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  1. Mr X

    I can't decide!! Used S vs new Y

    Wait for the new 3. Looks like a mini S, better build quality, suspension feels the same and is quieter for half the cost.
  2. Mr X

    Love my sunroof, can’t get myself to upgrade

    Eww do not buy a fisker. That guy is a scam artist and a sleaze.
  3. Mr X

    Tesla Unionization

    Not happening. Next.
  4. Mr X

    Tesla sales rep told me things about tax credit, and M3 Highland I don’t believe.

    Probably meant 2024. Refresh 3 is coming next year to the U.S.
  5. Mr X

    Snippiness 2.0

    Complaining = Feminine behavior. No grown man should be complaining about the removal of gear stalks. Adapt and evolve. And the car will put you into drive or reverse lmao
  6. Mr X

    Yoke vs Steering

    Yoke. Round wheel blocks the instrument cluster and is much more enjoyable than a traditional round wheel. Bottom of Yoke is flat so is ideal for Autopilot/FSD.
  7. Mr X

    Front License Plate Holder on refreshed Model S

    Front plates should be illegal
  8. Mr X

    Tesla really needs to step up their SUV game (BMW iX impressions)

    Drove an iX. It is awful.
  9. Mr X

    Model 3 Seats Causing Excessive Sweating, any breathable cover recommendations?

    "Model 3 Seats Causing Excessive Sweating" "TBF I am a pretty sweaty person" It's not the seats 🤣
  10. Mr X

    Looks like they are removing stalks from the 3/Y

    Very overdramatic. Yoke and no stalks is great and easy to use. Everyone is so afraid and against change 😂😂
  11. Mr X

    Model 3 2019 Standard Range Plus in Canada [Is my car battery working properly?]

    You think 227 miles is bad? My 2019 SR+ shows 202 miles at 100%. Hope that makes you feel better.
  12. Mr X

    Pictures of 245/45R18 tires on Model 3. Hoping to reduce curb rash.

    That's the only thing. Silly humans.
  13. Mr X

    My timing is horrible. Missed the Rebate and Missed the Price Reduction

    Since you have not taken delivery, the price reduction should be reflected and a refund should be issued. I would reach out to a delivery advisor to make sure they have that noted before you take delivery
  14. Mr X

    Model S Ultra Red Waiting Room

    All S/X come with glossy black license plate frames. Should be in the frunk
  15. Mr X

    Reuters: "Tesla readies revamped Model 3 with project 'Highland' -sources" [projected 3rd quarter 2023]

    After seeing the new Roadster-like front end, the current Model 3 front end now looks outdated + it has always looked like a fish. Now it looks smooth and sexy. This thing is gonna sell.
  16. Mr X

    Who's getting the normal steering wheel?

    Round wheel doesn't feel right after using the Yoke. Yoke feels much more proper and futuristic.
  17. Mr X

    Has the M3P ruined me?

    There's actually no reason to own a gas car anymore. Those days are over when you've been driving electric for 8+ years and there's absolutely no going back.
  18. Mr X

    2023 Model 3 without USS and proximity functionality [park assist / summon not available]

    You said you'll complain? What are you a 5 year old that's gonna have a hissy fit? No adult talks like that to someone 🤦‍♂️ No one at a service center or showroom knows when object detection is coming back
  19. Mr X

    Black and white plates

    You get the plate wrapped. Don't worry about anyone on here saying it's illegal. Cops do not care and nothing will happen
  20. Mr X

    Battery State Of Health, anyone ran it?

    How about don't worry about it, drive your car and enjoy
  21. Mr X

    Has anyone taken delivery of a new Model S and opted for the steering wheel?

    It's extremely easy to make any kind of turn with the Yoke. I use it everyday and love it. Never going back to a round wheel.
  22. Mr X

    Cybertruck Will Feel Dated By the Time it Comes Out?

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
  23. Mr X

    Advice on buying used M3 SR+

    My 2019 SR+ with 67,000 miles shows 204 miles at 100%
  24. Mr X

    Snippiness 2.0

    The fact that you're making excuses for being a terrible driver with no visual awareness 🤣 🤣 A rim doesn't curb itself. Get better at driving and stop curbplaining.
  25. Mr X

    Have you lost faith in Tesla?

    Yes. I've put all my faith into Honda now.
  26. Mr X

    Cybertruck Will Feel Dated By the Time it Comes Out?

    This definitely looks dated compared to a gas range extender electric RAM 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  27. Mr X

    My MYP was built without a duct for the HEPA Filter

    Send them a link to this thread instead lol
  28. Mr X

    2022 Model 3 Long Range died overnight

    To be fair, this is an anomaly which is not common.
  29. Mr X

    Reuters: "Tesla readies revamped Model 3 with project 'Highland' -sources" [projected 3rd quarter 2023]

    You are highly incapable if you can't navigate a parking lot with a Yoke rofl
  30. Mr X

    Got pulled over yesterday, interesting?

    I would have given you a ticket for those fake plastic carbon fiber side vents
  31. Mr X

    Elon & Twitter

    No. Nothing at all. He does nothing all the time
  32. Mr X

    Will The CT Beat Dual Motor Rivian

    That's odd, Cybertruck became available to pre-order Nov 21, 2019. Model Y and 3 are the top selling cars in CA and dominating everywhere else. How's Rivian doing? Not good. Terrible margins, losing money on every truck. And as they scale, their losses also scale. CT Giga Press is arriving...
  33. Mr X

    The new $39,000 Kia Niro EV has ventilated seats

    Heated seats > cooled seats And Kia's are complete garbage Whose dream car is/was a Kia? 🤣
  34. Mr X

    Traded my M3P for an RS3 - My thoughts on both cars for what it's worth

    Will never go back to a gas car. Gas stations are disgusting and tail pipe emissions are toxic. Model 3 interior is great. Audi interiors look out dated. Enjoy the gas guzzling polluter I guess? Although not sure how you can enjoy pumping tens to hundreds of pounds of Co2 into the atmosphere...
  35. Mr X

    Why choose Model 3 over Model Y if you can have more trunk space?

    I never use my frunk or my trunk. Need an electric coupe
  36. Mr X

    HW3.0 upgrade for basic AP owners now free?

    2019 SR+ 2.5 No EAP Just requested it. Will see what they say
  37. Mr X

    Elon Musk

    Me reading this thread
  38. Mr X

    Has Tesla Build quality improved on new Model 3s in 2022?

    I get to see and drive all the latest Tesla's from Fremont and they all have had excellent build quality so far. Model Y's have felt liner in door pockets now Model 3's however do not yet have the felt liner in the door pockets
  39. Mr X

    would you considering sacrificing range to get extended tire life?

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S are the best everyday performance street tires. All Season 4's are second best. They last longer than the 4S but are not as grippy. I get ~$400 discounts on every new set. Only with Michelin. Pirellis are also trash.
  40. Mr X

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    I went from those to these And I think the Zero-G's are the best looking wheels on a 3! 🤤🤤
  41. Mr X

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Love my $10 rear diffuser
  42. Mr X

    Don't get in an accident in your Tesla unless you like waiting for repairs

    Yoke > round boomer wheel
  43. Mr X

    Elon & Twitter

    When you think you've outsmarted Elon
  44. Mr X

    FS: Model 3 Performance Front + Rear OEM Sway Bars ($100)

    Just sitting in my garage. From an older car. Sway bars only. $100. Located in Simi Valley, CA but can meet at any nearby Supercharger