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  1. artsci

    FS: 21" Model S Plaid Arachnid Wheels Genuine OEM

    I’d like to buy these rims. Are they still for sale?
  2. artsci

    Cant get ahold of RPM Tesla

    I’ve had some terrible experiences with RPM Tesla. Their web site is full of lies. For example, for some products it says it will ship within 2 days even though it’s backordered. When you use their chat someone named Aussie usually replies. He or She says their web site needs to be updated...
  3. artsci

    Does, or does not, FSD Beta currentnly include birdseye view?

    My Plaid is on 2022.36.20 and it has an overhead view when parked. Attached is a photo.
  4. artsci

    Discussion of Lazer Linear LED bar

    I sold the Model 3 and bought a Model S Plaid in December. Last week I drove to Glen Cove, NY to have a Linear 18 Elite with I-LBA installed on the Plaid. Had the same problem: The CAN-LZR does not recognize the signals from the Plaid. The installer is working with Lazer Lamps personnel to...
  5. artsci

    Plaid plus Plaid

    Motor Trend, when they reviewed the Model S Plaid, asked "where's the plaid." The comment was made in jest, but I thought why not some plaid in the interior? So among the mods I made was to put plaid ribbon in the interior. Other mods I made included Lloyd's carpet mats, but with a plaid logo...
  6. artsci

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    These are the stock wheels powder coated in black with a PVC coating. The photos also show Mountain Pass Performance rotors and custom made lug nut covers with a 3D printed Tesla badge that stays vertical all the time
  7. artsci

    S/X Palladium Motorized Screen Tilt Kit

    I have to say that while I’m happy with the results of the mechanical DYI, if @Casey_S develops the integrated kit I’ll buy that in a flash.
  8. artsci

    S/X Palladium Motorized Screen Tilt Kit

    @SUPRKAR and I did the same thing today. Removed the screen and mechanism and set it tilted toward the driver. Locked into that setting.
  9. artsci

    S/X Palladium Motorized Screen Tilt Kit

    @Casey_S Any updates on status?
  10. artsci

    Software Version for Noise Cancellation

    Noise cancellation has a long way to go. IMHO, with the current version it’s not very effective. I can barely hear the difference between on and off. Let‘s hope there’s a dramatic difference in store in future software upgrades.
  11. artsci

    S/X Palladium Motorized Screen Tilt Kit

    I’m all in for the fully integrated version and I know another Plaid owner who’d be interested in that as well. In fact you beat us to the punch. We were meeting next weekend to figure out how we can motorize the mechanism. Also agree with @SUPRKAR. Fine with DYI installation provided...
  12. artsci

    Model 3 12v Battery issues, monitoring, Aftermarket replacement

    I’ve had the 12v battery problem ever since I purchased the Model 3. I’ve found a solution that means you’ll never have the problem again, although you will have the “replace 12v battery” warnings, but you can make them disappear. The solution involves these steps. 1. When you get the 12v...
  13. artsci


    This makes feel more privileged to have the original Plaid design. If I wanted the rear Model 3 look alike I wouldn’t be selling my Model 3. The elimination of the appliqué is a poor design decision by Tesla. Of course it saves them $.
  14. artsci

    Automatic Electric Frunk for Model S Plaid

    Installed on my Model S Plaid EVOffers Electric Frunk kit. Assisted by my best Tesla friend, SUPURKAR (Bill Polera), who is an installation expert. I think this may have been the first installation on a Model S Plaid, but not sure of that. Had to do some adjustments of the latch mechanism to...
  15. artsci

    12V Access: Model S 2021 Refresh

    If it helps people understand, the wiring diagram shows that the yellow wire powers the air suspension, purple the MCU, red the HCU, and the furthest to the right the Autopilot Computer. So you’d want to tap the yellow wire at at the source in the frunk not at the wireless charger. I’ll use that...
  16. artsci

    OBD2 port

    Does the OBD2 port have CAN hi and lo signals? If so, what are the pin outs?
  17. artsci

    FS: Plaid 21" Arachnid Wheel and Tire Package, Vancouver BC area

    I’m definitely interested. Will you ship the wheels to Maryland? If so I’ll buy them.
  18. artsci

    Unique yoke, Carbontastic Jet Pilot, and other custom steering devices for Model 3

    That’s iPad pro with the Ters-LAX app running and linked to a bluetooth OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner
  19. artsci

    Has anyone used the Tesla reccomended body shop?

    My experience with Tesla body repair had been terrible (In Owings Mills MD). I took the car in last Tuesday, and was just notified today (a week later) that some emergency construction has slowed them down some. Some? It’s been a week and surely they knew that there would be construction when...
  20. artsci

    Unique yoke, Carbontastic Jet Pilot, and other custom steering devices for Model 3

    In attempts to make my Model 3 distinctive, I’ve acquired a number of steering wheels and yokes since I bought the car in 2018. As I’ve now settled on a yoke as my steering device of choice, why not make available the other steering devices to other Model 3 owners who may want to customize their...
  21. artsci

    Model S Delivery Event on June 10, 2021 [Rescheduled] - What to expect?

    I think long-term every Tesla manufactured will have the 4680 cells. Not a question of if but when. We know that Model Y 2.0, Cybertruck, Model S Plaid+, will have them when productions initiates. Have to imagine for Tesla that it's a question of supply and ramping up production.
  22. artsci

    Call from Tesla asking me to cancel Plaid+ and take a Plaid

    I got the same call yesterday and posted that fact on another thread. Refused. The range of the Plaid+ is critical to me.
  23. artsci

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Got a call from Tesla yesterday asking if I wanted to change my order from Plaid+ to Plaid. We talked for about 5 minutes then I told the caller no. I had thought about it but the range 520+ range of the Plaid+ is a critical factor for me. Anyone else get a call like that?
  24. artsci

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    This is a simple-minded observation as it doesn’t account for other assets a person may have, like liquid equity positions.
  25. artsci

    New Hansshow Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen

    I installed this product on my car a few days ago and it has all kinds of software problems. The tire pressure readings, which are supposed to be PSI, compared to the reading on the car’s screen, are way too low. My car shows 40 psi all around. The Hannshaw shows something like 2.3. Then I...
  26. artsci

    Discussion of Lazer Linear LED bar

    After much difficulty, I finally got the Linear-18 Elite to light but not through the CAN-LZR, which in spite of getting the hi and lo can data did not recognize my Tesla Model 3. But with help from the staff at LazerLamps and about a dozen emails back and forth today, we found a solution: a...
  27. artsci

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    All the posts about delivery delays and poor communication about delivery from Tesla makes me pleased that I ordered a Plaid+. At least we know that those won’t be delivered until the middle of next year, or perhaps as later.
  28. artsci

    Anybody bought from Taptes?

    My experience with PimpMyEV has not been good. Delivery of products takes 3-4 weeks and the instructions that come with them are barely literate and not helpful at all. Latest example is a product listed on their web site as a “Center Console Ambient Lighting Kit for Model 3 & Y.” One would...
  29. artsci

    Tesla Coal Rolling?

    To paraphase H.L. Mencken, no one ever lost money underestimating the stupidity of the American public.
  30. artsci

    New Hansshow Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen

    They would say nothing. I have all manner of devices, some attached to the canbus, in my previous Model S and now Model 3, and when I take the car in for service nobody says anything. In fact some service folks marvel at these devices.
  31. artsci

    Modifications to car made since delivery

    Actually I have a new one: TAX CO2.
  32. artsci

    Interior trunk size (width) on Model S?

    The dimensions likely will have changed for the refreshed Model S. When I look a photos of the rear space it definitely looks like there have been changes made. If you're buying a refreshed Model S LR, Plaid, or Plaid+ you can't rely on the dimensions for previous Model S.
  33. artsci

    Tires on Plaid+ Model S?

    My educated guess is that they’ll be the new Michelin Pilot Sport EVs. Which, according to the Michelin web site will be available for sale on April 1. According to Michelin they were designed specifically for for high performance EVs, and ride quieter, have more traction, and provide more...
  34. artsci

    New S: Yoke or Nope?

    I remember an adage that goes like this: Focus groups are to research as what bumper stickers are to philosophy. In other words, focus groups are garbage. It’s great that Tesla designs what they like Instead of relying on focus group-based designs. The Pontiac Aztek (really ugly) was likely...
  35. artsci

    Refreshed “2021” Model S waiting room

    My mistake. The totol should include only the $2K FSD increase.
  36. artsci

    Refreshed “2021” Model S waiting room

    Looks like I screwed myself out of $4,000 by cancelling the original plaid order and then ordering a plaid+. Any suggestions about what I do? Tesla I’m sure has a record of the original order.
  37. artsci

    2021 Refresh Model S Discussion

    Don’t understand what the fuss about cupholders is all about. It’s definitely a first-world matter. On the other hand, breathable air is more and more and problem world over. Maybe we all should have more concern about that.
  38. artsci

    Refreshed “2021” Model S waiting room

    I reserved a plaid that day, so when the plaid+ was announced I just canceled the old order and ordered a plaid+. Very simple and no problems at all. That’s the easiest solution in instead of hoping that Tesla Woolf switch orders.
  39. artsci

    1st Tesla - Shocked at process

    My service center, Owings Mills Maryland, has always been great and treated me with great respect. They are always responsive and do a very reliable job whenever there are problems, which are few and far between. In fact, my Model S P85 (bought in early 2013) and Model 3 dual motor performance...
  40. artsci

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Same for me. Something weird is going on,
  41. artsci

    Air Horn?

    Take a look at this video. It features train air horns on a very small electric car.
  42. artsci

    Questions for owners of first deliveries of refreshed Model S

    As there are many mysteries/questions about the refreshed Model S that Tesla hasn’t answered or clarified, I thought it would be helpful to list a set of questions for those lucky enough to get the first deliveries of the refreshed Model S, long range, plaid, or plaid plus. I’ll start with mine...
  43. artsci

    2021 Refresh Model S Discussion

    I can imagine all the screaming and complaints on this site if Tesla called the Plaid+ a “turbo”
  44. artsci

    2021 Refresh Model S Discussion

    IMHO the "turbo" label cheapens the Porsche. Who calls a BEV a turbo? That's old school ICE terminology.
  45. artsci

    2021 Refresh Model S Discussion

    So show an example (or several) of photos of a more modern looking or pleasing taillights.
  46. artsci

    2021 Refresh Model S Discussion

    Who says the taillights are unpleasant to look at? That’s just your opinion. Is there some aesthetic principle for taillight design that Tesla has violated?
  47. artsci

    Quietest 21" tires

    As they won’t be available in the US until later this year, consistent with what Tesla is saying about the refreshed Model S tires, I’m guessing the the Pilot Sport EVs will be supplied with the Model S Plaid+. Here’s more information about the Pilot Sport EVs