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  1. Electric700

    Wrong location in the app while car is in drive

    Thank you, it did correct the location when I drove it!
  2. Electric700

    Making the Model Y Battery Cells Easily Replaceable

    Thanks, so the 2170 cell type packs can be serviced/repaired? Please correct me if I’m wrong but the MY AWD LR has always had these.
  3. Electric700

    Making the Model Y Battery Cells Easily Replaceable

    For the 2025+ Model Y AWD, does anyone know if the individual battery pack 4680 cells will be replaceable? This is important because let’s say you have a 15 year-old Model Y with just one failed cell and everything else is fine. I want to just fix / replace the problem cell. The pack should...
  4. Electric700

    Wrong location in the app while car is in drive

    After I did a factory reset, the map in the vehicle shows California. But I’m in Florida! Does it may be take an hour or so to correct the location in the vehicle?
  5. Electric700

    Georgia Vehicle Inspection

    Good to know, thanks for your responses.
  6. Electric700

    Georgia Vehicle Inspection

    If you register a Tesla Model Y AWD vehicle in the state of Georgia, how do vehicle inspections work? Are you allowed to skip an inspection completely since it’s 100% electric (for plug-in hybrid or gas vehicles, inspections are required)?
  7. Electric700

    Saw a Cybertruck in Person at a Supercharger

    I love it! Thanks, and the solar panels make it even better! :) I hope to see these at all Supercharger sites, where possible.
  8. Electric700

    Battery imbalance cell reading changes

    Tesla told me that the vehicles are supposed to automatically be balancing the batteries, just charge to 80% - 90%. They said that they don’t see vehicles in the service center with imbalanced batteries. May be your case is so minor that the BMS is ignoring it for now?
  9. Electric700

    Cybertruck launch

    Congratulations to Tesla on the launch of the Cybertruck! I really like it. Also I hope they bring the front bumper camera and power frunk over to the other Tesla models.
  10. Electric700

    2023 Model Y Performance -- Impressions After First Drive

    SSonnentag, nice writeup! You should report any items you think can be improved to Tesla, and how you'd improve them, but the warning to look at the road is for safety though. I am glad they were able to transfer free unlimited Supercharging to your new vehicle! I wish you years of safe and fun...
  11. Electric700

    Supercharger - Roslyn Heights, NY - Willis Ave.

    It’s back online! It looks like they did an upgrade. May be to the V4 Superchargers 😎
  12. Electric700

    S shut off on interstate

    Oh ok, he mentioned a 2019 so that must have been the main pack he was talking about.
  13. Electric700

    S shut off on interstate

    But wouldn't it be free with Tesla since it's a 2019 (8 years or unlimited mile warranty for the battery pack and motors)? Note that now, new Model S vehicles have an 8 year / 150,000 mile warranty.
  14. Electric700

    Supercharger - Roslyn Heights, NY - Willis Ave.

    This location is not online as of today. I am not sure what is happening, but did anyone contact Tesla about this? At least there are other Supercharger locations not too far away.
  15. Electric700

    Dead battery after 64,000 miles!

    It should be like new with the length of the original warranty still in effect. They fully test the refurbished batteries, so hopefully everything will be fine with the vehicle from now on.
  16. Electric700

    My Tesla Model S is Dead

    You got this situation worked out I hope? Did you call Tesla Service?
  17. Electric700

    Are we stuck with low supercharge 2015 s 85d?

    If you are experiencing very slow Supercharger rates (like 50 or 70 kW) you may want to create a service request. With the heat in some areas like around Phoenix, which has been above 110 F some days, the charging rates might slow down some to keep the main battery cool. This is a good time to...
  18. Electric700

    Will the single motor option provide enough power for the Cybertruck?

    I recommend AWD (at least dual motor) standard. You get a better level of safety with that, and it's supposed to be more efficient. One level better would be the tri-motor option, with additional range too.
  19. Electric700

    Current cost of battery pack replacement?

    I found out that Recell-ev.com has one option for a warranty up to 4 years / 50k miles for the Model 3. Pretty good!
  20. Electric700

    Current cost of battery pack replacement?

    057tech.com has a warranty option for at least two years or 25,000 miles. I am not sure about Recell-ev.com.
  21. Electric700

    Efficiency: 2018 LR RWD vs 2022 LR AWD

    Good to see that the AWD models are more efficient, plus they are safer!
  22. Electric700

    Can a Tesla Jump Start Another Car?

    You'd need a DC 400 V to DC 12.5 V step-down voltage converter. It would be interesting if Tesla would come out with a Tesla connector to 12.5 V jumper device. You would plug it in your Tesla's usual charging port and the other side would go to the other person's 12 V battery. Through software...
  23. Electric700

    Current cost of battery pack replacement?

    There are some places that can repair it for at least $8,000 if it's not under warranty, such as 057tech.com or Recell-ev.com. Tesla usually costs several thousand more for a repair, and more than that for a brand new main pack. I hope these costs will come down considerably soon, like toward or...
  24. Electric700

    Bought a model Y that I thought had clean title and found out it was salvage

    I would say that Tesla needs to update their records if everything else shows as good. They can inspect the vehicle also. I hope it works out well for you!
  25. Electric700

    Warning - make sure your connections are properly torqued!

    For this situation, what about just using wiring nuts and wrapping that with tape? It would still be code compliant right? If you have a slide-in wire connector, may be you can do a loop so there is no way for it to come out. This way if the screw loosens a little bit, you are still ok. But you...
  26. Electric700

    Tesla can't find can't find the source of the problem new model Y

    Glad it's working now, and I hope it stays that way!
  27. Electric700

    Tesla Van

    Something like this would be nice, but update and streamline the design may be making it look closer to a Tesla Model X or Y. There is a market for vehicles that can hold 10 people (e.g. airport shuttles, team vehicles, large group rentals, etc.). Plus, add an integrated solar panel standard, as...
  28. Electric700

    First Big Trip - the good and the bad

    Thank you for the write-up! I am sorry to see about the wheel damage though. London must have a government site where you can provide feedback like this, because very likely, it has happened to others too. It sounds like if they made the lanes wider by at least 1 - 2 feet (0.3 - 0.6 meters)...
  29. Electric700

    First major repair in my 2015 MS

    May be mention what Wk057 said, using the app, and see what they come back with. It could be that the contactors were discovered as needing to be replaced (even though the error messages you saw do not necessarily indicate that). Was the vehicle charging while it was raining? If not, it was...
  30. Electric700

    Bad HV battery no warranty

    I've seen those other options from Recell or 057 Technology in the $8k range, so definitely something to consider! Also, to those who think I'm AI, I really appreciate the compliment because I have found AI to be kind and compassionate. I'm a human male though.
  31. Electric700

    Should I be concerned

    Don't forget that there is a net good environmental impact for EVs, which have zero CO2 emissions. And time saved too since there are fewer things to maintain. Tesla's Supercharger network is powered either directly or indirectly with renewables like wind and solar energy now, thankfully.
  32. Electric700

    Should I be concerned

    @wk057 Today, is $5k about right for main battery repair service with a warranty that you include? I thought it was. If there is special transport involved then it might be closer to $7k?
  33. Electric700

    Unable to Log Out

    For me too, thanks!
  34. Electric700

    Starting to see 2015s with BMS_u029 and 018

    But you can get it fixed for close to $5k from a few third-party places. I would not call that worthless, and I don't think all of the older packs are failing. I do hope that the 2016+ main batteries are a lot more reliable now. I remember that close to 2020, Tesla was planning to launch the...
  35. Electric700

    Should I be concerned

    If it happens, it could be close to a $5k repair with 057tech.com, recell-ev.com, or other similar main battery repair places. Tesla also offers refurbished main batteries, but the cost usually is higher...close to $10k.
  36. Electric700

    Battery cooling after supercharging longer?

    Are the front bumper-area vents working? I know that the Model S has these and I think the Model Y does too (or a new version). Also, check that the vehicle is set to recirculate the air when Supercharging...it's more efficient usually when it's more than 80 F outside.
  37. Electric700

    New S, Old Chargers

    I hope you have started to do better now. It's terrible to have to go through something like that. Friends and family can help, and ultimately some people decide to seek a new relationship again. Do you have free unlimited Supercharging on your Model S? That is a really nice feature and I think...
  38. Electric700

    Unable to Log Out

    It's still happening! Hopefully one of the site administrators will fix this soon.
  39. Electric700

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    Which is about 75% currently, I think. So if everyone sets their vehicle to 75 or 80%, battery balancing should automatically start (unless this has recently changed and balancing occurs at states of charge lower than 75%). Thanks.
  40. Electric700

    New 2012-14 MS Tesla replacement pack?

    Sorry to see that happened. Did you try reaching out to 057tech.com or Recell-ev.com? Both can do main battery repairs in the $5k range, and 057tech.com offers a warranty. Recell might too. You can also arrange with them to get your vehicle transported to / from their facilities.
  41. Electric700

    Unable to Log Out

    When logging out of this site, I get a server error. This wasn't happening earlier this week or last month. Can someone check into this? Thank you. Here's the error message: Oops! We ran into some problems. A server error occurred. Please try again later.
  42. Electric700

    2019 Model X Long Range Raven - HV battery replacement

    Sorry that happened. Hopefully Tesla replaced it free of charge and your vehicle is now working normally again? They can give you a free loaner too. I agree with the other member, that this is a highly abnormal occurrence.
  43. Electric700

    HV Battery Replacement Guide For Early MS 85kWh Pack Including Part Numbers And Prices (April/May 2023)

    057Tech.com is a good option, or Recell-ev.com. I have seen their prices in the $5k range.
  44. Electric700

    Model Y RWD now available. RWD+AWD now eligible for iZEV Rebate

    But AWD offers better safety, especially when it snows in Canada (it appears that's where you are). It's your choice of course though. For me AWD is the standard.
  45. Electric700

    Model Y RWD now available. RWD+AWD now eligible for iZEV Rebate

    I would 100% rather have the AWD version. It gives you a better level of safety in all driving conditions. If they offered one with less range, like 200 miles, I would consider it as long as it also has AWD.
  46. Electric700

    Loud Fan Noise

    That is really not good...I would drive to the service center right away and leave the car. Hopefully they can give you a loaner.
  47. Electric700

    Main battery voltage too low, will not charge

    If that doesn't work, you might need to get the main battery pack repaired. I have seen that Charge Complete at zero miles notification before, and it meant that there was a fault that needed to be corrected in the main battery (or Tesla would replace the main battery with a refurbished or new...
  48. Electric700

    2012 Tesla Model S P85 - the dreaded HV battery problem

    057Tech offers a warranty. I have seen costs in the $5k range for main battery repair, and they can help you arrange for vehicle transportation to their facility.
  49. Electric700

    057 Technology extended service plan

    Have you thought about opening up other locations? May be one in California or Nevada?