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  1. Electricfan

    When FSD for 2024 Model 3?

    Got trial FSD today and used it for my work commute. It was great. But not "finished" by any means. I took over at busy intersections and one transfer between highways. It wanted to go around a traffic jam but it would never have been able to get back in the exit lane - how are they going to...
  2. Electricfan

    When FSD for 2024 Model 3?

    I took delivery of my 2024 Model 3 on March 17. A couple weeks before Elon dumped free FSD on every car "capable of FSD" I purchased a subscription for it to try it out. I didn't get it. My car shows exactly what yours does! "Will be available in future software update". So, be glad you at...
  3. Electricfan

    Model 3 Highland (US) Waiting room

    So, I ordered on Feb 11, just took delivery March 17. Not bad at all! Got the red color, no other options. Wanted to let everyone know - when I got home just now I had an email from Tesla confirming FREE SUPERCHARGING was transferred from my old S to my new 3! I'm extremely happy and...
  4. Electricfan

    Model 3 Highland (US) Waiting room

    Friend of mine has a Lyriq. He had a Model S for 10 yrs and a Model 3. He loves his Lyriq! Enjoy it!
  5. Electricfan

    Model 3 Highland (US) Waiting room

    My delivery is scheduled for March 10. But last I heard from Tesla they weren't sure they would make it because the car comes to Dallas from Freemont, and then ships to Houston... Anyone with experience in Houston? How long does it take to get to Houston after your VIN is assigned? I think...
  6. Electricfan

    Model 3 Highland (US) Waiting room

    Well I ordered February 11, and today February 24 I got my VIN. Now the app says est delivery is Mar 8 - 15. Sure hope its 8th as I leave town on the 11th. I have to take delivery in March or lose xferred free supercharging from my S, which would suck. Stress sucks, but it'll be worth it in...
  7. Electricfan

    Model 3 Highland (US) Waiting room

    If you don't take delivery by end of March is your FSD transfer affected? According to what I've read my free supercharging transfer is contingent on taking delivery by end of March. Seems unfair if they don't make the car for me, to deny me the incentive they promised.
  8. Electricfan

    Maximum battery charge level reduced - warranty about to expire

    Have you asked them using the app if warranty will still apply to this problem if seen after the warranty period expires? It certainly should, since it was documented by the car itself during the warranty period. You might also consult an attorney in your state as to state laws on the matter...
  9. Electricfan

    Door handle broken in odd way

    My driver's door handle failed again - presents but won't open door no matter how hard you pull. We have a place called CPR Tesla here in Houston. I took it there and he "recalibrated" it for $120.00. Its working again, but for how long???
  10. Electricfan

    BMS-029 - Tesla Must Do Better

    Do you replace drive units?
  11. Electricfan

    BMS-029 - Tesla Must Do Better

    I might bring it to you when its got 149k miles just to get that extra 2 yrs warranty! That's a great benefit (if I read it right).
  12. Electricfan

    BMS-029 - Tesla Must Do Better

    Can you post online here any rough numbers for the cost of your offerings? And how busy are you - is it a long turnaround to get a battery replacement from your company? My battery warranty expires in six days, and I fully expect to be in the same boat soon. Maybe I need a tin-foil hat, but I...
  13. Electricfan

    Door handle broken in odd way

    They came and fixed my door for the second attempt today. Its working properly again. I got no info when asked what the problem was. He said he didn't see anything wrong. He did say he hooked up his computer and reset it, as I understood it. We'll see I guess.
  14. Electricfan

    Door handle broken in odd way

    My driver's door handle (2015 Model S) was replaced May 9 by Tesla mobile service. $323.87 Now its doing what you describe. Presents but won't open. Also retracts normally. Just can't open no matter how hard I pull. Initially when first repaired May 9 it worked, but gradually got harder...
  15. Electricfan

    2013 S85 Battery Replacement (Out of warranty) - my experience

    Agree. Maybe I'm naive though. But I can't see something this overt going on. Never say never though - look at what VW did...
  16. Electricfan

    HV Battery failure! 2014 S85 with 43,000 miles, single owner car

    As Tesla sales have grown, so grows their exposure. We are just now seeing the beginning of the wave of Teslas coming out of warranty. And people will spread the word quickly if Tesla batteries routinely die shortly after the 8 yr period. And if that happens, it will definitely cause Tesla...
  17. Electricfan

    Second High Voltage Battery Replacement 2013 MS

    After your first battery failed did you find any way to monitor the battery health? I have a 2015 S and its warranty is about to expire, and I'm getting very nervous. So far Tesla has refused to do a diagnostic on it for me. I want it checked before my warranty expires. I also have a Volt...
  18. Electricfan

    Model S front shock absorber coil spring replacement

    I'm not a car mechanic or at all knowledgeable on this subject. But my 2015 Model S, RWD, just went into the shop and they estimated 2100.00 to replace both front coil/spring assemblies. Is this normal for this car at 115k miles? I'm not happy, but if its not unusual then I'll feel better...
  19. Electricfan

    Tesla delivery threats...

    A friend at work ordered a Model Y last November. They sent him a text recently that gave him the good news that the car was ready for delivery and gave him two days to choose from for picking it up. Unfortunately he currently works on a construction site out-of-state and could not make either...
  20. Electricfan

    New map update broke Navigation

    My 2015 S did this today. I scheduled a service appointment. After reading this forum post tonight, I went out to disable pin-to-drive since others have been screwed when the MCU failed and this might be a sign of future problems. But I was pleasantly surprised when the little triangle with...
  21. Electricfan

    Tesla wins in Michigan!!!

    I live in Texas - a state that doesn't allow Tesla to sell cars. I have purchased two Model S's. Both times I paid $0.00 in sales tax to CA, which is where I technically bought the car. Then when they shipped it to me in TX I paid TX sales tax to get my tags. I suspect this is how it will go...
  22. Electricfan

    Model 3 resale value

    You are comparing what you got last May to what you're getting now in January? Did you account for the change in temperature? It has a giant effect. Are your tires inflated properly? They are another huge factor. Are you running the heater much? Heat uses a lot more power than AC. You...
  23. Electricfan

    HW3 upgrade waiting room: All FSD Tesla’s

    How can you tell its HW2.5? I'm surprised. I almost traded for a Model 3 recently and would have been very dissappointed to get anything but HW3 at this late date...
  24. Electricfan

    My First bad experience with Tesla and service center

    Ask the service center. I had a problem when I traded my 2013 in for a new Model S with auto-pilot in 2015, and the local service center refused to fix it. I asked who the next manager up the line was and they told me. They have to - its not like they can say "screw you, you don't have the...
  25. Electricfan

    My First bad experience with Tesla and service center

    In 2013 my new Model S had squeaking in the dash area, and they used the felt tape to fix it. Felt tape is a go-to solution for sound problems for Tesla. Your only option as I see it is to escalate it to regional service manager, or higher. Keep going until they fix it. Its a long tough slog...
  26. Electricfan

    Cleaning solar panels and solar tiles

    Clean your solar panels!
  27. Electricfan

    Clean your solar panels!

    Sorry I don't have any illumination for you. Just wanted to say I'm glad somebody else is confused. But I will also say that I'm pleased that my powerwalls almost do what I want. My only complaint is that for reasons I wish I could be privy to they start discharging before I want them to in...
  28. Electricfan

    Starting to regret my purchase

    Until today I would have said "Buy a Tesla, you'll never regret it". Today I got a repair bill for my 2015 Model S - $3400.00. Replacing front subframe and some other parts, found problems when they could not get the car into spec trying to align it. I didn't wreck the car nor hit any large...
  29. Electricfan

    Drive unit clunk sound

    Just searched the forum for subframe, found this thread. To satisfy anyone who might be curious as to cost of subframe repairs, my 2015 Model S is at the service center and will have its subframe in the front replaced for $3400. Car has 69k miles on it. I didn't wreck it. Don't even remember...
  30. Electricfan

    My 5-year Model S Maintenance/Service History

    That front sub-frame repair alone was worth cost of extended warranty. I just got an estimate of $3400 to fix mine. 2015 Model S with 69k miles. Very disappointed.
  31. Electricfan

    Goodyear Assurance MaxLife tires

    MasterC17 above said : "I hate to tell you, but a 4,000lb electric vehicle with instant torque and regen braking is going to wear out tires fast". So he is arguing regen wears tires faster than regular brakes. Now you sound like you are arguing regen wears tires slower than regular brakes...
  32. Electricfan

    I cannot register my “new” model 3

    Ok, I just meant financially. I've bought two Model Ss brand new. I'm not being critical of anyone, just saying it is always smarter from a financial point of view to buy a used car rather than a new one. And if you disagree, good for you, you are certainly entitled to your opinion and may be...
  33. Electricfan

    I cannot register my “new” model 3

    There are starting to be some used Model 3s available. If you wait a year you will have a good selection to choose from, and no worries about tax credits or registration. It is ALWAYS smarter to buy a used car than a new one. You let someone else take that first year of depreciation. You...
  34. Electricfan

    Goodyear Assurance MaxLife tires

    I'm just logically thinking why one vs the other would be harder on the tires. If I'm on the highway, driving without regen, and I'm too close to the car in front of me then I hit my brake. Same situation, with regen this time, I let off the accelerator. Same thing happens in either case...
  35. Electricfan

    Goodyear Assurance MaxLife tires

    Are you saying regen braking wears tire faster than friction braking? First time I've heard that. Can you explain the theory?
  36. Electricfan

    Front drive unit failure

    After reading your post about "the entire HV system may have been destroyed as well", I was terribly confused. I confirmed why I was confused by going straight to the Tesla.com website and read the following: So, what does "...,so you never need to worry about getting stuck on the road." mean?
  37. Electricfan

    Powerwall Installation Location

    Do you know what "Protected from immersion between 15 centimetres and 1 metre in depth" means? At 12 cm is it protected? That's not in the range of 15cm to 1m. Does it mean at 20 cm you might, but might not be protected? That's a very confusing standard to the non-expert such as myself.
  38. Electricfan

    2018 Model S 100D

    Have the brakes checked by a brake shop, non-Tesla. They won't be "experts", but neither will they know "nothing". They might find a problem. Tesla really needs to get a handle on the service problem.
  39. Electricfan

    I cannot register my “new” model 3

    Awesome. Please post with result. If you get your car registered and the issue is cleared up you can definitely file for your tax credit. Again, if rejected by IRS go to Tesla and make them make you whole. They sold you a NEW car, per your paperwork and everything you were told. That credit...
  40. Electricfan

    I cannot register my “new” model 3

    Having bought two new Teslas I have gotten $15,000.00 from the tax credits on them, and my memory is I just had to fill out the tax form listing my VIN. There was no live, online "check" of my VIN. So, I think you should be good. With a clear conscience you file for the credit. You did...
  41. Electricfan

    Model S shut down at 32 miles, leaving me stranded - why?

    I think you can just ask the service people who the regional manager is. But I admit things seem to have changed a lot recently at Tesla. Its still worth a try - any other car company will give you the names of the regional managers. And it lets them know you're escalating - they might...
  42. Electricfan

    Model S shut down at 32 miles, leaving me stranded - why?

    Sorry if this was already suggested, but escalate the issue to your regional service manager. I had to do this once and it yielded good results. Its ridiculous to blame you when you can so positively prove what happened. If Ford told a customer "sorry, your gas gauge showed 1/8 tank but you...
  43. Electricfan

    Tesla buy back my Model S 2018, should I get another Model S?

    I have seen people post on this forum that they returned their car for what I considered minor issues. My 2015 had a plastic part under the frunk that was flapping and loose, and Tesla initially refused to fix it - there's a long post about it. But it never crossed my mind to return the car or...
  44. Electricfan

    I ended up hitting a car *video*

    I've done this. I just got lucky and haven't hit anybody. But every once in a while I notice the car is drifting and look down - AP isn't on! I don't believe it was on in your video. Sorry you didn't quite prevent the accident. I don't really blame Tesla for this, but.... they really could...
  45. Electricfan

    Got two PWs last month, thank god for flashlights...

    When the power company came to my house to replace a blown transformer in my backyard I told the guy that I had noticed they were trying to get the power back on because I'd seen my power in the house come on briefly three or four times since it initially went out. His eyes kind of went wide...
  46. Electricfan

    Got two PWs last month, thank god for flashlights...

    No, I was pretty happy with cost savings until this morning. We'll see if I lose anything because of the premature discharge... At some point I may experiment, especially if it goes crazy and gets totally unpredictable or something. But other than ramping my reserve up to 25% I haven't...
  47. Electricfan

    Got two PWs last month, thank god for flashlights...

    Well this morning my powerwalls started discharging at 4am, just because I said in a post they didn't do this. Seriously, I think maybe it happened because there was a lot of sun yesterday here and they were at a higher charge level than normal this morning. Maybe they were trying to make room...
  48. Electricfan

    Car stopped working suddenly today while driving

    You may have read by now that the inverter changes the battery DC current to the AC current required by your car's electric motor. So if it broke, that explains why the car can't move by itself. There used to be an issue with drivetrains - they would whine for a few months and then abruptly...
  49. Electricfan

    Got two PWs last month, thank god for flashlights...

    Interesting. So what do you want your powerwall to do in the "shoulder" area between peak and non-peak?
  50. Electricfan

    Got two PWs last month, thank god for flashlights...

    Are you using TBC with cost savings? And do you just have peak and off-peak defined, or is there some way to enter a "shoulder" time that is between peak and non-peak? I have mine on TBC and cost savings, with a peak defined from 6am to 9pm. Mine has discharged the powerwall when it...