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    FS: Body Control Module and Media Control Unit

    Might not be in working status. Buy at your own risk. Email is best vgsllc1@gmail BCM: model S 2013 $89 shipped MCU: model X 2017 $764 shipped
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    Supercharger - El Paso, Tx

    P85 is the model...I wish I could do 80 mph. Read the thread, good info. I plan to charge at the super charger once a week.
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    Supercharger - El Paso, Tx

    Hello everyone, I am moving to El Paso. Thinking about driving from Houston in the Tesla and keep it in El Paso. I will not have a house or apartment there. Is there fast reliable charging station? I don't see any super charger in the area. Any tips for the trip from Houston to El Paso?
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    steering wheel button - 21" wheel and new ties with sensors

    $870 takes all the wheels and tires. call/text me asap let me know. This is the best deal on site.
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    21" Used Turbine Wheels Set of 4

    ha good luck with 1100. i am selling a set of 5 wheels and two brand new tires for $870 and NO ONE picked them up ...
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    2013 Tesla model s P85+ $69,500

    good luck with sale! Nice ride
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    2013 RAV4 EV

    wow rare one there.
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    1997 Toyota Supra Turbo - Immaculate!

    very clean ! good luck with sale!
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    2006 Ariel Atom 2 - Low Miles, Extra Wheels, Car Cover

    nice ride good luck with sale!
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    Delivery specialists' role

    mine does not even know what the cornering light does...
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    steering wheel button - 21" wheel and new ties with sensors

    Exhibit A: Asking $560 9/32nd thread Continental tire with perfect wheel. Free TPMS and free center cap, free mounting and balance. Perfect for spare. Exhibit B: Asking $490 9/32nd thread Hankook tire with light curb rash. Free TPMS/center caps/balancing. Perfect to spare Exhibit C: Asking...
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    **UPDATED** Set of 4 245/35/21 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 - No Longer Available

    where were you last week? good pricing. i would buy these if you posted this last week. may i ask why you are selling?
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    one tire 245 35 21

    thanks i bought them on eBay new continental extreme contact DW5 qty 2 @ $440 shipped.
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    Gen. 2: TESLA Phone Supercharger

    i love it! i assume you have been blessed by Telsa to use their trade mark and super charger design?
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    one tire 245 35 21

    no one has this ? new tire preferred
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    Looking to buy all weather Mats

    i paid $200 plus tax at Tesla service center. i believe the weather tech is more expensive. someone were selling just the front two for $167~
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    Model X Design: Ugly or Sexy? Prius?!

    if you were given the X and S to pick from? which one would you pick?
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    Chams Electric: Great service and most competitive quote

    good to hear! selling the bwm?
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    one tire 245 35 21

    used or new with TMPS or not
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    Tesla OEM 3 months old Black Floor Mats

    Tesla OEM 3 months old Black Floor Mats rear and passenger side are perfect condition. the driver side is missing or two of the sticky pad under. i have all the big black screws. List Date: 1/28/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Tesla OEM 3 months old...
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    Tesla OEM Brand New Unused Black Floor Mats - SOLD

    i just threw them away. so happy with the new plastic ones.
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    19" factory wheels chrome plated

    oh marty have we gone too far back to the past?
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    Battery Range - 3 years in.

    my 2013 p85 100% = 271 miles not sure if that is good or not but certainly better than nissan leaf
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    Personalized plates for Electric Vehicles

    something wrong with your camera sir? nice plate and car color though.
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    Settings for sleep

    i sleep in either back seat or inflatable mattress on top of folded back seats. love it. free hotel!
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    Tesla keeps forcing me to accept things I didn't pay for!

    car is too quiet and too fast worst car ever made.
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    Ludicrous with 19s: dumb? or negligible difference?

    21" curb rashes and tires blow out are not fun... i would stay with 19"
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    Stolen Tesla License Plate Frame

    this remind me of the low life who stole my dad's side blinkers on his 20 years old honda civic
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    Full part out s85 4x,xxx vin

    please post pictures.
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    S Wanted for PR/Legislative Convention in Lubbock next week

    if they come to Houston they can rent this one https://turo.com/car-rental/houston/tesla-model-s/107735
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    My Experience bringing a Tesla to Dubai

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Model S - One Year Lease or Long-Term Rental in South Florida?

    leasing would cost $17.5k for 12 months (if Tesla has 1 yr lease)
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    Random Model S sightings

    black Tesla on I10 west in houston texas. ONE DROP texas license plate. older white male with several passengers (slow suspension) 70 mph
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    Hello: Black Tesla with ONE DROP plate (houston-texas)

    I saw a black Model S traveling West on I10 before the loop. I was trying to say hello but I guess his Autopilot was not on so he has to focus on driving... Anyways, hello sir. Developing Projets for a Sustainable Access to Safe Water - ONE DROP
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    Dallas to Galveston trip

    share some pics!
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    T boned by deer (graphic photo)

    total loss...sorry.
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    Who is a Stereotypical Tesla owner?

    True that about the "Prius" comment. Also, I met many of tesla drivers, who are doctors (MD. not WHO) Single, mid 20s with 2 kids. My three good friends who work for the same oil service company, all drive Model S to work. - - - Updated - - - This is pretty accurate! - - - Updated - - -...
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    Can you drive a Tesla and still be a REAL MAN(tm)?

    what is a boosted board?? bitcoins yes, i have a bunch. still hanging on, hopefully it will take off again. i want to sell them! let me know if anyone want to buy.
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    How many miles on your Model S?

    57k running on loaner battery
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    All Discussion re: Tesla Motors Website & Forums

    i am confused. which on is the official sanctioned forum??