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  1. power.saver

    How To Setup Charge on Solar

    Try setting a schedule in the vehicle that schedules charging after your peak period ends (e.g. 9pm or whenever it is on your rate plan). This will prevent it from grid charging unless the SOC is below your setting (40%) and it is after 9pm. Then it should be able to start COS once you have...
  2. power.saver

    Charge On Solar Australia

    The car will only report in whole kW (x.0 kW) so the fractional part is lost, and it's rounded down. If you're charging at 3.8kW actual, it will show 3.0kW, and then this affects the house kW display.
  3. power.saver

    Auto pilot / Cruise control / sentry not working

    See this thread and ask Service to clear the system and reload everything from scratch with latest firmware before replacing the computer. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/8108528/
  4. power.saver

    Solar stopped charging are

    Happens to me too. Powerwall full, solar generating, and Charge on Solar just stops for no apparent reason with that message. Sometimes it starts up again later (30-60 minutes). Seems to have a lot of bugs.
  5. power.saver

    Run-around with charge on solar

    Doesn't sound right, but Tier 1 support is known for making stuff up. No reason why it shouldn't work with your setup. That said, Charge on Solar isn't very good. You can't prioritize vehicle over battery, it constantly wakes up the vehicle even when excess solar isn't available, it delays...
  6. power.saver

    Netzero App

    Sometimes the app doesn't show the Vehicle usage on the Solar graph properly, even though the usage is there (shown as Home instead). I'm using Charge on Solar. Screen captures taken just minutes apart, as it switches from showing Vehicle usage. Do you know why?
  7. power.saver

    PowerWalls didn't kick in for power failure due to "grid out of compliance"?

    Certainly firmware changes could affect how well they respond to grid failures. Since we don't know exactly how they do the detection, or what new shutdown protections they put in the code, this could be a factor. Or the previous grid events were not so severe that the grid load caused a...
  8. power.saver

    PowerWalls didn't kick in for power failure due to "grid out of compliance"?

    While the Powerwall (Gateway really) is capable of detecting grid failures, it does so by monitoring the voltage and frequency upstream of the main contactor which is what's used to disconnect from the grid. Usually this work, but sometimes it does not. By using the Go Off Grid function, you...
  9. power.saver

    Different azimuths in parallel?

    Yes, you could remove a panel so the MP1 has an even number (18) and then split them into two parallel strings. You might ask your advisor if the PW 3 supports 3 MPPT strings, in which case you don't have to parallel anything and can stay with 29 panels of three strings (10+10+9). I don't...
  10. power.saver

    Different azimuths in parallel?

    The east facing roof MP1 has an odd number of panels (19) and can't be paralleled with itself. Parallel strings need the same number of panels. So they used 10 from MP2 with 10 from MP1, and the remaining 9 on MP1 in its own string. If you could add one more panel to MP1 then it would be two...
  11. power.saver

    Can't pair neurio wifi meter with gateway

    Yes, you can extend the antenna. I have 3 Neurios with 15M extension cables and they work fine. You'll need RP SMA connectors and 50 ohm low loss coaxial cable like RG58.
  12. power.saver

    Discussion: Powerwall 3 [Speculation / Discussion etc]

    It's called single phase because it comes from a single winding in the transformer. Although there is a center tap for the neutral which splits the single phase into two legs (A & B) it is not "two phase" because both the A and B legs are derived from the same source. It's also commonly called...
  13. power.saver

    Powerwall % Degradation

    Five years, 2 PW outside, TOU from 100% to 20% every day... and still have 13.4kWh capacity in each! Less than 1% degradation.
  14. power.saver

    Discussion: Powershare [V2X feature currently announced for Cybertruck]

    The vehicle will only output AC because all the connectors (TWC, UMC) are AC only and are connected to the house mains. The purpose and need for the Gateway is to form a micro-grid when the grid is down so the vehicle inverter can sync up to it. And the Gateway will use the Powerwall's...
  15. power.saver

    Is CT a must to gateway 2 and where to buy it?

    Without a solar CT, the powerwall won't be able to charge from solar. It is a required component of the system, you should call your installer and have them come back out and put it in for you.
  16. power.saver

    Tesla Solar in Houston & Surrounding Area’s

    Show us Yesterday.
  17. power.saver

    Eclipse 2023

    Here is the full day. Very similar to @yblaser
  18. power.saver

    Help with issues involving total power loss and subsequently dysfunctional powerwall+ and solar system

    Here are a couple of links you could look at, but this is probably best done by Tesla technicians. https://service.tesla.com/docs/Public/Energy/Powerwall/Powerwall+-Backup-Switch-Installation-Manual-NA-EN/index.html...
  19. power.saver

    Help with issues involving total power loss and subsequently dysfunctional powerwall+ and solar system

    The backup switch is effectively your gateway. It has a contactor in it that can disconnect from the grid. Apparently it failed, maybe due to a power surge or spike, or it just stopped working. Pressing the reset button under the cover closed the contactor, but didn't get it fully working again...
  20. power.saver

    Eclipse 2023

    Effect of the eclipse on solar radiation. There was 70% coverage in my area.
  21. power.saver

    Why is my Powerwall being charged from the grid?

    It's hard to say if it would have started charging after your peak, but with a storm coming, always best to manually override so you aren't without power. Your install is so new, it will take some time before you know for sure how it works. Once the storm clears, you can turn it back on and see...
  22. power.saver

    Why is my Powerwall being charged from the grid?

    Switch to Backup mode now with reserve at 100%. Don't rely on off-peak grid charging or Storm Watch.
  23. power.saver

    Tesla says I can't put solar panels on my rear porch roof

    If you can relocate those 3 plumbing vents, you could get 4 more panels on the roof.
  24. power.saver

    Tesla to add the ability to Charge EV with excess solar

    CTs are spliced in parallel, so the current adds not the voltage. You can do more than two, but you could also run multiple conductors through the CT to get the same effect.
  25. power.saver

    Tesla to add the ability to Charge EV with excess solar

    The delay to start at top of the hour still exists, it happened to me again today. Powerwall was full at 1:35pm, vehicle didn't start charging until 2pm exactly. I haven't checked on the hourly wakeup, but that may have been fixed with one of the recent updates. I can say in response to...
  26. power.saver

    Tesla Solar in Houston & Surrounding Area’s

    I use both, but for different vehicles at the same location. COS still has bugs, and either won't start until the top of the hour, or keeps waking the car up even though the PW isn't full. Charge HQ doesn't have these problems, but doesn't support multiple vehicles (yet). If you use both on the...
  27. power.saver

    The supercharger overbilled me because it had an incorrect time! Tesla declined my complaint!

    This whole episode bespeaks of a larger problem. What if you had arrived at 11:55pm and stayed for 30 minutes? Then only the first 5 minutes should be at the higher rate, and the rest at the lower rate. Or if you arrived at 5:55am (with a rate change a 6:00) and charged until 6:25am. Would the...
  28. power.saver

    SCE True Up Credit? NEM 2.0

    Baseline credit is just a reduced rate for usage below the baseline amount. This isn't reflected in the rates, and is deducted (or added) at the end of the billing cycle. If you use electricity then the amount you pay for that portion below the baseline is reduced, giving you a credit at the end...
  29. power.saver

    Off-grid frequency shifting

    To find out what the max off-grid frequency shift is, go to: https://<IP Address>/api/site_info and look for: "grid_code_overrides":[{"name":"soc_freq_droop_config_df_max","value":2}] The value shown is the amount over 60Hz. In this example, 2 means 62Hz.
  30. power.saver

    Grid noncompliant, Gateway will not reconnect

    If the grid is up and you see this, it is a problem with the grid. There are a lot of power outages in Maine right now (see here) that are affecting their generation ability. This is what's known as a "Frequency Excursion" and you should report it to your power company. It is likely they are...
  31. power.saver

    Inverter cycling during outage

    Start charging your EV to increase the load, which will drop the SOE % and solar production will stay on. Need to be below about 95% with sufficient load to keep the inverters on. Otherwise, this is normal behavior.
  32. power.saver

    Powerwall Temporary Operation without Gateway

    No, PW will not function without the Gateway on and connected.
  33. power.saver

    Logged into TEG

    Was the result less than 11 amps? Meaning output kW was reduced as well as capacity on the degraded units?
  34. power.saver

    Logged into TEG

    Couldn't you turn off the Enable switch on the two good PWs and then see how much the one remaining PW can output in kW?
  35. power.saver

    Tesla App Waking up Car When Opened Directly to Tesla Energy Screen

    Yes, you need to delete the "unknown" key.
  36. power.saver

    Tesla App Waking up Car When Opened Directly to Tesla Energy Screen

    Another one of the problems with COS. Opening the PW on the App wakes any car with COS enabled. Plus waking the car up every hour anyway when solar is active even before PW is full.
  37. power.saver

    Hurricane Hilary

    3.45" rain, and no power outages. Lots of humidity though.
  38. power.saver

    Hurricane Hilary

    This just in from SCE...
  39. power.saver

    Powerwall install question NorCal Bay area (stacking)

    A good description from @tmpope is here. The Tesla video of the procedure is here.
  40. power.saver


    Look like there is a new study that addresses this... https://www.cnn.com/2023/08/18/health/covid-vaccine-arm-wellness/index.html
  41. power.saver

    Hurricane Hilary

    Agreed, I never rely on Storm Watch. It will be interesting to see when/where it is activated. This type of storm is rare in Southern California. Might also want to be prepared with a 12V battery to jump start your Powerwall should anything go wrong during an outage.
  42. power.saver

    Hurricane Hilary

    Tropical Cyclone Hilary headed towards Southern California this weekend. Set your Powerwall reserve appropriately, there will be power outages.
  43. power.saver

    Powerwall 1.0kw maximum output

    There is a contactor in the TEG that physically opens when the grid fails, or when you go off grid.
  44. power.saver

    Tesla Charge on Solar keeps waking vehicle up

    After a few more days, here is an update. Charge on Solar continues to wake the vehicle every hour on the hour, even when excess solar is not available. From my 12V battery monitor, you can see this happening: And what's really annoying is that if excess solar becomes available at a point...
  45. power.saver

    Charge By Solar Not Showing

    Yes, I think they should be swapped. It's confusing at first glance.
  46. power.saver

    Tesla Charge on Solar keeps waking vehicle up

    Tesla's new Charge on Solar keeps waking the vehicle up every hour, even though there is insufficient excess solar to support charging. Below is the current state of the Powerwall, at only 89% full. It has not yet begun to charge the vehicle today. But the vehicle has been waking up every...
  47. power.saver

    Tesla officially launches Charge On Solar

    I'm not seeing that. At 4pm, TBC began PW discharge as it normally does.
  48. power.saver

    Tesla officially launches Charge On Solar

    No. It needs internet because all the control algorithms are in their servers, and they access the Tesla API for data.
  49. power.saver

    Charge By Solar Not Showing

    Once the PWs were at 100% the vehicle charging started. Just like it should be! :D