position

    Yep, I had not seen this in the first 2 weeks of getting the car, but the recline portion of my Profile has not been engaged in 2 of my last 3 entries. Everything else is fine, my seatback is just in the Easy Entry recline, so I am looking up at the ceiling. I have moved it back into position...
  9. ZappCatt

    Anyone From TN Buy Used Tesla from Tesla?

    That is similar to us "locals" who have to pay $1,200 destination fee when we are driving it off the Factory lot. It is what it is, and it is the way that the "price is the same for everyone"
  10. ZappCatt

    Camera miscalibrated

    Are you talking about the display of cars around you in the "car card" or an actual camera view that you are looking at? I find that the car display is super scary, and would do more to push me away from FSD than push me to buy it. While at a busy intersection, our entertainment is to watch...
  11. ZappCatt

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    I know I should not be, but I continue to be amazed at how differently we are all experiencing the "same software on the same hardware". My Automatic wipers have never come on, even though I have had limited vision to require manual wipers 4 times in the last week. One time I received the error...
  12. ZappCatt

    Will Elon give Autopilot free for 2018 or early 2019 buyers

    See what Carmax/Carvana will give you for your car and see about getting a new car with all the bells and whistles including FSD!
  13. ZappCatt

    A question for No. Calif. delivered Tesla 3's: how long to receive plates?

    Still waiting 14 days so far...
  14. ZappCatt

    Are test drive cars tuned slower?

    I find it "unique" that they would have a completely different build of every version of the software just to allow people to go 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, but limit them to a top speed of 85. It was my understanding that the Top speed limit software available on all Tesla's is supposed to not only...
  15. ZappCatt

    Morning warmup taking battery power while plugged in.

    Mine does not drop that far, but when I turn on Climate to warm up the car(Northern California, so 40-50 degrees out) my charge typically shows "5 mins to full charge" no matter how long I have it going. That means(to me) that everything that I have on is pulling more than my 32a 240 circuit is...

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