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    Make your robotaxi predictions for the 8/8 reveal

    This would be for the Boring Company tunnels where they only stop at controlled stations and only Tesla vehicles are in the tunnels. I strongly suspect they've been working on some kind of automated people movers for some time. These would be more like driverless airport sky trams than cars...
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    Make your robotaxi predictions for the 8/8 reveal

    What would make sense and be very possible by 8/8 would be replacing the human drivers in the Las Vegas tunnels with robo taxis.
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    Don't drive my Tesla in heavy rain due to battery damage???

    Too bad they didn't mention it to owners or put out a TSB. I guess for some people $10k is really pocket change, kind of like replacing wiper blades. Of course, by leaving owners in the dark that increases sales for them. Planned obsolescence.
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    New owner of a 2014 P85D, considering a different model

    If it's on acceleration, it may be the half shafts which is a lot cheaper. Any older S should also be checked for HV battery fuse box cover corrosion to avoid water damage IMHO. This is a stainless replacement cover from Elictrified Garage but the battery needs to be dropped to check.
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    Don't drive my Tesla in heavy rain due to battery damage???

    Same thing for our car. Apparently that plate corrodes over time, clearly a design flaw. You have to drop the battery to check it, something Tesla doesn't mention nor do in normal checkups. Electrified Garage makes a stainless replacement part. I wish I'd known about it before, although dropping...
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    Washington Post Article - We are running out of energy

    My understanding is resistance to grid expansion is a significant factor. Massachusetts has had a lot of problems getting hydropower from Quebec because of environmentalist resistance to power lines.
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    Don't drive my Tesla in heavy rain due to battery damage???

    FUD? It happened to our car which is now in the shop having modules replaced.
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    Fix the damn auto wipers tesla!

    That would be a software fix. Sorry. Tesla doesn't (can't?) do those.
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    The car and traffic display could be better

    The driver's display seems mostly eye candy. Own car size too small, overtaking cars are shown behind when actually beside except when stopped. Forward view is fisheyed with cars in front too small. Red/green light display too small, close to useless Stop sign display too small Almost no...
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    Refresh Map Auto-Center/Auto Zooms with 2023.6.8

    We also hate this "feature".
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    2015 P85D Cannot Live Through One Touchless Car Wash

    Our 2015 85D is completely dead after driving through a moderately deep puddle. It looks like the HV battery. Perhaps these older cars are just losing some of their water protection.
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    2021 Model S No Battery Health Test

    Are we the only ones this is true for? Could someone else with 2024.2.2.1 just take a look at the Service Menu HV Battery screen and see if they have the battery condition/health test button please?
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    2021 Model S No Battery Health Test

    Our 2021 Model S doesn't show the battery condition or health test in service mode. Software is v11.1(2024.2.2.1). Any thoughts?
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    Autopilot will be disabled for approximately one week?

    Look at the AutoPilot settings.
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    Gen 1 UMC, 2021 Model S

    Doesn't it seem a bit too much of a coincidence though that 2 weeks ago it worked perfectly with our 2015 and now with no intervening uses it fails on our 2021?
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    Autopilot will be disabled for approximately one week?

    We just bought a used 2021 Model S and it already has 2 disablement strikes recorded against so presumably we get 3 more. None of these are ours, we've only had the car 2 days with none. They're from the previous owner! It does seem ridiculous that the strikes go with the car not the owner...
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    Gen 1 UMC, 2021 Model S

    We're in a very similar situation to the OP. Our 2015 S was totaled and we bought a 2021 pre-refresh S. The Gen 2 mobile connector button will open the charge port door, however our old Gen 1 mobile connector is at best very flaky about opening the port. The Gen 1 will charge the car just fine...
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    Supercharging immediately after buying a used Tesla from a non-Tesla dealer

    I'm in the process of buying a used Model S from a non-Tesla dealer that I will be picking up in another state and then driving back home the same day. It's very likely I'll need to charge on the way back and would like to use a Supercharger rather than a slow public charger. I already have a...
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    $5 to create for sale post?

    I wish there were a mechanism to only charge on actual sale. Getting charged for a Wanted To Buy ad that likely will never be filled is a bit off-putting.
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    SLS - On the Scent of Inevitable Capitulation

    This discussion seems to be based on some kind of notion that SLS and Artemis are designed to accomplish some goal beyond pork barrel spending. Where did that idea come from?
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    Tesla drops prices on X/S $20k. All colors free. Bye bye resale

    Perhaps Tesla is viewing the yoke as becoming a collector's item and doesn't want to devalue it.
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    SpaceX Starship - Integrated Flight Test #2 - Starbase TX - Including Post Launch Dissection

    Look up "inverted pendulum" , it has to do with moment of inertia.
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    Tesla drops prices on X/S $20k. All colors free. Bye bye resale

    I've been looking for a 2020 or pre-refresh 2021 S and it's interesting that so far, the price of used Teslas hasn't really reflected the drop in new prices. There are still a lot of 2022 cars asking more than the current new price. I guess the sellers are hoping no one has noticed.
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    FSD Price Cut to $12k Tonight, Aug 31/ Sept 1 2023

    IMHO a major issue with Tesla FSD is the Tesla software team. They've not shown the level of capability needed for something as complex as FSD. For example, they were never able to make sensor fusion work so they just gave up. Other companies such as Waymo are actually demonstrating true FSD...
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    Tesla will not Sell you vehicle without proof of residence in state where car is located.

    I don't think that's true. The problem for NH residents is that MA will charge sales tax and since NH doesn't have any, there's no rebate.
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    Tesla F.U.D. appearing again

    You might consider paragraphs.
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    Has Basic Autopilot improved (and phantom braking decreased) since radar was removed? (About to buy!)

    The ongoing discussions of phantom braking makes me really disappointed in Tesla and reluctant to buy a new one. Our 2015 Tesla S with the original, non-Telsa, AP practically never experiences phantom braking, less than once per year, and we use AP all the time. Perhaps we're just lucky, but I...
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    Is hope in sight for our USS-less cars?

    Of course, if you want really high definition radar you need to go to shorter wavelengths. For example light.
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    FSD - - Phantom Breaking Problems

    I wish people would refer to it as braking, unless they are referring to the disks and calipers being torn off the wheel hubs.
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    LEO Space Station with Artificial Gravity (w/Discussion of effects on the human body)

    AFAIK there's been zero research into things like the ability of animals, never mind humans, to conceive, bear and raise young (children) at anything other than 1.0 G. All the research into micro gravity has shown serious short term (<2 year) consequences. Not only has there been no research...
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    Tesla Collision Center refused to take other insurance than AAA and Tesla?

    The thing with insurance companies is that if they pay claims, they lose money.
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    Do you regret updating to use Tesla Vision and disabling your radar? Would you go back if you can?

    Actually, it's often worse than that. You have to do what your supervisor says, which is sometimes just their notion of the month and actually will cost the company money. At least the bean counters are counting beans, not off on personal vendettas about various things.
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    Blog Boring Company Opens Vegas Loop

    Not quite everything that's relevant.
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    Blog Boring Company Opens Vegas Loop

    IMHO, if TBC can actually get the price of their tunneling down to what they're saying, it may well be a bigger thing than Tesla or SpaceX. If they can provide relatively high speed urban transport out to say 30 miles (15 minutes at 120 mph) that would totally reconfigure urban areas. We used...
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    Elon & Twitter

    Not quite.
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    Tesla replacing ultrasonic sensors with Tesla Vision

    Some cameras do something very similar for focus in darkness before firing the flash. Maybe what's needed is just some IR lights with a structured pattern the cameras could use. A lot easier than trying to figure out how big the bricks are on a wall. Should be both cheap and longish range.
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    Radar getting turned off on Model 3/Y with 2022.20.9

    Raw images are not photon counts. It's just the data directly from the sensor cells which are proportional to the amount of light hitting them, but that's certainly not photon counts. Why they ever used processed images escapes me. Most experienced people don't even use them when editing photos.
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    Radar getting turned off on Model 3/Y with 2022.20.9

    I call BS on that. Let's see the links to these amazing broadcasts. The way cameras work is by exposing the individual cells in the sensor to light which changes the charge in the cells. At regular intervals (60, 120, etc. per second) the cells are read to get the total amount of light energy...
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    Why No Birds Eyeview?

    That would be software. Tesla doesn't really do software that well.
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    FSD vs Stopped School Bus

    I suppose you also think the triangular signs marked "Yield" mean something having to do with right of way too?
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    What would you pay for FSD, if anything?

    I voted for Tesla to put the effort elsewhere. Based on reports of phantom braking alone I'm investigating upgrading the battery on our 2015 with the original AP when it comes off warrantee next year. FSD would be a serious downgrade.
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    10.12.2 Eye Tracking Shut Me Down

    Because he's one of the many fanboz.
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    Elon: Working on Tesla NA Service. Goal of having 2/3 of cars have same day service w/ no wait.

    We'll see. As long as Tesla can sell every car they can make it would be very poor management practice to spend money on something to improve customer satisfaction.
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    Did the Price go up again? 03-15-22

    They'll sell every one they can make.
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    "Center Display Unavailable" message

    We're seeing this on our car. The emmc was replaced last spring under warrantee and we got the LTE upgrade in the fall. What I'm seeing is the Central Display Unavailable error message, but after rebooting, the center display and everything else such as AP seem to be working fine. However, the...
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    Lidar vs Camera revisited

    Well, based on other government efforts I'm pretty doubtful such a system would be real time for any reasonable definition. Why would some bureaucrat bother to do it today when next month is good enough?