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  1. WileyTheMan

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    I was also curious how the Hold function was going to work. I was worried that the slowdown and stop would be too sudden, but it does a good natural slowdown and hold, which also works well with using the brake if you're coming in too fast. Good implementation, overall.
  2. WileyTheMan

    V10 update: 2019.32.12.2 - Release notes same as previous V10 versions

    I always get my hopes up about this with a new update, then it starts doing it again after a while. Let's see how it is in a week.
  3. WileyTheMan

    V10 update: 2019.32.12.2 - Release notes same as previous V10 versions

    I'd be surprised if it did, but I thoroughly enjoy the LTE streaming! Just got 12.2 installed so I'll see tomorrow.
  4. WileyTheMan

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    I grabbed a cheap SSD with an external enclosure and a USB adapter, partitioned it appropriately for music and TeslaCam, and its been solid for six months now. Survived the heat waves of California during the summer. Was more concerned about repeated read/writes, that's why I went SSD.
  5. WileyTheMan

    V10 for non FSD

    Looks like it’s opening up. I only have EAP and I just got notification of an update.
  6. WileyTheMan

    For anyone doubting buying FSD, go ahead and buy it now

    Glad to see you're excited about v10. I don't think those currently with EAP are in a rush to get FSD, though. Tesla was smart to remove EAP from their lineup and put those more advanced features into FSD for the newer cars. It definitely gives new buyers more incentive to invest in FSD.
  7. WileyTheMan

    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    FSD purchasers: Thank you for helping refine v10 before general release!
  8. WileyTheMan

    M3 Still on 2019.20.4.2

    If you’re still on 20.x and older, I suggest opening a support ticket via your phone as a previous poster stated. There’s a small chance you got a corrupted download which can prevent future updates. I’ve opened a ticket twice so far (I just stated AP is having issues) and each time I get an...
  9. WileyTheMan


    I hope 28.x addresses the “jumping at shadows” AP behavior I’m seeing with 24.x, otherwise I can wait for v10.
  10. WileyTheMan

    Those with 2017 model 3...

    Tesla has to be careful about what they charge for. They are still growing their brand and want to instill as much value as possible. It’s smart not to do it now, but reserve the right to do it at a later time if they need to.
  11. WileyTheMan

    Gen 1 to Gen 2 Seat upgrade

    I think April-ish. That's when I got mine.
  12. WileyTheMan

    Gen 1 to Gen 2 Seat upgrade

    Gen 2 seats are just redesigns they introduced around VIN 14k. I have a strange combination of both in the front: Upper seat is Gen2 but the bottom is still Gen1. Back seats were bolstered a bit more with Gen2 as well. P.S. The FW update comment was a joke (ok, I *thought* it was a joke...
  13. WileyTheMan


    Coming from 20.2.1, which I got like a few days ago, all I saw for 20.4.2 was a toolbar update and some games. Clearly it must be considered a "critical fix" because I was not expecting a new update until 24.x (assuming they stick with the monthly build cadence).
  14. WileyTheMan


    These minor updates are just bug fixes. I can't wait to see what's in store for 2019.24! Come on, Advanced Summon!
  15. WileyTheMan

    Autopilot getting worse

    It is definitely more cautious since I was moved to 16.2. I hope 20.x improves this behavior. Also, I am not certain if this is an issue with my car or the software, but as of late it's a crap shoot whether AP is even available when I start driving. All day yesterday it was completely...
  16. WileyTheMan

    What usb drive GB do you use for dash cam?

    This. IMO, SSDs are the way to go. They are more durable (read/write and temperature stress) than most thumb drives and are not cost prohibitive.
  17. WileyTheMan

    2019.20.? pushed out?

    I expect this release to be a very gradual rollout, as I'm certain they will find many issues with ES and will be doing many tweaks before blasting it to the masses.
  18. WileyTheMan

    Model X with child in drivers seat allegedly injures woman

    Never discount what a two year old can do physically. I could see them pulling that off. However, the things that keeps popping into my head is the PIN to drive. I think the only thing Tesla could be doing more about is promoting this feature. It prevents theft as well as unwanted driving...
  19. WileyTheMan

    Air conditioning unit stays on after exiting vehicle

    Works fine for me with 16.2. HVAC system always turns off and car locks after I walk away.
  20. WileyTheMan

    Horrendous brake feel

    They were joking.
  21. WileyTheMan

    Horrendous brake feel

    But to the OP's concern: I can certainly feel the weight of the car when manually braking, but I don't feel it is lacking. It *does* feel lacking when the regen braking is disabled (that is a scary feeling).
  22. WileyTheMan

    How was your model 3 quality when you took delivery?

    No issues at all during delivery. Heck, I even got a decent amount of time with the Tesla rep (but that was before they seriously reigned in the amount of time they could spend per customer). Even after delivery, I could not find any flaws with gaps, paint flaws or anything.
  23. WileyTheMan

    Tesla Software 2019.16.3

    I got 16.2 last night after creating a service ticket with Tesla, so it does seem 16.3+ is still on limited release. So far no issues that I see, so I'm in no hurry to get a patch.
  24. WileyTheMan

    2019.16- rural speed limit update?

    I've seen improvements in earlier versions, so they (Tesla, Google, whoever) seem to be working on it in general. I live near a small outlet road that is posted at 25mph but the car always reported it at 30mph until I got 12.1.2, where it started correctly reporting 25.
  25. WileyTheMan

    How many EAP owners would pay for the 3.0 FSD computer at what price?

    I am not of a mind to purchase FSD/HW3 at any price right now. I was happy to be an early adopter of this car, but not that feature. I will wait for it to mature before considering buying it. That said, I fear they will start adding other new non-FSD features to the FSD package (like what...
  26. WileyTheMan

    After wife drove car I got in but her profile settings were still in effect. Normal?

    This. Tesla might also do the profile association for key fobs as well as smartphones in the future (no reason they can't; it's a BT device as well).
  27. WileyTheMan


    IMO the main reason is the frame is not installed at the factory, so it enables people's natural sense of laziness not to install it. That and if the police are not actively enforcing it, and the fines are small, there is little to no incentive to install it.
  28. WileyTheMan


    I went ahead and got the magnetic license plate mount. Works well, even without the screw to secure it. I totally recommend it.
  29. WileyTheMan

    Suprised on model 3 depreciation

    As with all car dealerships, do not sell it back to them unless you want to dump it. If you care about the value of the car you are ditching, stick with private buyers. Even then, be mindful of what a brand new version will cost, not what you paid for it initially. I am under no illusion that...
  30. WileyTheMan

    M3 Standard 220 range 172 mile commute

    What's nice about the mandatory stop at a SC is you probably won't have to spend a lot of time there to get you home, like 10-15m max.
  31. WileyTheMan

    Examples of "soul sucking" traffic?

    No lie. It seems the freeways are constantly under construction. And what sucks even more is there is no viable alternative route if you are driving from NorCal to somewhere south of LA. You must go through LA.
  32. WileyTheMan

    What are easiest and budget friendly mods to give our new M3 a slightly individual look?

    In California, just put on the front license plate.
  33. WileyTheMan

    The auto wipers are............working!

    And all day yesterday since then, I had to set the wipers to manual or push the button. Oh well. I am starting to worry that they won't ever be able to get this rain detection algorithm right.
  34. WileyTheMan

    Voice Command Not Working!!!

    This voice assistant feature clearly has a lot of potential, but it seems Tesla has de-prioritized developing this feature for a while.
  35. WileyTheMan

    What did you look at other than the 3

    Yeah a lot of us early adopters were waiting for the Model 3 exclusively. This is a better question for the people buying the car now.
  36. WileyTheMan

    The auto wipers are............working!

    I noticed an improvement in the sensitivity from 8.5 to 12.1.2 in the recent rains here in the Bay Area. Not perfect, but I didn't have to push the button once on my way to work. The blades still go full bore when I get in the car and eventually peter out. Don't know what that's all about.
  37. WileyTheMan

    Firmware 2019.12.1.2 - Auto Pilot and Auto Steering Unavailable

    12.1.2 here. Once in a while, I'll get the cruise control or autosteer limited warning when I first start up the car, then it goes away. I usually clean the windows to make sure the camera isn't blocked but it's interesting to see it might be a software bug related to this topic.
  38. WileyTheMan


    And ticketed. And towed. I no longer drive to those cities.
  39. WileyTheMan


    Well, at least the magnetic one is on sale: OttoStick Tesla Model 3 Magnetic Front License Plate Holder I may bite the bullet and get this. I do like that it has a security torx bolt holding it in place as an option.
  40. WileyTheMan


    I know I'm on borrowed time when not putting a plate on the front, but not being cited for it for the last decade has left me complacent about it, not to mention I feel it ruins the lines in the front. I do like the magnetic option, but they are so darn expensive.
  41. WileyTheMan

    Family-Proofing the Model 3

    We use seat protectors similar to the one mentioned above (mine are cheaper durable cloth, but they do the job just fine); they work great for rear and forward facing seats so you'll get good use out of them.
  42. WileyTheMan

    Rear View Camera - atleast 5 sec delay in coming on (always black initially)

    12.1.1 is doing the same thing after a few days (slow backup camera response), so it's the same behavior for me since 5.15.
  43. WileyTheMan

    120 v. or 240 v.?

    I would say either method puts stress on the car's charging system, quick high voltage or slow charging at low(er) voltage, so you might as well make it more convenient. I charged my TM3 for the first year of ownership exclusively with a 120v/15a circuit (circuit is about 12 years old so not...
  44. WileyTheMan

    Who's Happy? Besides FSD owners...who is happy with their update?

    It's a moot point if we are satisfied with freezing the software because Tesla won't voluntarily stop updates, but if I have to answer the question then I will say I expect updates and would not settle on one build. To be clear, I do not expect feature updates (albeit they are nice), but...
  45. WileyTheMan

    Rear Camera Fail

    Got 12.1.1 tonight. I briefly played with the backup camera and it is *much* more responsive, no delay at all. We shall see as the days progress if it degrades.
  46. WileyTheMan

    Rear Camera Fail

    Same. I'm on 8.5 currently and also had the issue with 5.x previously. I hope 12.1.1 fixes it.
  47. WileyTheMan

    2019.12 - Updated browser, software on demand, new games and more

    I get where you're coming from, but a few things to consider: 1) They don't have the ability to blast updates of this size to everyone simultaneously. Few companies do, let alone car companies. 2) Tesla use customers as integration/beta testers to minimize the internal testing team size (cost...
  48. WileyTheMan

    Fully Charged (Robert Llewellyn) reviews the Tesla Model 3

    I loved how he described the "skittish" behavior of AP. :)
  49. WileyTheMan

    Sentry Mode killed my thumb drive?

    I definitely recommend using an SSD with a USB adapter. They are not that much more expensive and are designed for this kind of constant writing stress, more so than USB drives.
  50. WileyTheMan

    Tesla raising FSD by $3,000 on May 1st

    As with others, I am certain the price will go down sometime in the future, and am happy with the current feature set of EAP. And if it doesn't go down, then I won't get it.