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  1. HankLloydRight

    Car is dead after unplugging at supercharger

    I had wk057 install a 100kWh pack in my P85D a few years ago. I've taken it to Tesla for service many times, even last year when I had a slew of BMS error messages and the car was bricked. Turned out to be bad grounds, but still, it is painfully obvious that I no longer have an 85 battery and a...
  2. HankLloydRight

    Car is dead after unplugging at supercharger

    I had the exact same question. Seems very unlikely they wouldn't know he's pushing a BS story. If Amazon can keep the entire purchase history of every single customer for more than 20 years, Tesla can keep textual service records for the lift of every car. The amount and cost of the...
  3. HankLloydRight


    Acronyms Seriously Suck (ASS). https://gist.github.com/klaaspieter/12cd68f54bb71a3940eae5cdd4ea1764 :)
  4. HankLloydRight

    Model S Floor model purchase is a Tesla scam

    You're only real grip is the Ludicrous that went missing. Start with filing a complaint to go to arbitration (check your sales agreement). You should have done this immediately. Doing it now will likely have less of a chance of succeeding. You didn't mention any other missing features...
  5. HankLloydRight

    NEW Tesla Advisor

    I thought Tesla employees weren't allowed to post here?
  6. HankLloydRight

    Cybertruck 1:18 Die Cast

  7. HankLloydRight

    Inner Tire wear?

    I think the tan colored dirt on the inside half of the right tire is an optical illusion just making it look like the tread is worn.
  8. HankLloydRight

    LIGHT HARMONICS - TAS Amp + SoundQubed HDS208-D2 Sub

    I already have the LH amp, so if you're ever interested in selling the sub separately, let me know. thank you.
  9. HankLloydRight

    Need help on "Free Unlimited Supercharging for Life"...

    I would simply ask for a $2000 discount due to the uncertainty of the FUSC.
  10. HankLloydRight

    Cybertruck Tear down

    Completely and totally. He has his head so far up Elon's ass he can see daylight.
  11. HankLloydRight

    Cybertruck Tear down

    Over the last two decades they've really perfected this technology from racing video games, steering wheel consoles, and 'force feedback'. I wouldn't worry about that part.
  12. HankLloydRight

    Wanted: 19" Model S Turbine wheels for 2015 P85D

    Tesla never made 19" Turbine wheels. They did make 19" "Slipstream" wheels which are similar to the Turbines: Example: 19″ Tesla Model S Slipstream Factory OEM Black Wheels Rims Tires Goodyear – Factory Wheel Republic You can also buy very similar aftermarket 19" Turbine wheels here...
  13. HankLloydRight

    Referral contacts in 2024

    It's a longshot, but try opening the Tesla app and opening a service ticket and explain your issue.
  14. HankLloydRight

    Leading the Charge Towards a Sustainable Future

    Put this at the TOP of your post, not the bottom. Change the title to add [FICTION].
  15. HankLloydRight

    Expired Snow Tires for Model S [Expired]

    It would be very helpful to potential buyers if you posted what kind and size of tires these are (it's in the photo, but don't make people go searching for them, make it easily accessible); , clear photos of the tread of all four tires clear photos of the rims of all four wheels a measurement...
  16. HankLloydRight

    Cybertruck On Display in Japan

    Marketing for the brand.
  17. HankLloydRight

    MS Plaid demo cars with over 13000km (8000mi)

    I'll research this tomorrow, but I don't think that's actually legal. Any "new" cars are still new, unregistered, and untitled. Since these cars are never registered or titled to the first real buyer, there's no point in time for the warranty clock to start ticking. I think Tesla by law (in...
  18. HankLloydRight

    MS Plaid demo cars with over 13000km (8000mi)

    I bought my first P85+ as an inventory car in 2014 with more than 8000 miles. At delivery you could tell it wasn’t a brand new car. Also, for new “inventory” cars, the factory warranty starts when YOU buy the car, not when it was first driven. At least that’s how it works in the US. If it’s a...
  19. HankLloydRight

    Honest review of the Cybertruck

    It’s unfortunate your other post get deleted and you were banned. But that sounds like a total Elon Musk move, so it’s not surprising that his sycophants fall right in line like that. Thanks for your honest review.
  20. HankLloydRight

    Diy 3g to 4g(lte) help please

    Upgrading from the 3G radio to LTE requires taking the MCU out and replacing the daughter card as shown in the first video. It's not just replacing the SIM card. But you should just upgrade to MCU2 which includes the LTE upgrade. MCU2 is night and day better compared to MCU1...
  21. HankLloydRight

    What if Tesla goes bankrupt?

    It's not a binary thing. It's not "update bricks car" vs "flawless software". There's a huge spectrum of "bad design" that doesn't lead to firmware updates bricking cars.
  22. HankLloydRight

    What if Tesla goes bankrupt?

    I said “to make sure…” that the cars don’t brick themselves. Tesla software engineering isn’t the best out there these days and who knows what single line of code wouldn’t fail if the car couldn’t connect to HQ after some unknown period of time. Teslas are chock full of “bad design.” See: rain...
  23. HankLloydRight

    What if Tesla goes bankrupt?

    Hypothetically a complete shutdown would most likely never, ever happen. Tesla as a company would most likely be sold or acquired (at a discount) by some other company (or investment group) and would keep all those services running. Maybe firmware updates would slow down or stop, but the...
  24. HankLloydRight

    The Red Rocket has landed…..

    Agreed. The red color without cues like the environment and lighting make it look really strange.
  25. HankLloydRight

    Roadster 2023

    Elon and Grimes son "X" is now Chief Designer. :rolleyes:
  26. HankLloydRight

    Roadster 2023

    Exaaaaaactly. He's going to weird it out so much it's not going to be anything remotely usable or feasible in the real world (sound familiar? :) ) We're all just watching Elon Musk materbate in real time.
  27. HankLloydRight

    Roadster 2023

    That's why he's going to make that sucker nuclear. Say hello to "Mr. Fission" :)
  28. HankLloydRight

    Roadster 2023

    Well, ChatGPT provides. Not sure if this is accurate. 0-60 in 1 second at 2.74G isn't that bad. 0.9 sec is 3G.
  29. HankLloydRight

    Roadster 2023

    I totally agree. Sounds like vaporware. I'm no physicist, but a <1 sec 0-60- -- what are the G forces with that? Doesn't sound like it would be pleasant unless you're a trained fighter pilot.
  30. HankLloydRight

    Tesla Pizza Gate

    Not pizza. 4,000 mini pies from a bakery worth about $12,000.
  31. HankLloydRight

    Tesla charging $6,000 to $6,500 to wrap the truck!!! Yikes. Save your money!!

    Dude, in case you haven't noticed lately, Tesla is a public company whose objective is to maximize shareholder value. This isn't an "Elon being Elon" thing, he likely had very little to do with this plan or factory wrapping option. If TSLA can make bank wrapping CTs from people who don't know...
  32. HankLloydRight

    Referrals Gutted

    It's not just you. I have a 2014 MS with AP1 and FUSC... there are ZERO accessories I can use or upgrades available to me in the app. I bought dozens of "Model Y" sweepstakes entries for naught. And I don't need any Tesla "swag" (at this point, even if I wanted it, I wouldn't go out in...
  33. HankLloydRight

    Powerwall dilemma -- not sure if I have any options

    Mine are stacked -- red one in front of the white one.. so that really wouldn't work. :( I already asked them that.. the answer was (in effect) "not a chance".
  34. HankLloydRight

    Powerwall dilemma -- not sure if I have any options

    Unfortunately no.. I already asked. My red 'founders' powerwall is an older version (V1) and not only is the cover ever-so-slightly different size, the Tesla Energy techs aren't in the business to start disassembling two PWs in my basement to swap covers. It's just not something they'd...
  35. HankLloydRight

    Summer tires in the middle on winter?

    Just schedule your delivery day for a day when it’s at least 40 degrees and dry, and you can drive home on the summers. ;)
  36. HankLloydRight

    Powerwall dilemma -- not sure if I have any options

    Hi folks. Years ago I won one of the rare red "signed" powerwalls from the referral program. I had it installed in my home at the time as purely backup as we didn't have solar. We moved from that house in 2020 and put the red PW into storage waiting for Tesla solar to be installed at the...
  37. HankLloydRight

    Supercharging for “lifetime of car” transfers under the current FSD & Supercharging transfer to new cars

    Oh, I missed that part. Right, the transferred FUSC would stop with the new car. Full stop.
  38. HankLloydRight

    Summer tires in the middle on winter?

    I don't like staggered setups -- ESPECIALLY in winter wheels/tires where a staggered setup offers zero additional benefit. None. In fact it's worse if you're driving in snow -- wide tires are awful for snow. I've argued before that even in staggered summer setups are only for machismo bragging...
  39. HankLloydRight

    Supercharging for “lifetime of car” transfers under the current FSD & Supercharging transfer to new cars

    Don't bet on that. Most Tesla sales reps would have no idea what you're talking about nor know how to correctly answer your question. You might be better of going to a service center and asking them what option code you have -- SC01, SC04, SC05, SC06 -- they all mean something different.
  40. HankLloydRight

    Summer tires in the middle on winter?

    Option 1: https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-s-19_-tempest-wheel-and-winter-tire-package Option 2: 19" Tesla Wheel and Winter Tire Package - Model S (June 2021 - Present) I would strongly suggest not getting staggered winter wheels/tires (Option 1). And stick with 19" rims for winter.
  41. HankLloydRight

    Going from a S to a X

    I would double check this -- I don't think either are usable on a 2024. Maybe the rims and tires are, but I really doubt the roof rack is transferable -- especially if you have a sunroof.
  42. HankLloydRight

    Why am I getting this?

    (not a mod)... Incorrect. Cloudflare is a reverse proxy that filters all traffic to TMC, which is hosted somewhere else. Cloudflare is not a web hosting service. It's a mix of both. Cloudflare recently increased bot detection across the board (as well as for all of my sites as well), and if...
  43. HankLloydRight

    Debunking facebook junk

    Sorry for the thread bump, but someone beat you to it 10 years ago!! This is a fun read: alternators
  44. HankLloydRight

    Requirements for Garage plug for Model 3

    Getting a 240v circuit at 50 amps so you can charge at 40amps is way more than most people need. Running a 60amp circuit will be much more expensive with only very marginal benefits. At 40 amps, you can still charge from zero to full overnight. Rarely is there need for more/faster charging.
  45. HankLloydRight

    Buying a used Plaid - questions

    Unless it has changed (which I don’t think it has), the “original owner” stipulation to buy an extended service agreement ended in 2017. See: https://www.tesla.com/support/extended-service-agreement
  46. HankLloydRight

    Trust in “Demo Vehicles”

    I bought my first P85+ as an inventory car in 2014 with 8600 miles and a pretty good discount. Car was like-new when I took delivery and never gave me any issues (other than are normal for early RWD Model S) Well then if it's not for you, it's not for you. Only you can make that call.
  47. HankLloydRight

    Can my friend transfer his Cybertruck reservation to me?

    No you can’t merge accounts. Also this might be something: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/tesla-will-not-allow-accounts-w-cybertruck-reservations-to-change-e-mail-addresses.319347/
  48. HankLloydRight

    Can my friend transfer his Cybertruck reservation to me?

    You can change the email address on the account once you login. The current account owner could log in and change the email address to a new account, then transfer the entire account. Easy peasey.