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  1. pb2000

    What wire to buy for 30 amp 240v circuit

    I'm normally a stickler for code, but this one seems dumb. There is nothing in the average garage that is going to be bonded to ground and if the floor is wet, you're going to have shoes on. 120V is only bad if you have a good path to ground and if you get the full 240V without a ground path...
  2. pb2000

    What wire to buy for 30 amp 240v circuit

    The UMC has GFCI built in, so unless you need to plug/unplug it often, a GFCI breaker is just a waste of money imo.
  3. pb2000

    What wire to buy for 30 amp 240v circuit

    Going from 120V 15A to 240V 30A will be bliss. If the cable run was hard, I'd agree with upsizing the cable for future considerations, but no point if it's an hour of work to fix if you ever need to. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but there are 6-30 adapters for the UMC available...
  4. pb2000

    What wire to buy for 30 amp 240v circuit

    Nope, it's 60C amperage up here. I think some jurisdictions allow 60A on 6awg, but that's about the only exception I've come across.
  5. pb2000

    What wire to buy for 30 amp 240v circuit

    Pretty much all NM wire is 90C rated, but NEC/CEC derates it to it's 60C ampacity. Most residential breakers and plugs are only rated to 75C though.
  6. pb2000

    What wire to buy for 30 amp 240v circuit

    In conduit with a industrial grade circuit breaker and plug, 10awg is good to 40A. Everything in the electrical code is designed to last 50+ years in an Arizona attic without failing.
  7. pb2000

    What wire to buy for 30 amp 240v circuit

    10/3 NM is the correct answer. The tesla adapter automatically limits the current to 24A, which is required for an circuit with a sustained full load. Voltage drop is something to consider, but the loss is so minimal that it would take as much as a decade to recoup the cost of upgrading to 8awg...
  8. pb2000

    Supercharger - Clearwater, BC

    The realities of the Canadian winter will be back in a few days, and probably not for the last time this season.
  9. pb2000

    Supercharger - South San Francisco, CA - Oyster Point Blvd. (construction Mar 2024)

    The stalls might be v4, but the cabinets look like standard v3. @bmah I don't see an existing thread, so maybe move this one to California superchargers. @Big Earl
  10. pb2000

    Supercharger - Cliveden Ave - Delta BC

    It's probably a coincidence, but I think all the imports from China are unloaded at the Wallenius Wilhelmsen dock just down the road. Maybe the cars headed for Newfoundland need a top up before they are loaded on the train?
  11. pb2000

    People who don't buy because of "charging time"

    Ah, the joys of old age. My parents feel the same way. I on the other hand always travel with a 20L jerry can when I drive ICE, so I can pull over anywhere and be back on the road in under 5 minutes with 300km of additional range.
  12. pb2000

    Supercharger - McBride, BC

    Most of the discussion and pictures ended up here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/supercharger-mcbride-bc.299821/
  13. pb2000

    Supercharger - Falfurrias, TX

    Other side of the interstate would have been better IMO, as a few of the food options and the Stripe's is open 24 hours. I spent a few months there back when Elon was promising an imminent Starship launch in early 2022. I found St. Mary's St was always a bit of a ghost town after 9pm, but given...
  14. pb2000

    First Ever NACS Adapter

    Seems like a lot of work unless the superchargers can do plug to charge or VIN verification over the CCS protocol. If non-Tesla need to use the app, it seems easier to just have the manufactures only to sell the adapter to verified owners. If a few adapters end up changing hands and/or A2Z can...
  15. pb2000

    Supercharger - Brockville, ON

    The stalls are facing the wrong way for that to be true.
  16. pb2000

    Supercharger - Brockville, ON

    I count 18 parking spots, so making 8 of them superchargers and potentially one or two for equipment seems like a recipe for ICEing.
  17. pb2000

    Supercharger - Brockville, ON

    I find it funny that you guys have been waiting for this forever, and the site ends up being beside a dead shopping mall in a parking lot that's too small to host it.
  18. pb2000

    Supercharger - Niagara Falls, ON - Morrison Road

    It was mentioned in the Eastern Canada thread that the old Canadian tire site was being turned into high density housing, so if re-development continues, that site may be closed.
  19. pb2000

    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    The parking lot does look quite under utilized, which is odd given it's proximity to a lot of somewhat expensive (insert joke/gripes about housing crisis here) residential real estate. Unless the old crappy tire location is being replaced by a few 20 story condo buildings, I don't see any reason...
  20. pb2000

    Supercharger - Morrisburg, ON

    Have some decency man. We go by 1/299792458 units in a vacuum, none of this banana for scale nonsense.
  21. pb2000

    Dawson Creek Supercharger

    We shouldn't get too excited about any of these sites unless BC hydro decides to run them off of diesel. Both Wonowon and Prophet river only have single phase power (as of Aug 2022 streetview), Toad river has an existing diesel generator, but I don't see anything at all at Jade city. Dease Lake...
  22. pb2000

    Dawson Creek Supercharger

    I use to work on VSAT stuff and often times we would just have to tell customers that unless they had someone that could drive to the remote site, they just had to wait until the blizzard let up and the dish heaters could catch up. As these are co-located at business, I imagine that cleaning sat...
  23. pb2000

    Dawson Creek Supercharger

    Telus has coverage for all the highway 97 sites except Toad River. For that and Highway 37, the host sites may have Starlink or BGAN may be economical.
  24. pb2000

    Supercharger - Grand Forks BC

    It's not really clear if this just means it wasn't adopted in the calendar year, but this stie might be scuttled. "2039-A31 ( Not Adopted - 1866Central Ave - Tesla Chargers)" https://pub-grand-forks.escribemeetings.com/FileStream.ashx?DocumentId=20488
  25. pb2000

    Supercharger - North Vancouver, BC - Marine Dr (under construction, 16 stalls?)

    Always nice to see Vancouver covered in snow when somebody in Siberia forgets to shut the freezer door. I am a bit irritated that we got so cold in Alberta that someone was able to pour liquid propane into a wine glass without it boiling.
  26. pb2000

    Supercharger - Manning park, BC

    Any site with magic dock lists the price for non tesla owners on the find us map.
  27. pb2000

    538 new stations turned on in 2023

    Nerd ❤️
  28. pb2000

    538 new stations turned on in 2023

    It's all there on the link I posted. Just select 1000 entries at the bottom of the page and copy+paste into excel (be very careful to paste as 'plain text', otherwise it tries to do paste as HTML). The site only allows uploading pictures, so I can't attach my spreadsheet, but if you want I can...
  29. pb2000

    Supercharging growth lagging compared to sales

    V2 can be 120 or 150kW. The v2 stalls don't have the hardware to speak the CCS protocol, which is what the NACS standard uses.
  30. pb2000

    Supercharger - Vancouver, BC - Kaslo St

    It stalled out in February of last year at the rough wire stage. I suspect NSTM3 is right, and the developer is trying to offload this project. The developer's website doesn't seem to have a valid SSL certificate, which is generally a bad sign for the health of a company...
  31. pb2000

    538 new stations turned on in 2023

    Do you mean magic dock? If so it's a filter on the data tab of supercharge.info
  32. pb2000

    Supercharger - Vancouver, BC - Kaslo St

    @Big Earl Probably time to remove the cone; maybe just delete completely.
  33. pb2000

    Supercharging growth lagging compared to sales

    422 of the 2058 stalls in Canada were built in 2023. That's not bad growth. I think we're starting to get a lot of owners that couldn't be bothered to buy $250 worth of electrical supplies and install a simple 6-20 plug in their garage. An hour of Youtube instruction to do it safely and $100 to...
  34. pb2000

    538 new stations turned on in 2023

    USA: 24062 stalls (16960 v3) Canada: 2058 (1284 V3) Mexico: 182 (84v3)
  35. pb2000

    538 new stations turned on in 2023

    https://supercharge.info/data BIt late tonight, but I can run it through excel tomorrow.
  36. pb2000

    new Supercharger station about to open in Manning Park BC

    Existing thread for additional discussion: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/supercharger-manning-park-bc.318547/
  37. pb2000

    Supercharger - Manning park, BC

    You worry too much In Q3 there were 2.7 millions BEVs registered in the US. Tesla cumulative US sales since 2015 amount to about 2.1 million (unsure how may cars have been written off) and Tesla still holds a ~60% market share (q3 dropped to 50%) of what's looking like just shy of 1.1m total US...
  38. pb2000

    Supercharger - Oakville, ON - Speers Road

    Better to have more smaller stations where they're needed. If people have to detour to larger stations, they need to make up any range lost by that detour, plus they will be more tempted to make the trip 'worth while' by charging even further. Once Vega blvd opens, all the commuter routes to...
  39. pb2000

    Amps kick down to 30 when I plug in.

    Any signs of serious voltage drop as the current ramps up? Could be a loose connection either at the wall connector or the panel.
  40. pb2000

    Supercharger - Whitecourt AB

    It's a fair assumption that this is being built for Alaska bound travelers from the east coast. None of the gaps between population centers are ideal, but GP seems like the best option. It would be nice if there were food options on the north side, but the shopping center where hwy 43 turns west...
  41. pb2000

    New Model Y…going away for 3 months

    If you know someone you can trust, I would still try to have it driven once or twice while you're gone, especially if it's being stored outside of a climate controlled garage.
  42. pb2000

    Supercharger - Chandler, AZ - E Pecos Rd (permit applied 12/11/23, 16 V3)

    What's up with the flood of new permits in the past 4 days? Did nobody take up the slack after Marco retired?
  43. pb2000

    Supercharger - Russell, MB

    We've seen mini breaker boxes on the side of some of the pre-fab sites, but those are all locked just like a regular switchgear cabinet. I'm pretty sure teenagers and other miscreants would constantly be shutting off superchargers (or finding out how much 480V tingles) if there was anything...
  44. pb2000

    Supercharger - Russell, MB

    Yeah, that's a huge no-no. Supercharger disconnects are in the switchgear cabinet, so an external disconnect would probably be for lighting or something.
  45. pb2000

    Supercharger - Kindersley, SK

    Hanna makes the most sense, as it will connect to both Calgary and Red Deer.
  46. pb2000

    Supercharger - Kindersley, SK

    I wouldn't expect to see magic dock at Flo sites, as they likely have a non compete clause.
  47. pb2000

    Supercharger - Neepawa, MB (unconfirmed)

    Russell and Yorkton seem to be 6 as well.
  48. pb2000

    is charging at 228V normal?

    I'm surprised the NEC is so lax on that front. In Canada, we require dedicated circuits for fridges and microwaves in addition to the two small appliance circuit rule. That being said, they do have that pesky catch-all, of following manufactures instructions, and clicking a random full size...
  49. pb2000

    is charging at 228V normal?

    In typical operating conditions, you would never see above 215V on 3 phase, so the car would make it's assumptions based on the open circuit voltage at the start of the charge and voltage drop as load is applied.