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    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    IMO, new peaks don't matter, because they fall so quick. Like Zextraterrestrial: Using V3 SC, with original warm batts FUSC 1: '15 P85D 115K mi, >20MWh DCFC, 120KW goes below 90KW (~5mins) before 35mi range, ~60KW thru 100mi, ~45KW thru ~160mi FUSC 2: '16 75D 135K mi, <5MWh DCFC, 125KW to...
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    DIY turn back DC charge after tesla blocked it.

    If you want to keep your older software, don't leave your car parked within Tesla's Service Center's WiFi for long. Despite painter's taping the MCU "Do Not Update" and witnessing service explicitly write "Do not update" on the work order, one night Tesla rolled me past 10.2 from the mothership.
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    Refresh Model S. Would you purchase again?

    I think Taycan salesmen started pushing voice as an alternative to touch, too. I test drove one. Porsche's schtick about only brake pedal regen makes no sense to me. If it's about speed, give me braking as I lift. Tight commutes experience many sudden brakes from people in front. Lifting in...
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    U-Joint Problems

    Coming back, now as 1-2 degrees free play at steering wheel. Good to see $400-500 for what looks like somewhat of a job: discovered on YouTube. Not many views, or aware of whether the manual was referenced. Not sure the video covered pulling the emergency loop, either, but you don't want to...
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    Refresh Model S. Would you purchase again?

    You sound like you enjoy being driven? Many folks who want to drive and keep their eyes on the road prefer at least some switches and buttons. I find it ergonomic to reach and make the change I want, rather than having to look and carefully target what pixels I touch. Some Model S owners like...
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    Anyone bought the track package for a daily driver?

    Ditto. I ran a square 245 setup on a P85D, including one trip to a track. It was sidewall flex in turns which the narrower Michelins (PS2?) 21's seem to struggle with (even at 50+psi). If I ever go Plaid, 295 or maybe 285 all around would be preferred. No issues braking / accelerating the...
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    “Old” 2015 MS 19 snow package on Plaid?

    I'd do it, if you aren't dumb enough to push snow tires as hard as either sport tires or wider sport tires. P85+, P85D, P90D(?) all used to offer both staggered (20mm larger rear 265) and square (245 all around). I'd think the big issue would be wheel spin, but Tesla's torque-vectoring will...
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    Experiences and options to sell as-is after HV battery failure?

    If he's selling you the car and FUSC is displayed, than as a private sale FUSC transfers. What am I missing? Doubtful a used dealer would masquerade as a private seller. If there's evidence Tesla is shutting off FUSC for new owners of used Tesla's, ~~bought through private sale, with no...
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    Tesla's Free Unlimited Supercharging cost

    Chat GPT says ~286k Model S & X were made, from 2012-2017. I believe some 3, S and X got it afterward, as well. Not many. While worth ~$1k/yr in my case, I think that's not true for a dwindling fleet. My guess is slow S&X sales are making them look for a fix.
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    Replace headlights in metro boston?

    Thank you tga! Post added to the thread you linked. Fixed.
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    Ground Stud Nut over torqued

    Just finished. Used existing stud base, which after the threaded portion broke off left a sand'able, and thick, aluminum grounding point. -W/Frunk/Coolant and headlight warnings, mine broke off with only ~3lbs of torque (like little more than the weight of a breaker bar). Never seen such...
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    Replace headlights in metro boston?

    As another affected, having seen "malfunction" warnings eventually apply to both sides, before (yikes) both lights went out together one recent night, I ordered/installed Osram D3S bulbs ($100pr) hoping the projectors would fix. They didn't, in my case. Well, at least the intermittent left...
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    Vendor Tesla Model S Battery Extended Service Plans from 057 Technology

    The business model of WK057 had to wait for what's happening right now, 8 years after the production ramp of Model S to north of a 25-50k per quarter. IOW, when a service trickle becomes a waterfall (all the 14's and 15's). I'm guessing he's really busy and wouldn't take a week's absence from...
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    Unicorn (OEM carbon ceramic) brakes

    Track pack currently appears on Tesla's site with the 20" wheels "out of stock", but the CCBs available. A quick search shows used Plaid, equipped with CCB unobtainable, or FTM the brake kit itself (used). Lots of guys I ran into used to pull the PCCB off Porsches, to run cheaper steel...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    ...Why I resigned, a year ago. I thought I was covering market and political reactions to AGW and innovation, when they suddenly wanted Net Zero worship; praise for reducing process emissions while hanging "use" emissions from a consumer's neck. Not just buy & sell side, but CFAI and the...
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    Is there an update on out of warranty battery replacement cost

    Hard to conclude inflation now causing a $25k C-battery? Commodities are going down. Alternatively, saw used inventory: $65k 2019 100d, low 30-40k miles, For that, I'm still not sure I'd rather trade away FUSC, connectivity, take $30-35k trade on the P85D....and then a bigger-than-new-battery...
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    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    Today was heat pump day (5.5 tons of 'um). Gone will be the 1500W steam unit, run ~3hr/day just to get to ~35-40%RH. Those losses came with the home's 154k btu oil unit. Cruising TMC tonight 'cause I need Winter power! Off Grid? Pffft. After 2yrs PV: 24KW, east/west faces, with southern...
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    Design Feedback: Adding 6 panels

    This is the reason I went with 24KW, 2yrs ago. Can anyone tell me if the utility (Eversource MA) can break an interconnection agreement, if you move or add panels to the NEM'd inverter? I thought I remember the inverter size, not the panels or STC KW, is what they go by. Am I OK to move...
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    Vendor Recell Launches Groundbreaking Remanufactured Battery Packs for Model S and Model X

    You have mail. Curious if by the 250+, 77KWh option, you are taking 90 or 100KWh packs and reducing (bad) cell counts? With a 4KWh buffer, an '85' Tesla is basically new, if WK057's observance of 81 energy capacity was accurate (77 +4). There can't be too many 81KWh, "85" packs available at...
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    another $5k drop

    HW4 isn't done and dusted. It's Deja Vu: Bought a July '16 build with MobileEye & AP1, knowing AP2 might arrive upon the 10/1/16 announcement. It did and owners got to live >6mo w/o any AP, before the complaints/improvements started rolling in. When you couple that cost move with deleting...
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    Model S existing inventory and pricing

    Inventory doesn't yet reflect the additional ~$5k price drops. Not only do they appear same as a search yesterday, but a good number are now more expensive than the current new price.
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    Zero battery indicated all of sudden

    May be related, may be not, but had "vanish to 0" episode after the '16 S arrived home one day with 16 miles range and then plugged into a Tesla wall charger that, itself, was unplugged. So,similar circumstances accept with home A/C charging: -previous night, lots of unable to charge errors (I...
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    2023.2.10. 50 minutes update

    2023.2.10 staged, not yet installed -YouTube already limited to 360P, on each of 4 random channels -Space bar issue remained into the current ver. 2022.44.25.3 , though a reboot temporarily fixes. Will 2023.2.10 repair? -8yr Batt. warranty expires this month! Ugh, nothing seems good in posts (I...
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    Time for a new HV Battery

    Yup. When GM introduced the Volt, the charge window was limited to 65% of its 10.2KWh battery.
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    2014 P85 HV failure.

    Sorry about the bad luck. Did they offer you refurb and new, new-only, refurb? Was price <20k?, before range unlock? Thx
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    I voted with my wallet

    The harm of Musk's footprint is all over, but with back to the wall he can capitulate. LFP and going back to offering round steering wheels are two recent examples of admitting change is needed. IMO, Tesla interiors have parsed and attempted to define demand. This forum howled when the model...
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    Time for a new HV Battery

    Prefer best-pack/decent-service, over best-service/decent-pack. I live ~7mi from an SC (FUSC) and am paying $.40/KWh; all the more reason for the best possible pack. RE: Tesla's 100-shell C-packs, I worry that WK057's earlier reporting that Tesla is aggressively bidding 100's in the...
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    Spacebar missing

    Same, with update to 2022.44.25.3 (on MCU2, '15 model). Had no space bar before, and even after what I believe may be the second update I still don't have it. Searches sometimes insert a space automatically, but this is getting old. Haven't brought it up with Tesla yet. Not sure "bug...
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    Time for a new HV Battery

    RE: Time for new HV battery Not there yet, but what is the zeitgeist on Tesla's C-packs versus WK057's? For example, I'd rather a new 350v, 90KWh, pack, than a ~400v, 100KWh pack if it has ~100k on it from 2016? On the other hand, Is Tesla putting failed 100's, minus two modules, into its $23k...
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    Tesla Stationary Storage Investors Thread

    Texas isn't hosting VPP, yet, or I know of no rate-design where battery aggregation is getting compensated, at retail. I could be wrong. After Uri, the latest are attempts at keeping unprofitable generators on (which is the opposite of efficiency programs, batteries, DERs, etc.). The state is...
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    Tesla Stationary Storage Investors Thread

    CATL recently prospected a multi-billion Michigan installation. They're bigger w/LFP, than Tesla (globally). Ford, CATL consider battery plant in Michigan amid U.S.-China tensions It goes back to how big is this window (er, "moat"), for Tesla? Could it close down to undifferentiated...
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    Tesla Stationary Storage Investors Thread

    Not a fan of Zerosum's bullishness, and esp. margins: -BNEF recognizes prices are increasing (there's anecdotal evidence of this, as well), but to $3XX zone, not $600/KWh Twitter-land. -No posts (sales/orders&quotes) are given, which may be too much to expect, but counting on the highest price...
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    New 85kWH battery for my 2013 P85+

    P85Ds were "battery limited", not software. Some product of the available 81kwh x volts was always lower than 692 "motor power" as once famously said. Where most other Teslas don't start fading with SOC, our cars did. What I'd be surprised about w/b if anyone upgrading with WK057's P100DL...
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    Is there an update on out of warranty battery replacement cost

    Weren't some of the 90KWh packs problematic? At least with the P90D, there were a greater number of failures than the P85Ds. Tesla was bringing silicon into the chemistry. I'm sure you're covered, but I think a few of those have been in/out.
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    Options for bad battery

    RE "huge amount of labor". It sounds like needing the right tools. Packs were designed to come down in minutes. Resister/shunt access may be relatively easy, afterward? Does the part require a handshake, or opening the battery? For the cases where someone only really needs a lift, or...
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    Model S Windshield cracks

    Sounds reasonable, LOL. In the case of my photo above, it was to be warranted but they came back saying a special measurement device detected a chip within the glass layers. ....It all comes out of the collective Tesla insurance hide. If you don't go with the crack program, I'd avoid...
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    Won't gamble with firmware updates any more

    It has been a ~couple years, but I noticed only 1, er 2, folks ever identify SCs as deploying staged updates, against their wishes. I think the techs had kind of a creed, not to. It was probably CA. They won’t say. You could say I “took my chances”, going in for a frunk recall and parking...
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    Is there an update on out of warranty battery replacement cost

    Really hoped by now, that '13 and '14 (this year's warranty expiries) owners would pioneer the way, but battery solutions look undecided. Options for aged, partial refurbs, or the alternative $~20k (w/o history?) from Tesla is all we have? Service plans (aka W057) are clever, but not something...
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    My $9241 XMAS 2021 & New Year 2022 Repair Bills

    I was having stuck pad issues, on both MS's. Electrified Garage has a video, where Chad goes over it. When you order new rear pads, the stainless steel backing no longer wraps around the top/bottom sides of the pads making them slightly less apt to bind as they float w/in the caliper. There's...
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    Won't gamble with firmware updates any more

    After holding until 2022, Tesla took 8.1 away from me today. The service center either force deployed a staged update, or someone did it manually and is not telling. Car was parked w/in the geofence, overnight. I had lost the cell phone app, couldn't engage service within it and with ATT...
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    Model 3 SR+ LFP Battery Range, Degradation, etc Discussion

    334 wh/mi is not bad. I believe I'd be ~400 in those conditions (P85D). That said, 50 miles is a longer drive to smooth out those warm-up effects. Now, if we could find a non-LFP (NCA) Model 3 in those same conditions the assumption would probably be better wh/mi, but by how much? FWIW, my...
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    Model 3 SR+ LFP Battery Range, Degradation, etc Discussion

    Thanks, your posts are very helpful. I'd like to ask: What has been the cold soaked, not trip, but your return home Wh/mi, ~10F? What range remains when you arrive, vs. leave work 8hrs later, in ~10F temps? How many additional miles of rated range do you lose, to get home. More than the ~30...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Playing TSLA's macro abuse from the pandemic was so much easier than this. Horizon was a vaccine. IMO, trading has become much more institutional. It's going to be hair-trigger selling, possibly for months, 4 raises, 5 raises, recession fear(?). We could already be off the bottom, or Rob...
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    Model S Windshield cracks

    Crack pictured. There is no chip, and it is to be covered by Safe lite Autoglass, after they line up the second replacement w/in a year (first being a stone). My wife said she was using defrost, when it happened. 2016 MS Accessing defrost is a safety feature, that I believe helped turn the...
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    An honest review of the yoke

    Not just Randy Probst, but the 'Ring time was with the yoke and the driver squirmed, when Misha asked about it 5:30 into this video: He put his life on the line, to do a 7:30. If you've driven track, had the front of a car wash out, or tail snap around, imagine it being somewhere within 2.5...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Gas wells signed up as demand responders. That's how backwards the TX railroad commission prefers things. Scarcity microeconomics work, for them. Tesla being a Retail Electricity Provider, on ERCOT, will mean good things. They know that market. They could some day be another FPL, with the...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Where our heads are in "multiple compression" and "law of big numbers" sets up the buy/sell, in my opinion. As stated, there is now a denominator to multiply...and keep us sober. Since 2013, I ignored (at peril) the simple buy&hold and worked trading ranges, instead. Today, with the added...
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    Tunein no longer available?

    Lost TuneIn about 3-4 weeks ago. Held off on posting, until I hard reset (pulled the fireman's loop and battery negative terminal. Still nothing. Streaming OK. I'm a hold out, on Version 8.1 (2018.34.1.3dd3072). I don't suppose the OP is on older firmware? I just prefer its features and...
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    Roadster vs Porsche GT3

    Had a 997.1 "Metzger". A really special engine, but even that (2007) is matched by Taycan's 7:43 'Ring time. The Roadster is going to crush the GT3 and Taycan. GT2 RS @6:45, maybe not, but without proof I'd almost be surprised if it doesn't land as a four-motor car, with the new carbon rotor...
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    Steering wheel

    Don't think it's a personal thing. It's a functional thing. For those who don't like sport driving, maybe relearning not to put thumbs on the horn (or other non-tactile locations that control ~something) can be adapted to. Seems pointless, to me. For sport, ~800 degrees of yoke rotation...