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  1. Khatsalano

    Model S85D slow at supercharger

    Supercharger rate has definitely been throttled. I’m on the road going to Xmas Eve dinner in my 2015 S85D and I’m stopped at the Gilroy 120kW supercharger. The throttled rate makes it so slow now, about 20-59kW max, that this car is no longer viable for road trips. It will take 60 minutes to...
  2. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Fairfield, CA - Travis Blvd. (LIVE 4 May 2018, 12 V2 stalls)

    Just used this on the weekend. There was no one there because well, it's fairly inconvenient to get to from the highway and Vacaville SC is just 10 miles north. It's also not in the best area so leaving a car full of luggage while I walked to use the bathroom was a little stress-inducing...
  3. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - San Mateo, CA - Bridgepointe Pkwy (12 V2 stalls)

    Errr ... a popularly-used location is a less desirable one? That sounds very counterintuitive to me. We just need more charging stations everywhere for every use for every Tesla owner. Yes, I got into the Tesla game early and I have charging options at home and at work at dirt cheap EV-A...
  4. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Gilroy, CA (16 V2 stalls)

    Was just there today. Above construction details confirmed. While in construction, there seems to be reduced charge rates ... maxed at 30kW today even at 25% SOC. - K
  5. Khatsalano

    Silicon Valley Clean Energy CCA (Santa Clara County)

    I have rooftop solar and I switched from PG&E to Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) for energy procurement; PG&E still delivers the energy and bills me of course. I spent a lot of time understanding this on the phone with PCE. It sounds like the mechanism is the same ... you'd want to switch when...
  6. Khatsalano

    Help! 101 Closed at Legget

    Wow, way to go, TMC community. Good way of helping out other owners! Yes, CA-36 is beautiful, but also has more curves than Beyonce. Route 299 is easier. Safe travels. - K
  7. Khatsalano

    Peninsula Clean Energy CCE (San Mateo County)

    PG&E cannot "mark up" generation charges and it's regulated to be a straight pass through. In other words, PG&E cannot profit off generation charges. As far as the PCIA, this indifference charge is related to long-term power contracts that all customers share. It does go away after a number...
  8. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Manteca, CA - Perimeter Drive (LIVE 12 Feb 2015, expanded 12 Dec 2017, 20 V2 stalls)

    Was just at Manteca today and it's working. Seems like Fremont/Kato is down though on the map. - K
  9. Khatsalano

    Bad repair experience, Tesla needs to open up

    I'm sorry you hit a guardrail and I'm glad you're ok! Part of the reason why a certification is even necessary (as others have pointed out) is that aluminum is very different to work with than regular steel. You would get way lower customer satisfaction if you botched aluminum repair jobs...
  10. Khatsalano

    Peninsula Clean Energy CCE (San Mateo County)

    I encourage you to call PCE and ask whether they've changed policies. I am on PG&E NEM 1.0 and I was grandfathered in by PCE to follow the same tariff with one amazing exception ... for any energy produced in excess of my consumption, PCE would pay retail plus $0.01 ... this is like what they...
  11. Khatsalano

    Peninsula Clean Energy CCE (San Mateo County)

    @mblakele : OP, please correct title from CCE to CCA, short for Community Choice Aggregation.
  12. Khatsalano

    Peninsula Clean Energy CCE (San Mateo County)

    I opted in. Cleaner power, cheaper rates, and really favorable treatment if you have excess solar generation. Your power bill is split into 4 main components: (1) Generation; (2) Transmission; (3) Distribution; and (4) other taxes/regulatory charges. Keep in mind, a CCA only takes care of the...
  13. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Dublin, CA - Amador Plaza (LIVE, 16 V2 stalls, expansion in progress May 2021)

    Dublin at 7:25am on a Sunday morning was empty. 100 kW charge rates. - K
  14. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Mountain View, CA (12 V2 stalls)

    Err ... the San Mateo SC is just as crowded-- sometimes worse.
  15. Khatsalano

    $0.40/hour idling fee not punitive enough

    $0.40 per minute isn't punitive enough. Plus you know what's going to happen during the first service visit ... it'll be "waived" anyway for goodwill. The policy should have been to have a current credit card on file to use SCs and the idle charges hit immediately at $1.00 or more per minute. - K
  16. Khatsalano

    Some California Superchargers not providing maximum charging rates

    I actually thought about that route, but due to driving in darkness on the way down on an unfamiliar road and certain food stop considerations on the way out, we didn't do that route. I also was cautious about having to charge to 90%-100 SOC (takes forever) to create buffer due to cold...
  17. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Burbank, CA (Service Center, no longer on nav map)

    Was there on Sunday morning early and it was a long wait ... I'm just trying to get back to SF from Palm Springs. Turns out, there was a Tesla Social (cool event), but caused a lot of people to plug in who were there for the event only. I saw some come out, move the car from the SC (which is...
  18. Khatsalano

    Some California Superchargers not providing maximum charging rates

    I recently completed a SF - Palm Springs trip last weekend and here is a general observation and some specific ones. In general, I find that charging at outlying SC locations to be far better for charge rates and for queueing issues. SCs in major towns and cities are a pain to deal with...
  19. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Buttonwillow, CA (10 V2 stalls)

    Full charge rates today and no one there (southbound). Awesomeness. I wish I just got a full charge here before heading to Rancho because Tejon is currently at partial rates and a queue 3 cars deep. Really need to figure out how to skip Tejon next time. - K
  20. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Gustine, CA (12 V2 stalls)

    Full charge rates today and zero cars there when I arrived. That's the kind of SC I like. :)
  21. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Tejon Ranch, CA (expanded to 24 V2 stalls)

    Full with 2 cars waiting behind me on a Friday afternoon. 30 kW start rate at 10% SOC, up to 60 kW later. Not a good travel experience.
  22. Khatsalano

    PGE Rates comparison tool? (E-6 vs EV-A)

    A quick way to determine this is ... are you in a high tier on E-6? If so, EV-A is non-tiered and may benefit you. I was a tier-2 customer on E-6, but what made EV-A super amazing, was having solar on the roof ... the current NEM formula is just ungodly good for rooftop solar + and EV in the...
  23. Khatsalano

    Ride in a Tesla in SF Bay Area

    You can also just call any of our sales centers and ask for a test drive ... they are really awesome. - K
  24. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Gustine, CA (12 V2 stalls)

    This thread makes me what to have some Nutella. You?
  25. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Napa, CA (EXPANDED Jun 2018, 12 V2 stalls)

    Yup, this location was totally lackluster. Visited last weekend and it's just off-path and undesirable from a food/bathroom/waiting around perspective. Napa Premium Outlets would have been way more in-line with the Tesla experience.
  26. Khatsalano

    Some California Superchargers not providing maximum charging rates

    Manteca capped at 60 kW yesterday. :( No one else was there at the time. Others eventually joined, but still 60 kW.
  27. Khatsalano

    Supercharger for South Lake Tahoe

    Short answer: Yes, there should be an SC in South Lake Tahoe. :)
  28. Khatsalano

    Some California Superchargers not providing maximum charging rates

    In the Bay Area, the Model S is more common than a Honda Accord. I'm not exaggerating. I go to the gym, there are 6 of them. I drive home from the gym, I see 3 more. I walk my dogs for 30 minutes and there isn't a time where you don't see at least half a dozen roll by. - K
  29. Khatsalano

    East Bay Service Center on its way

    There definitely is a need for one. I'd use it. - K
  30. Khatsalano

    Some California Superchargers not providing maximum charging rates

    30 kW at Vacaville ... normal temps. I think we need a name change soon and drop the Super out of superchargers ...
  31. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Bakersfield, CA (I-5 / Stockdale Hwy, 10 V2 stalls)

    This location is super helpful. I am regularly in Kern County for work from the Bay Area and this makes all kinds of flexible options possible. EDIT: wait a minute ... this actually isn't in Bakersfield. Booooo.
  32. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Mountain View, CA (12 V2 stalls)

    ... it takes 2 hours now to charge any Tesla due to the reduced charge rate problems. :)
  33. Khatsalano

    Some California Superchargers not providing maximum charging rates

    I was the only car there. But I don't need to know how the sausage is made. I just need the product to work.
  34. Khatsalano

    Giant deserted parking lot in SF area?

    Bishop Ranch corporate campuses in San Ramon on the weekend.
  35. Khatsalano

    Nav 8.0 - UI not made for driving

    The new aesthetic is great. The bad: The larger map with the buttons auto-hiding seems like something that Elon would have wanted that the rest of us don't want. There was never a problem with map space and the button ribbon on top actually was a nice signal to new passengers that there are...
  36. Khatsalano

    Some California Superchargers not providing maximum charging rates

    Nope, 70F. Following day, capped at 60 kW at Manteca ... not hot and SOC was at like 20%. Kinda ridiculous. - K
  37. Khatsalano

    Some California Superchargers not providing maximum charging rates

    At Fresno right now and with less than 50% SOC, the charge rate is maxing at 55 kW. Not good.
  38. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - San Mateo, CA - Park Place (LIVE, 8 V2 stalls)

    But ... there are new L2 chargers now downstairs! :) - K
  39. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Fremont, CA - 47400 Kato Rd (not completed, V3 test site Mar 2019)

    Sounds like there is hope that I can actually get to Mammoth Lakes from the Bay Area by summer of 2017 without having to go from SoCal or Tahoe ... - K
  40. Khatsalano

    Bay Area to Mammoth Lakes?

    "Doable" to me is not arriving with a single-percenter margin. :) I've been known to miss a highway exit once in a while in unfamiliar territory, or, encounter unexpected headwinds or temperatures. Also, in the winter, this is outright not "doable" at all even with a zero mile margin. As far...
  41. Khatsalano

    Bay Area to Mammoth Lakes?

    Dear TMC, I just completed a grand tour of California due to a happenstance of being in SoCal for work, then participating in the Mammoth Lakes Gran Fondo bike race this weekend. I drove from the south up 295 hitting the Eastern Sierra superchargers without issue. This is probably the most...
  42. Khatsalano

    Some California Superchargers not providing maximum charging rates

    Mojave and Lone Pine both 100+kW capable today. - K
  43. Khatsalano

    Some California Superchargers not providing maximum charging rates

    Both Harris Ranch and Buttonwillow gave > 100kW at peak today. Can't tell if tapering curve has been modified, but at least it's not as bad as previous reports. - K
  44. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - San Mateo, CA - Park Place (LIVE, 8 V2 stalls)

    I agree that this SC is routinely packed. I can't tell whether it's locals or not, except TCP cars for me are always not welcome. Maybe my local-sensing skills are not as fine tuned. As far as your "locals" criteria above, I think I fit your description exactly. I drive all over the state...
  45. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Eureka, CA (LIVE, 8 V2 stalls)

    Yes, it takes a while for any utility to hook up 8-10 superchargers. Keep in mind, this isn't like hooking up a regular service ... that thing has the load equivalent to hooking up 63 homes. The load factor (how much is average use / peak use) is also super high because of the nature of...
  46. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Folsom, CA - Iron Point Rd. (4 V2 stalls)

    Folsom is the lowest average charge rates I see when multiple Teslas are plugged in. Am sometimes forced to stay longer than needed. :(
  47. Khatsalano

    Supercharger - Dublin, CA - Amador Plaza (LIVE, 16 V2 stalls, expansion in progress May 2021)

    I've seen a lot of waits lately, but maybe 5 mins at most for me. I do see a problem that needs solving. :)
  48. Khatsalano

    Burlingame Tesla Store and Service Center

    I just got the same experience this morning ... I posted the horror story here: Tesla service level worse than Comcast | Tesla Motors
  49. Khatsalano

    Taking delivery of MS 90D tomorrow - considering a 1,200 mi road trip ...

    I'm in a different situation because I don't have a lease and I drive my car 38,000 miles a year. :) Part of it is for work, which is even better since mileage is reimbursed at a very generous ICE rate. I would use the Tesla for road trips whenever possible. I've driven to Canada and to LA...
  50. Khatsalano

    Late Night AutoPilot: The Dangers of Dozing

    AP is awesome. But if you're tired and drowsy, don't drive with AP or without AP, in a Tesla or any other car. That's just social darwinism waiting to happen ... and you may bring someone down with you. - K