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    Almost ICE'd at Burlington, NC Supercharger - 7 of 8 Stalls Blocked

    It's a NVidia Tegra. A general purpose computer. It can spend its processing power calculating Pi to the billionth digit or drawing fancy lines on video.
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    Pollution caused by graphite mining in China for litium-ion batteries ?

    Elon mentioned this on Twitter: Twitter / elonmusk: @TeamAizek Not true. The amount ... And: Twitter / elonmusk: Working on a Model S ...
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    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    I wonder, with the many shots from outside looking at the car driving away.. does that ever get annoying having to reverse and pickup the camera? :smile:
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    SpaceX F9v1.1 Launch: SES-8, 2013-12-3

    It took 20 minutes to recycle the previous countdown, so I'm guessing we're done for tonight and the launch is scrubbed.
  5. Z

    George Blankenship Retires from Tesla Motors

    Didn't he do the same at Apple when he joined Tesla after creating their store strategy from the ground? Either he is really retiring or he just prefers building a business over maintaining it.
  6. Z

    Discussion of statistical analysis of vehicle fires as it relates to Model S

    All of the statistics on this are nonsense. 3 fires do not make a sufficient number of samples from which to derive *anything*. Elon is guilty of bending the numbers, but we need not build on his faulty analysis. (Sorry, I usually enjoy your posts, but anyone claiming any kind of statistical...
  7. Z

    Wireless front parking camera with monitor for front bumper protection

    Getting more interesting by the minute :) Makes me wonder what the PIC is doing...
  8. Z

    Firmware 5.6

    I think the app is certainly a factor, there was some discussion on this in the VisibleTesla thread.. if you keep making API requests, it keeps the car from going to sleep. The app should know not to make permanent updates if its going to prevent sleep mode, but you can try and manually kill it...
  9. Z

    Wireless front parking camera with monitor for front bumper protection

    I don't think the serial control interface goes over LVDS, the video data goes directly from the OV chip to the serializer, the PIC simply can't push all of that data, and the serializer on the other hand knows nothing about the OV chips configuration interface, so it wouldn't know how to...
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    USB hard drive (not flash) recognized only intermittently

    That is an actual mechanic hard drive, so it requires quite some power, usually more than a single USB port can deliver. You could try getting a Dual USB cable to give it the power from the second USB port, too.
  11. Z

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    I think thats also the failure mode for a broken/discharged 12V. You might try jumping the 12V battery using the port behind the nosecone.
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    10/21 Munich Tesla Event with Elon Musk

    He's being totally consistent. From an old interview: PandoMonthly Presents A Fireside Chat With Elon Musk - YouTube (Hydrogen cars are obvious nonsense. The gas from them leaks into its surroundings faster than a 4.0 Model S vampire load can empty the battery. And once hydrogen collects in a...
  13. Z

    Wireless front parking camera with monitor for front bumper protection

    I didn't say that, but it is what I would recommend as the next logical step :) I just hope there will be something useful to see, it's a BGA chip and it will be somewhat crowded in the camera assembly.
  14. Z

    Wireless front parking camera with monitor for front bumper protection

    I see. But you are not switching the serial lines that control the OV10630, just the high-frequency video output (from what I can tell from the PCB). So the touchscreen CPU can't talk to your front camera and instruct it to flip the image. Or am I misunderstanding and you want to use the...
  15. Z

    Wireless front parking camera with monitor for front bumper protection

    If the camera module is the OV10630, it can't be in the touchscreen. The chip has the actual CMOS sensor (where the light comes in) on top of it, so it will be whereever the lens is. (Which does confuse me as to how the flip switch in this sensor is the problem? It seems to me that you are...

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